Let’s face it, it’s easier and more convenient to purchase flowers online—whether you’re buying one for a relative or just for yourself to lighten up your day. Imagine that with the click of a mouse, you can order what you want and have it delivered to your doorstep immediately. However, with the availability of information online, finding the most reliable flower shop and choosing the right flower arrangements can be overwhelming.

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I'M HURT, DISAPPOINTED AND MAD!!!! SHAME ON GIFTTREE. I ordered a Orchard Fruit Basket for my Dad for Fathers Day and they sent my Dad this horrible piece of CRAP!!! I paid almost $80.00 for that fruit basket and they have the nerve to bring my Dad 3 apples, some misc items from the DollarTree and some sunflower seeds!!! REALLY??? ARE THEY SERIOUS!! What is Nutty Buddy, candy, crackers, sunflower seeds doing in what's suppose to be an all fruit gourmet "Fruit Basket"? Then cover up sloppyness with a tired looking red Christmas bow. My 5 year old could do better then this! You really thought it was cool to send my father a leftover Easterbasket from the Dollar store.Then add insult to injury I am still fighting to get my Refund. I'm FURIOUS!! They RUINED MY FATHER'S DAY SURPRISE. I called them several times was told they would issue me a refund and would have the basket picked up my Dad waits all day its Fathers Day Weekend noone shows up. I should not have to beg them to come get their deplorable representation of what should have been a Orchard Fruit basket. This is bad business, bait and switch..they are scam artist DO NOT BUY FROM THEM and I JUST WANT MY MONEY REFUNDED..ASAP!!!

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Let’s face it, it’s easier and more convenient to purchase flowers online—whether you’re buying one for a relative or just for yourself to lighten up your day. Imagine that with the click of a mouse, you can order what you want and have it delivered to your doorstep immediately. However, with the availability of information online, finding the most reliable flower shop and choosing the right flower arrangements can be overwhelming. So let this information help in your decision-making process.

How to Shop for the Perfect Flowers Online

  1. Search for a reputable company and read reviews. Find a nearby florist that not only has years of experience, but also offers a secure ordering process and values customer satisfaction. Explore the company’s website and look for reviews or insightful blog posts, which can help you make a smart choice. Also, having a valid contact phone number is a great indication that the company takes each customer’s concern seriously—should you need further assistance. Be careful of scammers and unlicensed companies.
  2. Don’t hesitate to ask where the flowers came from. It’s best to have fresh, local flowers from farmers markets, flower farms, or your city’s flower market. So you may need to know where the florists get their flowers to be sure that they won’t fade on the same day of purchase.
  3. Decide on flower arrangements. Some companies offer flowers/bouquets that are custom made while others are preset. The best florists have a wide selection of flower arrangements, such as happy birthday flowers, mother’s day flowers, funeral flowers, and many more. This is why navigating the company’s website is important to determine the specific information on each bloom.
  4. Always compare flowers prices. Considering that you have a budget, it’s wise to have several options. Some companies sell a flower bouquet at cheap rates, but their handling and shipping charges will cost more than at other florists who are offering the same product for a few dollars more.
  5. Double check all the details before you place an order. Some of the things to verify are taxes, delivery date, currency, extra fees, terms and conditions, and policies on redelivery.

What Consumers Like the Most About Buying Flowers Online

  1. Convenience: There’s no doubt that the ease of buying flowers online is unbeatable. More and more customers prefer online flower delivery because of the convenience that it offers. So even when you’re stuck at traffic or have a busy schedule at work, you can send flowers for your loved one and will not miss a special occasion.
  2. Value for money: Whether it’s a seasonal flower or an exotic flower, you can get one at a budget-friendly price if you know where to find it. Some companies even offer amazing discounts to professional groups, senior citizens, and loyal customers.
  3. Wider choices: A broad selection of flowers to meet each customer’s needs is another lure. You can make a special event a unique one and even more remarkable if you have lots of choices for bouquet arrangements.
  4. Save time. Another benefit of buying flowers online is that you can save time and energy, especially during holidays and special events.

What Consumers Dislike the Most About Buying Flowers Online

  1. It doesn’t match the final product. Not having the right order is a common complaint. Many customers overpay for a floral arrangement only to find out that it is completely different from what they want.
  2. Late delivery. Some companies claim a same-day delivery, but they don’t keep their promises and deliver flowers much later.
  3. Missing flowers and no refund. Another thing that a lot of consumers don’t like about flower delivery is that some florists do not give the specific order, yet they refuse to refund the customer. This is the reason it’s essential to check the policies on refunds and read as many reviews as possible before buying from an online flower shop.
  4. Flowers not delivered at all. There are also some reported cases of orders not delivered to customers and the company offered no replacement or full refund.
  5. No actual product image. Most of the time, the product photos are too good to be true. According to Consumer Reports, the common complaint is that the flower arrangements delivered are not similar to what are shown in the online photo. After all, it’s difficult for a consumer to choose the right flowers because they don’t actually see them and and only have to trust the image provided on the website.

The Ideal Flower According to Your Personality

It’s no secret that everyone has a favorite flower. Have you ever asked yourself why you like a specific type of flower over the other? Here’s what your flower preference can tell about you:


Whether you like red, white, pink, or any other color of rose, this type of flower is romantic and timeless. Roses show that you’re sophisticated, passionate, and a strong self-defender. You tend to create happiness wherever you go and you always see the best in everything.


Sweet, innocent, yet luxurious, peony lovers are the ones who live in the moment and have the heart of gold. Just like the flower, those who like peonies usually make a lasting impression and create joy in surprising others.


For some people, a sunflower is the queen of the garden because they have a warm and radiant vibe. If you prefer this type of flower, you are most likely an optimist, an approachable person, make friends easily, have an energetic personality, and you’re always cheerful.


If lilies are your go-to flowers, there’s a high chance that you’re fun, friendly, compassionate, generous, and empathetic. What’s great about this type of flower is that it doesn’t need constant upkeep, but it still looks lovely. Lilies have a simple beauty and remain strong even without much assistance.


The tulips can bloom in the sunniest days and also in the coldest, so no wonder they remain in high demand. Tulips enthusiasts are believed to have soft, lighthearted, and caring personalities. They tend to have many close friends and they can easily adapt to change.

Maintaining the Flowers

Taking great care for your flowers once they are in your house is entirely up to you if you want them to last. Listed below are some simple, easy-to-follow tricks to help you get the most out of your floral arrangements.

  1. Place it in a safe place, which is away from heaters, air conditioners, fans, draughts, and any direct sunlight. Extreme temperatures will cause wilting and quickly dry out your flowers. Flowers, such as orchids and hibiscus, grow well and last longer in average room temperatures.
  2. Change the water regularly, especially when it gets cloudy. Flowers submerged in a vase will look fresher, longer when the water is clean. The stems look green and smooth when they get a drink at least every three days. You can add flower food according to the special instructions.
  3. Watch out for pests. The major destroyer of flowers are aphids, so keep an eye on them. It’s advisable to inspect your flowers in the early morning and hand pick those little green bugs off with a gloved hand.
  4. Keep the flowers at right temperature. Roses, for example, should be in warm water (preferably 100˚F or 37˚C) to ensure proper absorption of nutrients. This can give additional days of vase life.
  5. Remove dying flowers. Check every day if there are drooping buds and broken stems. Once the flowers are trimmed, the bacterial growth will slow down in the water.

Today’s consumers are searching for reliable online retailers for just about anything. If you are considering online flower delivery, you don’t want it to be a costly mistake. With these tips in mind, buying flowers online and caring for them at home will be a breeze.