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Little Caesars 3475 South High - Rude employee

Little Caesars 3475 South High
My name is Amy I want into the little caesers at 3475 South high St Columbus Ohio and the girl at the counter taking my order was very rude she was in a bad mood or something I gave her my money and she slammed the change in my hand then I asked her name she said either Nina or Dina then she slammed my pizza on the counter I called in from the parking lot asked to speak with a manager and Samantha got on the line I explain to her my experience... Read more

Jack In The Box In American Canyon - Horrible Customer service experience

Jack In The Box In American Canyon
This morning I pulled into the drive thru placed my order and at the window I added on a breakfast burrito to my order. The manager told me no she couldn't add it on because it was too busy. I was really shocked by this because you never tell a customer no! I couldn't believe it. I literally drove off ended up going to McDonald's up the street. I will probably never go back there again. Such rude horrible customer service! I did call and get her... Read more

Blaze Pizza Frisco Texas - Blaze Pizza Frisco sex offender who *** in kids food

Blaze Pizza Frisco Texas
I used to work at Blaze Pizza in Frisco and The Colony/Lewisville. It is the most hostile environment and the employees are openly disrespectful and snotty to customers. They once refused service to a lady in a wheelchair, and someone had a Trump 2016 shirt on and “angel” the manager told them to get out if they voted for President Trump and said that all white republicans aren’t welcome at Blaze. Several times, a guy in the colony named Trevor... Read more

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