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Love Teavana BUT the customer service is non existent-check outb the compalints on their FB page.....I have texted and FB ed and havent received a response.....kind of surprised at this company . I just want to know where to purchase straws frot ehir cold tumbler-I... Read more

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Bought a water bottle at walmart did not KNOW it was leaking placed it on my floor and it leaked over night caused water damage to my floor.

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Smithfield Food complaint 196590
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Don't buy any smithfield products unless you want more fat/gristle than you can do with! We bought a sweet and smoky pork roast and its the worst meat we've ever dealt with and smithfield is the worst company ever!!!!!! We even have it our crock pot!

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Mayo tastes like horseradish as people have stated. I thought I was crazy. Used to love it but afraid to take a chance and ever buy it.

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Food served cold t/a Hillsboro , tx

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You keep changing and deleting products that people really liked!!! So what are you really saving!!!! Lost customers!!! We have been eating at BE's for 25years and mow the new sucks!!! Your customers did not ask for these changes!!! You are gonna be just like jcpenn...

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I bought a voucher for 6 meals. At checkout, the forms had me put my credit card info in before it could take the voucher number. Got my 6 meals, then they charged my credit card $69.99! I emailed them and they reversed charge. A few days later, they... Read more

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The lamp chop is what i look forward to every year. The sauce was terrible. You need to go back to thr mont glaze sauce. I spent 20 plus on a dish, that is in the garage. Do it right or do not do it at all. Big mistake. Please correct before easter. Loyal customer

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Pace Foods - Found some sort of foriengn object in jar of pace picante sauce medium. Very disturbing. Very upset. Have never found anything like this in anything we have ever bought.
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Very discusting thing found in jar of pace picante sauce. Not sure what it is but not very cool. Don't know what else to do about it. Husband says not feeling very well after eating pace and then finding this jar. What can we do about it?Felt very uncomfortable even... Read more

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LOOKS LIKE THEY DID IT AGAIN Purchase 4 bottles of mayonnaise, opened one threw it out one because I thought it went bad, opened a new still same taste what is going on use to love this mayonnaise. I usually stock up on items needed so I won't have to keep running to... Read more

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