Professional websites of furniture and decor guarantee time-saving shopping, prompt delivery services and 24/7 customer support. A busy person can easily arrange home or an office online. A simple gadget gives you all answers to questions about furniture and decor.

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We ordered our cabinets, appliances and Cambria Quartz countertop from them. Thank heavens we received cabinets and appliances but never received the countertop. Classic Rock which is the company that was supposed to furnish the countertop for Just Cabinets will not honor the order. They say that they were never paid for it by Just Cabinets. So, we are faced with purchasing the countertop all over again to a loss of $6,900 that we paid for it in full to Just Cabinets. If anyone knows how to get satisfaction from a company that has filed bankruptcy please let us know.
In 2015 I purchased an $1,100 bed from my local Rooms To Go store. A little while after that you needed a push to roll over the bed was so dented.I was told to go back to the store and pick out a bed of equal or greater now I pay another $500 to upgrade my defective bed. Except the new bed comes and they put it on the old box springs. Being salesman insisted they were only swapping the mattress not the box springs. Forgive me but after spending that kind of money I would like matching boxspring and mattress set. 6 months later the same thing happens so now I'm up to $1,900 bed from my original $1,100 purchase. With Miss matched box springs. Here we go again 1/3 defective bed, Stearns & Foster. Still have mismatched box springs and was told they were going to bring me the exact same make and model bed on November 17th. I really don't want to keep playing the bed swap game. A brand new bed what dips ended after 6 months is unacceptable. I know I will be calling again and another 6 months. Either they're selling factory seconds, or the beds are someone else's returns that they recover. I would have never walked into the store and spent over $2,000 on a bed.I was just sure that I would love the $1,100 bed, which was more than I was willing to spend but I wanted a decent bed and I was told it was,just like the other three times my bed was exchanged for a decent bed. Now I'm stuck. I'm going to get the same matches delivered on old box springs that don't match the set and there's nothing I can do about it. Just consumer is an understatement!
I got a couch and a love seat from Rent A Center to days after I got the couch I called the manager and told him the couch and the loveseat had bugs he laughed at me and told me it was all in my head I went and got four cans of spray to kill fleas and bedbugs I sprayed that couch and loveseat with those four cans of spray I got to Barnes I put one bomb in front of the couch one in front of the loveseat I bombed them we were still itching I made Rent A Center come and get the couch and loveseat a couple of months have went by we are still itching and have sores all over her *** I finally broke down and went to the doctor took my grandkids to the doctor and the doctor said that we had scabies I ask her if we could get scabies from the furniture and she said absolutely I have called Rent A Center's corporate office several times complain to them I have called the regional manager and the district manager and no one is willing to do anything about this as far as I am concerned no one should ever rent from Rent A Center

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Professional websites of furniture and decor guarantee time-saving shopping, prompt delivery services and 24/7 customer support. A busy person can easily arrange home or an office online. A simple gadget gives you all answers to questions about furniture and decor.

How to Shop for Home Furniture and Decor?

The wide variety of furniture and decor elements can be quite puzzling. You need to keep in mind the following steps not to get lost in furniture shops and e-shops:

  1. Create a plan. It will be much easier to choose the right furniture if you create a visualized picture of what you have and what you want to have. It’s better to take all measurements beforehand, consider number and size of windows and doors, availability of a fireplace, stairs and рillars, etc.
  2. Remember the functions. Spend a couple of hours and think of your personal requirements from furniture and home decor. Of course, each living area has its primary function: a bedroom-to sleep, a dining room - to eat. But is it the only role it plays? For example, a bedroom for a single person, a bedroom for a couple and a bedroom for kids are three different rooms. That’s why you should think carefully how the room will be used and who will use it. What extra features will your furniture have if you have children, pets? Or if you have just one room that has to combine the functions of a living room, a bedroom and a dining room at the same time? Maybe you should consider furnishing with more durable material and extra storage units?
  3. Choose the style. To show your personality and to be surrounded by aesthetics select the style that matches your taste. This decision depends on previous two points since there are some themes that are impossible to apply in certain circumstances. For example, it’s quite difficult to follow modern and contemporary style with small children and pets because it requires light colors and use of glass as well as shiny, sleek finish. Old World furniture, in turn, will look quite ridiculous in small spaces with a low ceiling.
  4. Set a skeleton. After you considered the floorplan, functions of the furniture and the style of the room it is high time to choose the basic pieces. They will play the role of “a skeleton” that will set the necessary atmosphere.
  5. Compare quality with prices. Do not fall for low cost shops as well as for elite ones. The low cost shops can sell you real garbage and you’ll have to pay twice to buy a new piece afterwards. Elite shops will try to sell you unreasonably expensive furniture and accessories with a famous brand label that doesn’t always guarantee the quality. Certainly, if you want to boast about it among friends and you can afford such expenses - it’s not a point to dwell on. But if you are looking for a quality product for the best price, compare offers and deals from different websites.
  6. Look for the best. Among world’s and US brands there are always those that are a bit better in certain areas of furniture industry. Spend a couple of hours and study manufacturers’ and retailers’ websites along with their terms of services. Do they seem transparent and clear? Also, it makes sense to search for real consumers’ reviews on different review sites to know all the possible drawbacks. Pay attention to what the customers like about a store or furniture:
    • A user-friendly website
    • Design of furniture
    • Fair price
    • Friendly salespeople and delivery staff
    • On-time delivery
    • Reliable warranty
    • The things that customers dislike in a service and a product
    • Poor construction and quality
    • Rude and careless customer service
    • Pushing sales
    • Product isn’t as described
    • Poor return and replacement policy
    • Bad technician servicing
    • Lack of integrity between the management and delivery service.
  7. Use your common sense and intuition. If something sounds too good to be true- it’s better to avoid it. Especially, when the manufacturer and the origin of the furniture is unknown. Such carelessness may result not only in furnishing falling apart, but also in health deterioration as well. For example, excessive implementation of formaldehyde that is used in glues, adhesives and pressed-wood products may cause cancer. Play safe and use only reliable websites and stores.

