I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2011 and have graduated. But it didn't live up to my expectations so I am sharing the good and bad with you. Good: They share many diet theories, you get a health coach, they offer a good community and support for the students and best of all they give you great information and tools on starting your business...some of the best I've heard. And, yes, I feel more informed about... Read more

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I was thirsty after a hard days of work. I went to Mcdonalds to order sprite. I asked for a small cup. After I was finished I asked for a refill. The employee told me that those were only for medium and large cups. I told her that this was ridiculous as no where does it say this. They were so stubborn that after arguing they refused to refill my cup. They said a refill was five cents for small cups. I am a registered nurse I make 90k a... Read more

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Last week 01/12/2012 I bought my usual Kraft French onion dip, only to be disappointed that it is now a runny white creamy fill with absolutely no taste. What happened to the nice firm robust onion taste and firm texture. This stuff is so runny that it would not even stay on my chips. If this does not change back to the original recipe, I will quit buying your brands. That's my final answer! There was no explanation that this product had changed... Read more

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I have been buying the nabisco chips ahoy cookies for decades. As usual everything gets smaller and costs the same or more. Lately, they have had a funny taste. Each time, over the past few months, they seem as though the recipe has changed. After reading other stories about other nabisco products, I realized it's not just me or my family. I will never buy nabisco products again. I purchased them at Wal-Mart. The expiration date is good. I guess... Read more

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A box of 4 Ritz Crackers that I purchased 2 weeks ago was an already down sized 15.1 oz. The Ritz box that I purchased today is 13.7 oz. Will a Ritz box purchased next week be the size of a box of Animal Crackers? Does Kraft Foods think we are not aware of the incredible shrinking size of product boxes? Consumers are VERY aware and savvy! I would rather pay more money to have the old "large" 4-stack boxes back and I am sure there are a lot... Read more

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I tried to use my check at Walmart and was denied. I have no bad checks out. I usually use my debit card but decided to use my check. I was embarrassed that my check was denied because you know the people in line were thinking I was a bad check writer. I had the funds in my account and used my debit. The point is that Telecheck should NOT have the right to say which type of payment I use to purchase something. It is my right to chose what I want... Read more

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Iam a former driver for schwans, I did not make it at the job cause I refused to do what my managers told me to do. They want the drivers to be extremely pushy, they dont want you to take NO for an answer. If someone says they really dont need anything today you are suppose to make them feel so awkward that they will buy something from you. You are also expected to work over a 14 hour day. State law only lets you drive for 14 hours a day. Alot... Read more

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I visited the Applebee's at 11780 W. Broad St, Richmond, VA for the All You Can Eat Crosscut Rib Special. The first portion of ribs was good and generous. The second and third requests were terrible with only two to three pieces of ribs on the entire plate. I questioned the server about this and she said there's nothing I can do. I requested the Manager and he NEVER showed up. On the fourth requested portion, I received a plate with just... Read more

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Just got this packet in the mail, complete with a magnet and a crappy bowl scraper. As a chef myself, I was sort of intrigued. Getting this happened to coincide with subscribing to a very reputable magazine based out of Vermont, "Cooks Illustrated". Upon further research, over fifty of the initial hits I got on Google yielded very VERY negative results. Seems to be that the membership results in them sending you books with fake... Read more

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It used to be thick and meaty... now it's as thin as soup! Just talking to a co-worker about it and he said he thought he just got a bad batch. I told him I thought the same thing... until I'd gone thru 3 cans and it was all thin and watery!! We decided they're watering it down to increase profits. Say it ain't so... we want our Wolf Brand Chili back!! Ads on TV don't show anything's changed. No 'new & improved' or anything. Maybe one of... Read more

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