Financial services companies include a range of services spanning from traditional banking to auto loans, retirement services and mortgage lending. In order to choose the best financial services company...

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My account has been compromised, and someone sold, buy and even tried to transfer money from my bank account. Now, I can't log in to my account. And any reset password link is not coming to my email address. I need help ASAP!!!
Good evening. My name is Leslie Lombard and was a customer of Suntrust since August 2019.On Friday, July 3, I went to the store, got my items, and went to the register to pay. Used my Suntrust bank card and it was DECLINED twice. Knowing this should not have happened as I just received my paycheck had had money already in my account. Which you may never have had to experience, but its a very embarrassing situation to be in. I came home and it being after 6:00PM I called the customer service department to hear from the automated system my card has a HOLD on it. I then looked at my account on the mobile app and saw a lot of Pending transactions and also found an unknown email on my ZELLE. After closing the app out was unable to access my account again. Was unable to get in touch with a human person. I called the customer service number again on Saturday, July 4, to be informed they were closed due to the holiday.Monday, July 6, I called customer service and spoke to Quinta.. who by the way was very friendly and I give her high marks for how she was on the other end, professional and polite. I explained my situation to her and she checked account and confirmed the HOLD on my card. She then asked about some transactions that were not authorized by me... hence someone HACKED my account. She advised that FRAUD would be notified while I was on the phone. She did what she had to and while waiting for FRAUD continued to check to ensure I was still on the line. After a lengthy wait she returns to the line and advised me that FRAUD gave her very little information except that they CLOSED my account and that I would receive a PACKAGE in the mail with a check and letter. She did not know when it was mailed and did not know when Id receive it! FRAUD would NOT or did NOT talk to me! I asked Quinta why I wasnt never informed or notified of what was going on with my account. She stated the notes said FRAUD contacted me. When asked what number they called because I received NO MESSAGE or NOTIFICATION from FRAUD, and I gave her my cell number and she said thats the number they marked they called. AGAIN... FRAUD NEVER CONTACTED ME! She said the note stated Thursday, July 2. UNTRUE!!!! As if I was notified I would not be at the store Friday trying to make a purchase with my bank card!Tuesday I called Suntrust on Clyde Morris in Port Orange, Fl and was informed by the teller that my account was in fact closed and that I would be receiving the package. Again no one can say when it was mailed or when Id receive it. I informed her this is my only account and access to money so when I get the package am I supposed to come back in or can this be handled over the phone for a new account. She stated NO, FRAUD HAS SEVERED THE TIES!!!!! I said excuse me?! My account gets HACKED and Im punished?!! I said I have payments and checks out from that account and she stated there will be no money going out of this account! I said my rent was paid via check and now its going to bounce!!! I asked if Im going to be charged for fees? She stated she didnt know! She suggested borrowing money from someone! REALLY???? Or using another payment method! Well.. it was explained to her previously this was my only form of money and now I have nothing and have to wait for a package!!! Let alone a mailed package! I have a check thats supposed to be in this package and what if it gets lost??? Whos responsible??? Why would it not have been sent Fed Ex or UPS??? Overnighted??? Very uncaring about my issue... POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AGAIN!!!Today, Thursday, July 9, I spoke to Karen Cameron, a branch manager and relayed all this information to her. After her collecting the information she stated she would call me back after getting some answers. She called back 4 hours later and made all attempts to remedy and find answers. The answer she found from FRAUD was that I signed a paper when I opened the account about having ties severed at any time! Well yeah if I WAS AT FAULT!!!! My account was HACKED and this is how FRAUD handles the situation???!!! Very unprofessional and unreasonable!!! So now I have no money as I still have not received this package!I am a single mother with 2 children!! I have no money and now am inconvenienced to have to find another bank.. which now after the treatment Ive received I gladly will! But NOT one person in your FRAUD department notified me, spoke to me, NOTHING!!! They sat high on their horse and punished me because my account was HACKED by an outsider!! Apparently would have been too much work for this individual(s) to make such a quick and easy decision to severe ties!!! And using the most obscene reason... because I signed a form!! Ties being severed if I was at fault ok BUT I not at fault and this is the treatment I receive??I intend on filing a complaint with the BBB as this is the most ludicrous and appalling way a serious situation was handled! Whoever decided this has created extreme turmoil and stress to my life and truly should not be working in FRAUD if they punish the victim!This is how your bank in Port Orange, Florida!Sincerely,Leslie Lombard
