Sport and fitness have become a synonym for success. Attractive, well-shaped celebrities demonstrate that beautiful appearance is an essential part of a positive impression. And sport industry responds eagerly to people’s desire to be in a “healthy lifestyle” trend. Fitness centers offer a great variety of classes and trainings. They help not only to be toned but also not to be bored.

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I asked the front desk how long it takes to clean the locker rooms. The manager Christina told me that she's a woman and doesn't go in the men's room.... Okay. I also asked if the girl in the morning could smoke away from the front door, it smells in the gym. Christina again with an attitude said," It's cold outside, where would you like her to go?" It's a gym, I don't want to smell cigarettes in the gym.The end of my rope came when I asked to buy a towel, and the front desk girl said they were out of towels. Okay, no problem. I got a towel from my locker and cut it in half to use for my workout. I used a scissor on the desk to cut my towel, and the front desk girl ran over to me and said" You just took that towel from the storeroom. I said" You just told me you're out of towels, how would I steal a towel if you're out of towels?She then said I saw you go into the room and take it.It's one dollar for a towel, I didn't steal anything. She just point-blank accused me of stealing.The picture below is the state of the locker rooms in East Meadow. The mold in the bathroom is past black and can cause serious illness.So today I was told that I am not allowed in the gym because I have a problem with everyone.This is by far the worst customer service of any business in any industry. I want my membership canceled. The staff at retro in East Meadow are the nastiest rudest people, and it comes from the owner Christina down the line. I am confused as to how the gym is in a disgusting condition, and I asked when it would be cleaned.I don't want anything to do with retro fitness. This is the most disgusting behavior I have ever had to deal with

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Sport and fitness have become a synonym for success. Attractive, well-shaped celebrities demonstrate that beautiful appearance is an essential part of a positive impression. And sport industry responds eagerly to people’s desire to be in a “healthy lifestyle” trend. Fitness centers offer a great variety of classes and trainings. They help not only to be toned but also not to be bored.

Top Fitness Trends

Basically, all the new fitness trends can fall into the following types:

  1. Wearable technology. Technological industry produces more and more fitness trackers, smart watches, heart monitors. They help to track your activity during the training.
  2. Body weight training. Such a workout does not require extra weights or machinery. The person has to use his/her own weight.
  3. High-intensity interval training (HIIT). It is a type of interval workout when a cardio exercise is alternated with short periods of intense anaerobic exercise. There are usually less intense recovery periods between these intervals.
  4. Strength training. These classes are aimed to boost anaerobic endurance and the size of muscles. They are especially good for those who want to become tougher and burn lots of calories.
  5. Personal training. Such trainings fit for those, who want to have a specially designed program. It usually takes into account person’s needs, physical fitness and health problems.
  6. Circuit training. This workout develops resistance using high-intensity aerobics. All the training is performed in repeated blocks. As a rule, the time between exercising in circuit training is short, with rapid movement to the next exercise.
  7. Core training. These exercises are aimed to develop and strengthen abdominal muscles.
  8. Functional Fitness. It requires using weights and the main idea is close to strength trainings. The only difference that such a workout is aimed not at the entire body but particularly at core muscles, abdomen and lower back.
  9. Yoga. People, who tend to be not only physically but also emotionally fit and relaxed, decide on yoga classes. Different types of it like: hatha, vinyasa, ashtanga, bikram, hot yoga and other can meet particularly your needs of exercising and self-discovery balance.
  10. Sport-specific training. It is a combination of fitness trainings and sport you want to practice. For example, the first half of your workout you do fitness exercises. Then you play volleyball.
  11. Flexibility and mobility rollers trainings. These workouts are used by sportsmen to stretch overactive muscles and to recover from trauma. Besides flexibility and mobility rollers there are other supplementary materials such as mobility balls, band flosses and X-bands.
  12. Fitness programs for older adults. They become more and more popular with seniors who want to stay active and fit. Such programs usually include water and non-weight bearing exercise.
  13. Weight loss programs. These programs work for those, whose goals cannot be achieved by exercising only. Besides trainings they usually include a proper diet plan and a supplement intake scheme.
  14. Smartphone exercise apps. These applications play the roles of a personal trainer or a dietician. They help to trace the activity, calories intake and nutritional value of food.

