Edibles on store shelves, menus in the restaurants and flashy fast food joints are not always what they advertise for. Sure, the pictures of delicious comfort foods are a full-blown drool material, but are they always as heavenly-tasting as we think? Let’s talk it out.

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Edibles on store shelves, menus in the restaurants and flashy fast food joints are not always what they advertise for. Sure, the pictures of delicious comfort foods are a full-blown drool material, but are they always as heavenly-tasting as we think? Let’s talk it out.

How to Tell a Real from a Fake Food Review?

The world’s gone digital a long time ago which not only changed the dynamic of our lives but also the general exchange of information. And while the digitalization has a substantial number of positives, the fact that the online world has given us the opportunity to stage anything from our personal lives to the reviews we leave online doesn’t actually bring comfort. Yes, the accessibility to online food reviews, complaints and issues has given us the opportunity to think twice before going for products that look good but taste awful (and may give us food poisoning!), but can we be entirely sure they aren’t staged for marketing purposes? We can’t.

Could WOM Still Be the Answer to Getting Our Food Reviews Right?

Could be. Even so, since most of us spend a solid of 60+ hours a week online looking for information on anything and everything (yes, food included), we’ve put together a list of most common giveaways that’ll help you see through a sneaky, fake (read: paid) restaurant, brand, or food review:

  • A lot of superlatives: phrases like “life-changing,” “fabulously tasting,” “haven’t tried anything better in my life,” “super delicious,” etc. are common
  • Lack of detail: “the pizza was super tasty.” A real review would go in detail and say stuff like “the cheese was great, and so were the toppings… I loved the crust.”
  • Reviews written “for someone else”: references like “my daughter loved it,” “my family enjoyed it,” “my boyfriend wants us to order it again” etc.
  • Frequent use of the first-person singular, i.e., “me” and “I” to make the review seem more relatable and credible
  • Reviews that use the full official name of the product or sound like a marketing brochure
  • All caps lock letters to attract attention and show apparent excitement for the product
  • More verbs than nouns; genuine reviews are heavier on nouns
  • Unusual language choices: “the sandwich was 5 USD”; an actual American would hardly ever use “USD” but instead use a dollar sign or an emoji of a dollar
  • Fake avatars: You’ll often find stock photos, random photos from Google images, pictures from blogs, etc.
Spotting a fake food review is particularly important for people with various food allergies, or those who don’t consume certain products/ingredients due to their religious/lifestyle beliefs. This often refers to consumers who eat Gluten Free Foods, Kosher foods, Halal Foods, Vegan Foods, and similar.

What Consumers Like and Dislike the Most about The Foods They Order?

Following food company reviews and complaints, it appears that consumers are pretty much united when it comes to their food order expectations. Here are their most common complaints, likes, and dislikes:


  1. Affordable, wallet-friendly prices
  2. Easy order process (through the website/App/via telephone)
  3. Polite & helpful customer service
  4. Punctuality of order (delivery on the agreed date/time)
  5. Fresh produce, i.e., items made when ordered
  6. Genuine products: products being exactly what they are advertised


  1. Impolite/late/ungrateful/scary/etc. delivery people
  2. Complicated order processes and/or an inoperable App
  3. Unsightly food delivery; the food that arrives jumbled up, face down, etc.
  4. Careless attitude; wrong & missed order/delivery price/date/time
  5. Impolite & uncooperative customer service
  6. Too expensive products

What are the Most Popular Fast Foods on the Planet?

Organic food, natural food, and high protein foods are not only the core of clean eating but also the biggest health jazz of the moment. Still, despite the current health wave we’re trying to ride, the truth is that junk food and food companies that produce it will forever remain the Holy Grail of cheating meals. Here are the most popular fast food meals on the planet:


This traditional Mexican dish with a hashtag #TacoTuesday has skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years. Their yummy texture complemented with tasty sauces is both a perfect full meal and an excellent snack. Whether you're a vegetarian, or an avid carnivore, you’ll love tacos for sure.


Coming in a variety of flavors and sizes, this originally Italian dish is one of the favorite junk food options of everyone with a soft spot for melted cheese, and a range of delicious toppings. Major drool!


Cold, refreshing, and sweet, ice-cream is the most common go-to comfort food of the ladies and gents around the globe. Due to its virtually endless range of base flavors, toppings, sprinkles, etc. ice-cream makes for a perfect cheat meal and one of the best sweets to eat - any time of the year.


A comfort food as old as time, fries will forever be everyone's number one cheat meal, especially when served by some of our favorite fast food companies out there (we all know which those are!). Fries are perfect as a snack, a proper meal or a side dish to, well, anything. Yum!

Burger / Cheeseburger

Have you ever said "No" to a (cheese)burger? Of course not! That's why burgers make for those quick-to-eat, filling, extra delicious meals we love to gauge on. Pair them up with fries and Coke, and you're in fast food Heaven. Can we have two to go, please?

Whether you are a fan of natural food and a healthy food diet or love to indulge a life spiced up with comfort food, make sure you know how to spot the right reviews, best food companies, and the best products. There’ll always be sporadic issues with the food you order and eat, but – as long as they’re not a constant – you are good to go!