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Meijer Deli Department - Poor customer service at the Meijer deli Grand Rive Store # 286 Wed Sept 20, 2017 8:45PM

Meijer Deli Department
I went to the Meijer Store #286 Grand River Detroit at 8:45 PM wednesdat Sept 20,2017. iwas looking for some cole slaw that has the purple cabbage. There was a young man at the deli counter indicating that they closed the deli early because they were short of staff. They closed at 7:30 P M. iasked if they had some cole slaw that has the purple cabbage in it. This young man brings out some pre packaged one pound mess and says it is the same as... Read more

Simply Orange Juice - Miracle in a bottle

Simply Orange Juice
I usually don't believe in miracles in a bottle, but I think that you have one in your Simply Lemonade. You see, I have kidney stones and my doctor suggested that I drink lemonade and I tried others brands that I really didn't like and I felt that it did nothing for me. I still had pain in my kidney and urethra. I tried your brand and I felt the pain go away within a week of drinking your product every day and I will continue to drink this... Read more

Teavana - Very hostile sales girl

My boyfriend and I went to Florida mall to possibly get some matcha tea. I asked the sales girl if she had any. She pointed to it and continued on with her business, not another customer. I told my boyfriend the tea was expensive and I could get it on line for cheaper. She rudely started "then just to do it." My boyfriend attempted to speak to her about her attitude, she mumbled some curse words under her breath and went to the back room. We... Read more

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