Modern society enjoys exploring things. The aim is to get new experiences and take pleasure from life. And, events are a great way to spend time with family or friends. Most of the events can be divided into age-based, interest-based, and date-specific. Event planning companies can help you organize any of those. To have a better idea of what to expect, let’s look at them a bit closer.

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Modern society enjoys exploring things. The aim is to get new experiences and take pleasure from life. And, events are a great way to spend time with family or friends. Most of the events can be divided into age-based, interest-based, and date-specific. Event planning companies can help you organize any of those. To have a better idea of what to expect, let’s look at them a bit closer.

Types Of Events

The number and variety of events grow exponentially every year. Just having dinner with friends or going to the cinema is no longer enough. People want more, and the industry delivers.

Age-based Events

  • Events for kids. There are summer camps, which are a lot of fun for kids, but also fulfill an educational role. Other educational events for kids that are worth to mention are excursions to various galleries and museums. There are also entertaining events, like visiting theme parks (Disneyland is a great example), sports events or watching theater plays.
  • Events for adults. These can be club parties, exhibitions, beauty and sports contests, conferences, balls, you name it. Practically, anything you can imagine has been turned into some kind of event. Some events may require a certain level of physical fitness or special skills. These include events for individuals and corporate event planning.
  • Events for the elderly. You might be surprised to find out how many events are offered for the older generations. Dancing parties, sports events, health resorts, tournaments like chess, and a host of other things.

Interest-based Events

  • Entertainment is probably the biggest industry in the world. From the common things like going to the movies to some highly unusual events like wife-carrying marathons in the north of Europe. And, of course, multiple agencies which can advise you on how to plan an event or do it for you.
  • Educational events are getting more and more popular. Corporations combine efforts to organize field-specific conferences or workshops. Organizations like TED give regular talks on various topics. And, women empowerment events are the current trend. They introduce topics on how to achieve more, how to deal with mansplaining and other hot topics.
  • Charity is another hype of the modern society. Tons of funds around the world are raising funds to help sick or low-income people. The charity events like contests, marathons, or music events give an opportunity to anyone to help and at the same time have some fun.

Date-specific Events

These had to be put into a separate category. Date-specific events include birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, funerals and so on. The last one is off the partying list, yet, it requires a lot of preparation. Wedding ceremonies and birthday parties are probably the most popular events. And while many of the birthday parties can be organized by the family or friends, weddings often require a planner.

How To Choose an Event And Avoid Disappointment?

Many of us have faced a situation when we saw something that seemed like a great idea but turned out to be an absolutely horrific thing. Now, imagine you have paid money for that and traveled several hours to reach the venue. There are a few points that you might want to put on your event planning checklist:

  • Program of the event or any kind of description.
  • Reviews about the event and the organizing party.
  • The credibility of the organization.
  • Terms of Service & Refund Policy.


Check the program carefully to make sure the expectations will be met. Ensure you can comply with the rules (if any), have the right outfit, etc. Maybe, you need some special equipment. For example, sports equipment for competitions, special shoes for climbing/dancing/etc.


If the event has already been held, try to find the reviews for event companies from the participants. Some companies post them on their websites but it’s probably not the best place to check. Search for the feedback online on specialized review websites to check if other people faced any issues.

The Credibility of the Organization

This point is extremely important for cases where you have to pay for your event participation. Look for some information about the company online. When was it created? Has it already organized any events? Were people satisfied? Sometimes precautions help better than complaints.

Terms & Refund Policy

It’s always worth taking a look at the terms and conditions. Maybe you need to arrive at the venue in advance, or there are specific documents (ID, certificates, confirmation of participation) you need to carry. The refund policy will tell you if you are going to receive any kind of reimbursement in the case you won’t be able to take part, or the event suddenly gets canceled.

How To Save Money While Getting Full Experience?

Depending on the type of the event, you should budget for travel, accommodation, or event entrance/participation expenses. While some events might cost you as much as a few bucks, others might be quite expensive. What can you do to save some money and enjoy to the fullest?

Look For Accommodation And Tickets In Advance

Most of the transportation and booking companies provide special offers when tickets are booked in advance. Plane tickets with most of the airlines will cost you 30-70% less if booked 5-6 months ahead. As for train or bus tickets, things can be different. Some companies will only give you a discount on the first day of the ticket sale. Others may start selling the tickets for a low price and then gradually increase the price. Discounts on train or bus tickets usually account for about 50-60% of the initial price.

Check For Special Offers

You can look for special offers from the event organizers as they often team up with local hotels and restaurants. Even if they don’t, they still might provide you with some useful tips about food, accommodation, and sightseeing. Other places to look for offers are price comparison websites. They can provide you with a list of the most affordable and/or convenient flights.

Check Reviews For Any Tips

Make sure to check event reviews from previous participants of the event. People often share WiFi passwords for various airports and cafes. Reviews on third-party websites will help you get more information and details about the event. Most of such review platforms allow you to leave your own review as well.

Whether you prefer active or relaxing events, want to participate alone or in a group, there are always options available. The world, as we know it now, gives an opportunity to each and everyone to get new experiences, learn something new, or simply have fun. And we can have it all.