We have been handling a USAA homeowners claim since March 2018 during horrible storms in Maryland in which our policy was issued and delivered in the state of Texas. USAA paid for our roof to be repaired but not our gutters,siding, fireplace caps. We also reported water leaking into the interior of our home. No help from USAA then they covered up we ever reported anything but the roof. Went to a hearing after a complaint was made, and then they admitted to us reporting all but water damage. Turns out an unlicensed adjuster took our claim she was learning the auto department and listed our homeowners claim as a vehicle/ property claim instead of a homeowner claim for wind, rain and hail with a secondary storm of snow and ice. The evidence to show we initially reported water damage was in her vehicle claims log notes. They admitted to finding it but said it was a USAA work product and we couldnt have the proof for our records. They then change the water damage estimate to a mold estimate saying mold was in the air. We get the air tested no mold USAA claims they never received the document but then produce it as an exhibit in the hearing. It was clearly marked control on one and living room etc on the others. USAA took the outside air and tried to pass it off as our inside air. So when that trick didn't work they tried to site failure to mitigate the property again showed evidence to their own adjusters claim log saying it was clear we mitigated the property but did not do mold remediation. Well that's because we had no mold. Then try failure to allow them to investigate saying we wouldn't allow the adjuster in our home. Adjuster writes back clarifying he did the outdoor inspection of the roof with our contractor and no interior inspection was done because no interior water damage had been reported to him. He was there for the roof and came from Texas he also told them a local adjuster would need to come out to inspect the interior who knew the permit laws in the state. (We reported the water damage to USAA and were told this adjuster was for the roof he scheduled everything with our roofing contractor not us) USAA again says their adjusters know their protocol, and they know to do an interior inspection of the attic area during roof inspections. The adjuster never asked to enter or do an inspection but also came with no equipment and had to borrow everything from our contractor. He never told our contractor he needed to look indoors or do an inspection indoors. We were also told we didn't have to be home for this inspection. Adjuster admitted to All this as well and put it in writing again for the desk adjuster. The desk adjuster in the claims log wrote there was no need to send a local adjuster they were just trying to get clarification. Contractor for interior tries to meet with adjuster told no need send pictures. We fight for an adjuster to come look again another sent from Texas, and he says no mold water damage. Tells them to send a large loss or general adjuster from the area again Usaa said not needed. Finally, after a year and over 6 more request for a local adjuster we get one to come out. He had no idea why he was at our home but ,did state no visible mold is in the home. He told us USAA just sent him out but explained nothing of the situation to him, just he was to meet us and the contractor. He wrote in his report there was no visible mold in the home. 2.5 years now and with all the evidence in writing or documents no hearsay we are still no closer to getting back home. You truly can't make this stuff up. There are many of us out here with the same situation all fighting for USAA to make it right and pay for the damages we are covered for but seems costumers are no longer their priority the dollar is, and they can always get new customers. To anyone else fighting the same battle know you are not alone. We will keep fighting to have our voices heard and our home fixed, so we can return and our 2 sweet dogs can run and play on their land again. One more thing when I said they paid for our roof they never finished paying the contractor the second half approx.19,500 they are still waiting on. It. We will continue to fight for a news station to do our story and bring attention to the way they have treated us and others. Member for over 20 years family members have been members 40 + years and all will be dropping them after the way we have been treated. Thank you for taking the time to read our review I hope it can help someone who may think USAA is the place to get insurance from.