Furniture by Areas of Your Home

Since the functions of your living areas vary significantly, you’ll need to pay closer attention to different points.


When you’re at home, the place where you spend most of the time should be the most comfortable. The centerpiece of this area is a bed that makes all the difference. It may vary from air beds to hammock and loft beds. There is no perfect choice for everybody because everything depends on your needs. But if you have decided on a bedroom set it’s better to follow several tips to have the best one for you:

  • Choose the suitable height. Consider the height of the frame and add the mattress. Is this right for your height and mobility?
  • Look for the reliable material and finish. Exposed material is an important point to consider. It should be durable and easy to care about.
  • Choose the best quality frame. Be sure it is strong enough to support mattress with you.
  • Think of underbed storage. Even if you have plenty of space, extra storage unit would be a plus.
  • Pick up the right mattress. Look for the best brands and return policy in case it turns out to be too hard or too soft for you.

Besides the bed, pay attention whether you use the space wisely. Can you combine several functions in one piece of bedroom furniture: for example, an armoire that can store clothing and hide a foldaway desk or a bed with built-in nightstands or dressers? Bedroom ideas are inexhaustible.

Living room

The place where you have rest with your family and guests is one of the most illustrative room that can show your personality and lifestyle. The basic piece of this room is a sofa or a loveseat. Sofa fits better for larger space while a loveseat - for small. To find the right one it’s better to keep in mind the following:

  • Give a test. Make sure a sofa is comfortable enough and easy to use and to recline (if it’s reclining). Test the strength of a frame as well.
  • Look for durable and stain-resistant fabrics. Among the best kid and pet-friendly upholstery fabrics are: microfiber, wool, leather, vinyl and denim.
  • Look for high-quality cushions. Draw your attention to the foam the cushions are filled with. It should be quite thick - not less than 5 inches. Poly wrapped foam is firm enough and holds shape. The cushions with such foam don't need fluffing and turning very often.

Once your choice is made, you can start to coordinate your basic pieces of furniture. Use your imagination and add something unexpected to the main elements: the coffee table of an extraordinary form or an unusual rug. If your budget is limited you may look for the alternatives at the market place. Get some inspiration, spruce some fresh paint and you will have the furniture that will show your personality best.

Dining room

A place where you can be relaxed and eat together with your family and friends is extremely important in our hectic life. The heart of the dining room is a table set, where you’ll meet together. How to choose the right dining table in a myriad of variants? It’s easy if you keep in mind certain ideas:

  • Consider the number of people. How many people are going to eat there regularly? If you don’t have a lot of visitors, look for small or medium tables. They fit for 4- 6 people depending on the construction. Certainly, if you have enough space you may place a large table, but remember - big tables make it difficult to reach for food. Generally, a person needs around 2 feet of space at the table.
  • Consider the size of the room. Take measurements and the proximity to the walls and to other pieces of furniture: it should be around 42- 48 inches. If you have a small room - choose a round table. A rectangular is good for long and narrow areas. For square rooms with no space limitation a square table is also a good choice. But if you’re not going to have big parties, look for a table with leaves that can transform into rectangular.
  • Think of material. Solid wood is a good option for spacious rooms. It’s warm and can be easily mixed with other materials. But solid wood is quite sensitive to heat and humidity and its color can change over years. Glass is the best choice for small rooms .It gives the feeling of airiness and is quite easy to clean. But glass is not so cool to touch and it shows fingerprints. Quartz composite is durable and doesn’t require sealing. But it can be scratched and chipped. Also direct heat can discolor it.

Having decided on a right table it’s easier to choose the right quantity and shape of dining room chairs and even dining room benches! All you need is inspiration and imagination.

The right furnishing plays the leading role in your home atmosphere. But softest floor and lightening, a lot of free space and pleasant colors will also make your room the only place you want to come back to.