How to Choose the Best Fitness Program

There are more and more fitness mixes and fitness programs created every couple of years. And it’s quite easy to get confused, especially if you’re not an experienced sports person. But how to choose the right fitness program and not to be disappointed with your classes and results? There are 3 steps to make your mind:

Define Your Sport Type

It’s necessary to determine, before you start your physical fitness, preferences and set the definite goal you want to achieve. Here are some types that you can belong to:

  • Newbie. Not to become an exercise hater, it’s better to start with personal trainings. Any type of training will be good for you, if your strong and weak points are estimated by a professional trainer. This person will guide you throughout the process and help to improve your strength and endurance in your own pace.
  • Sports person. Your physical fitness makes it possible to start any fitness you want. The only point is not get bored and not to over exercise. So the best way will be to alternate e.g. high-intensity interval trainings with flexibility rollers trainings to relax joints and muscles.
  • Spiritualist. If your main goal is to discover your new physical and mental abilities, choose yoga and martial art classes. They combine physical trainings with philosophy that will benefit both your body and mind.
  • People person. For those who look for socializing and team spirit along with exercising, it will be fun to attend sport-specific trainings like basketball, soccer and other. Good competitiveness will help to achieve your goals and meet new people with the same interests.
  • Performer. Dancing and ballet classes will be the best option for those who want to be fit and to show their creativity.
  • Calories burner. If you would like to lose some weight, choose the trainings with full impact e.g. body weight, cardio, circuit or high-intensity interval trainings.
  • Exercise hater. If you feel deep disgust to the exercising and gym equipment, substitute it with everyday walking, cycling or swimming. Go on foot or ride a bike everywhere it’s possible and you’ll feel much fitter soon afterwards.

Find the Best Gym or Sport Club

Even the best sport spirit can be spoilt with gym or club issues. When you consider joining one, think about the following:

  1. Location. Remember that you will have to attend the gym regularly. It’s better to choose the nearest one possible not to waste too much time on the way to it.
  2. Instructors. A great advantage is when you already have a positive feedback from someone you know well and whom you can trust. But if you’re new to the area or the club has just opened, it’s not easy to find one. Look for real people’s reviews on review sites and social media, if it is an affiliated branch of a well-known chain of gyms. Search the requirements for the class trainers on their website. What certificates do they demand from applicants? How many years of training experience should they have?
  3. Complimentary classes or free trials. Try to find the gyms that offer such options. You need it to:
    • Understand if you really enjoy this type of activity.
    • Check if you get on well with your trainer or instructor. That is very important before purchasing the full membership.
    • See the equipment condition. Is new or old? Mostly faulty or working?
    • Look at sanitary condition. If the bathrooms or locker rooms are messy or dirty, there is little chance that it will improve.
    • Meet customer service stuff. Are they really friendly and ready to help most of the time?
    • Do not give any credit card or social security information while applying for free trials. Membership. If you’ve decided on one, read the fine print carefully. Make a list of questions you are worried about before signing the contract and giving your credit card number. The most frequently asked are the following:
    • What is an exact amount of a monthly payment? Can it be changed during the contract?
    • Can you cancel it anytime? Can you get a refund if you cancel before the contract ends? Do you have to pay cancellation fees?
    • Can your membership renew automatically?
    • Can you use extra facilities like a swimming pool, a sauna or Wi-Fi for free or do you have to pay for them separately?

Find the Best Wearable Technology Items and Smartphone Exercise Applications

To make your way to the personal achievements shorter and faster - be fitness-tuned not only on the trainings. Use supplementary items such as fitness trackers, heart-rate monitors, smart watches or smartwatch apps. To choose the best smartwatch or fitness tracker for you need to make a list of requirements:

  • Price. If you’re looking for a high quality, multifunctional device be ready to give not less than 200 $ for it. You may be sure that it will last more than a year. Cheaper items will have the set of necessary options but the band usually breaks within half a year.
  • Features. What exactly do you want from your item? The simplest fitness tracker can monitor the amount of steps taken and calories burnt. More advanced fitness trackers and smartwatches can track your heart rate, quality of sleep. They can even be GPS-equipped and play the role of a cell phone and an MP-3 - player. Are you going to wear it all the time? Then you have to think of waterproof ones. The ordinary devices are just splash-resistant so you can’t wear them while taking showers or swimming.
  • Design. You can wear most fitness trackers on the wrist or clip to the clothes. They usually have a simple digital display. More advanced ones go with a touch-screen and you can wear them as a pendant.
  • Compatibility. Usually fitness trackers and smartwatches can sync with your smartphone. Most of them are compatible both with Android and iOS. Lot of advanced devices have their own companion apps. They are designed to monitor the consumed calories, energy consumption during classes like yoga and duration and quality of sleep.

Regardless of what your initial aim is: to lose weight or to become stronger and fitter, your body and mind will be thankful for it. Make your very first step towards healthier and more active life today, and tomorrow you’ll see changes for better.