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How to Compare Financial Services Companies

Financial services companies include a range of services spanning from traditional banking to auto loans, retirement services and mortgage lending. In order to choose the best financial services company, you will need to consider many factors including:

  • Your financial goals
  • Consolidation of services
  • Your location
  • Recommendations from others you trust
  • The associated costs
  • The company’s ethics
  • Access to information
  • Personal services

You will be required to do a bit of research and analysis to find the right financial services. Fortunately, you are not locked into any single banking provider once you make a selection. If your needs change or you find yourself unsatisfied, simply move to new financial services company that better suits your goals.

Your Financial Goals

It stands to reason that the company you select to help you manage your money should be one that offers the service you need. Taking out a mortgage or a home equity loan is a far different service than starting up a new Roth IRA.

Consider your specific needs from a financial provider and then start your search there to find specialists in the areas you consider important to you.

Consolidation of Services

While it is important to work with specialists in your desired financial areas, you can quickly become over extended if you wind up using too many banks – one for each banking need. If you are comfortable and satisfied with one bank, rather than starting up new accounts in a brand new bank for a different purpose, consider using consolidated services for convenience.

One concern about using a single bank for all of your financial needs, however, is the risk of missing out on better offers from other services. It is always wise to do some shopping and comparing, but if your bank and the competition are all offering the same mortgage rates, it might be worth it to go with what you know.


If you live in New York City, you have an endless supply of banks and financial houses ready to do your bidding. If you live in a small town with less than 1,000 residents, your options are a bit more limited. You may decide that some banking, like a standard checking account or mortgage, is worth doing locally where you will have easier access to your funds.

On the other hand, the availability of internet service and online banking have provided that same big city endless supply of investment firms and banks to would-be customers world-wide. Consider your location for money that you want close at hand, but don’t feel limited by your location for larger, long-term investments

Personal Recommendations

If your uncle is always borrowing cash and fending off collections calls, he is not the sort of person to listen to for investment advice. If your uncle has built up a nice nest egg and has made the same sorts of decisions you plan to make with your money, he might be a great source of information about which financial services firms to consider for your own goals.

Recommendations from others who have done research and invested wisely are valuable resources. Consider these recommendations as you do your own research to be sure what is recommended to you checks all of the boxes you need for your own funds.

Fees and Costs

Financial service companies are in the business of business. They need to make money, and they do so in many ways. One of the ways is through the fees and transaction costs they charge to customers like you. There is no standard cost for doing business with a financial services company.

Many banks are upfront about costs and fees in order to build confidence and trust with customers. The more you have to dig to find out the fees and rates for the bank, the more concerned you might become about just how much you’ll wind up paying to work with your own money. Always read and understand the fine print for financial services – otherwise you may wind up paying more in fees than you stand to make in return.

Ethics and Business Practices

Over the last decade, banks have made the news many times for their business practices. Banks have been sued, bailed out, called to task and investigated for all sorts of practices. Ultimately it is a personal decision about the financial services you feel you can trust with your funds. For many, building trust and confidence with a bank includes feeling comfortable with a financial service’s actions in the past.

Access to Information

Not all online banks are created equally. If you prefer to have access to your financial information around the clock with instant updates, you will need to be sure your choice for a financial services provider offers that service.

The same is true for having online capabilities to make transfers, pay bills, change investments and handle your preferred transactions yourself without having to use a bank teller, phone representative or send in forms through the mail.

Personal Services

Finally, should you have a question or a concern about your mortgage, retirement savings, banking or investments, you will want to speak with someone quickly, if not immediately. Different financial services companies provide different levels of personal service for customers.

While almost all companies providing financial services will tout their customer service, not all of them follow through on their claims. Reviews by real customers of the various banks can provide more information about just how accessible the companies are when concerns arise.

The financial services industry can be a challenge to navigate. Fortunately careful research and thoughtful planning on your part will make it easier to find the services you need and be sure they are being provided by the financial services firm most closely matched to your own goals and considerations.

Financial Ad-visor or Financial Planner: Understanding the Difference

There seems to be no limit to the number of acronyms, abbreviations and titles in the world of financial services. Two of the most confusing terms sound as if they are the same, but they are, in fact, very different.

Financial Ad-visor versus Financial Planner

The term “financial ad-visor” is a broadly used term across the industry for anyone who is offering you financial advice. This can range from your friendly neighborhood bank teller to the stockbroker making a huge commission every time you change your mind about your investment.

A “financial planner” on the other hand, is a very specific term for a financial professional who is tested and certified by a governing board. A Certified Financial Planner has passed a challenging standardized test over a range of personal financial concerns and must continue to be trained and use continuing education to stay updated in the field.

