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Movies can be expensive, and video games even more so; it’s important to make sure you will enjoy content before you buy it. It can be hard to tell real, objective reviews from overly biased ones, but with a little research, you can build a game and movie library you’ll love forever.

How to Objectively Evaluate Movie and Game Reviews

As with any product, it can sometimes be hard to tell which movie reviews and game reviews are real and unbiased. Fortunately, a little research can remove a lot of mystery from the equation.

  • Beware of embargoed or “purchased” reviews for both movies and video games. Review embargoes prohibit reviews from being published until after the game or movie is released, which may indicate that the studio anticipates negative press. These days, most sites are legally required to disclose if they have been paid or otherwise compensated in exchange for writing a review; read these disclosures carefully to judge how real you think a particular review is likely to be.
  • Find one or two professional reviewers you consistently agree with, as well as one or two that you consistently disagree with - reading them all regularly, will help you keep a wider perspective on the products they review.
  • Read user reviews as well, looking for patterns; if many users like or dislike the same things; they may be worth weighing more heavily.

Top Consumer Likes and Dislikes about Video Game Companies

The video game industry is growing more polarized, with gamers becoming increasingly divided about dominant trends in video games.

According to top positive consumer reviews on and other sites, the best gaming and movies companies offer:

  • Transparent pricing, especially in an age when game developers are increasingly relying on multiple expansion packs, microtransactions, and expensive season passes;
  • An enjoyable and well-made gaming experience that showcases skill, effort, and passion on the part of the developers;
  • Regular updates and a large variety of content for hot games that consumers play regularly.

Top negative reviews for games and movies companies often mention:

  • Always-online requirements that prevent the game from being played without an active internet connection, particularly for single-player games;
  • Hackers and cheaters in multiplayer games;
  • Lack of customer support after purchase, especially since most video games have very limited or non-existent return policies.

How to Choose the Best Action Movie

Before you commit to renting or buying an action movie, some research is in order to make sure you will be happy with your choice. (The following examples are specific to action movies, but can broadly be applied to most kinds of movies.)

1. Consider some basic facts about the movie, such as its rating, cast, and similarity to other movies you like or dislike.
  • Action movies come in many different sub-genres, such as family-friendly adventure films, martial arts films, superhero films, and action/comedy films.
  • If you have children, you may want to limit your search to films with ratings appropriate for their age group—or, depending on many factors; you may feel comfortable allowing your children to view more mature content.
  • If you tend to enjoy thrillers and disaster movies, you may be more receptive to action films that fall within those genres than to other types of action films.
  • Many people already choose action movies based on the actors that appear in them, but may not pay much attention to writers and directors. Make a habit of paying attention to crew members other than the on-screen cast—you may find that you love a particular screenwriter’s work, even across genres you don’t typically enjoy.

2. Read several critic and user reviews, making sure to employ the tips outlined earlier in the article

3. Look for sales across several different services and platforms. In 2018, there are dozens of services to choose from, from subscription-based streaming models to physical media retailers and digital content stores. If you’re interested in renting or buying a specific title, one service may have it for less than the others, or be more readily supported on the devices you prefer to use.

How to Choose the Best Horror Video Game

In many ways, video games can be more challenging to shop for than movies, as they tend to be more expensive and more narrowly marketed to specific audiences. As before, these tips are somewhat specific to horror games but can be generalized to be applicable to most game genres.

  • There are different sub-genres of horror games that may appeal to different player bases.

Psychological horror games tend to be made by Asian companies and aim to scare the player through less overt, more surreal means, often exploring themes of mental health or the paranormal.

Survival horror games are characterized by generally slower pacing punctuated by brief, intense action scenes. The player is typically weaker or more vulnerable than a typical super-powered game protagonist, requiring more cautious strategies in order to succeed.

Action-horror games maintain a faster pace and may feature more combat or jump scares, testing the player’s reflexes and physical stress responses more than their emotional state.

  • Research different game developers and their pricing and content structures, which can vary widely. Some players prefer shorter, more narratively driven games, while others may want to pay more money to access multiplayer content or for regular content updates in the future.
  • Read a varied spread of critic and user reviews. It may also be helpful to consult friends or family members that have played the games you’re considering or that enjoy similar titles.

Finding the best games and the best movies can be tricky, especially with so many of both to choose from. Confidently avoid buyer’s remorse and build a game and movie library you’ll love by keeping these simple tips in mind.