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Purchased floors from Home Depot on the recommendation of the Home Depot Rep that they would be durable. Our old laminate floors were about 20 yrs old, and after 6 months the new floors were in worse condition that the one's we ripped out. The floor dents when someone drops a kitchen utensil, buckles in the sunlight, is failing/chipping away at the corners of the boards.... .I could send dozens of pictures of where it's failing. I've not spent almost 1 entire year being bounced from Home Depot to Traffic Master. Home Depot owns Traffic Master. Traffic Master has completely stopped responding to my emails. They're just hoping I'' go away. I've paid for & installed over 1900 sq ft of this flooring throughout my entire home. We've entirely remodeled our home and this is hands down the worst product we've ever purchased, and the customer service is a joke. This company should be forced out of business by the better business bureau.

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