Using Financial Ad-visors

There is no governing body for financial advisors. There are no limits on the term at all, meaning truly anyone can claim to be a financial advisor. Many professionals in the financial services sector offer some form of financial advice related to their various products. Therefore they use the term “financial advisor” as it relates to their service.

Often these financial advisors will offer their advice for no charge. This is possible because their advice often heavily relies on selling you a product that will have additional commission for them. That is, they don’t need to change for the advice, since they are advising you to buy their products.

Choosing a Financial Planner

A certified financial planner is bound by the requirements of the certification process. In most cases, especially for fiduciary planners, this means always working in the client’s best interests. A financial planner who charges an hourly or flat fee rather than commission is even more removed from the potential of bias toward certain products.

The job of a financial planner is to help a client clarify their financial goals and offer advice on ways to meet those goals. While the financial planner might offer suggestions on certain products or investments, the most important item to come from the meeting is a comprehensive written financial plan that the client can use to guide future decisions, even if the client chooses not to work with that financial planner in the future.

How to Find a Financial Planner You Can Trust

A financial planner’s job is to help you save and invest your money to meet your own goals. This is not the same job as the insurance agent trying to sell you insurance products, or the stockbroker charging you fees to buy and sell stocks on your behalf. A financial planner works with you on specific goals like buying a home, paying down debt or saving for retirement.

Anyone can call themselves a financial planner, and anyone can offer financial advice. You certainly don’t want to take the advice of just anyone, however. If you choose to work with a financial planner, you absolutely need one who you can trust.


Many financial planners have a long list of acronyms following their names on business cards. These can mean just about anything, but the one to look for is the CFP, or Certified Financial Planner. This credential means the planner has passed and mastered the standards required by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards. They are qualified by a governing agent to offer advice on personal finance.

Fee Structure

Many financial planners make their money based on commissions. When you, the customer, put your money in a certain investment option, they, the planner, make some money from that transaction. This can create a scenario where planners may become biased toward certain investments for their own income potential rather than offering you a wider range of options. Consider whether a financial planner is using a commission, hourly or flat fee structure as you make your choice on who to work with.

Personal Recommendations

Your money and personal finances are private business. One way to find someone you can trust is to ask friends and colleagues for recommendation of who they trust. Try to find others in similar situations as your own. A friend with a blended family might offer you recommendation for a planner who understands the needs of blended families after a remarriage, for example.

Personal recommendations are valuable, but always be sure to get a range of options from those you trust and follow those recommendations with additional research of your own.

The National Association of Personal Financial Ad-visors

If you are starting from scratch, the National Association of Personal Financial Ad-visors, or NAPFA, is a great place to start. The standards to be part of the NAPFA organization are even more rigorous than the criteria to become a Certified Financial Planner. You can count on fee-based services, rather than commission and professionals who have pledged to act only in the customer’s best interests.


A fiduciary planner has pledged to act in the customer’s best interests at all times. A sustainability standard is less than a fiduciary standard, and a planner at the lower standard has only pledged to sell you something suitable – not necessarily the best thing for you.

A Background Check

You can and should ask your financial planner some tough questions as part of your own background check. The first things to check are if the planner has ever been convicted of a crime or investigated by a regulatory body. You should check references as well for the planner, the same way you would for a nanny, electrician or plumber.

Your background check should extend online to be sure the credentials your would-be planner claims to have are current and legitimate. There are discipline records available for Certified Financial Planners and it is easy to call to administrating boards for other certifications to be sure your planner is up to snuff.

Unrealistic Expectations

Warren Buffet is famous in the investing world for outperforming market averages. He’s famous because this is so unusual. If a financial planner tells you he will help you beat the market averages, walk away. Likewise, if someone tells you a big money-maker is risk-free, run away. Understanding financial markets is complicated, and you are looking for good advice across a range of instruments – not a promise of shady deals and unrealistic expectations.

As you search for a financial planner, be savvy in your choices and take your time deciding to be sure you’re making the right choices for you and your loved ones. The right financial planner will help you understand your own goals and options and offer you advice on a range of pathways to take you there.