My cousin wanted a new motherboard for his computer and I ordered a Sony VPC-EA A1771567A costing £139.58. On the website it stated that delivery of orders take between 8 to 18 days. The order was placed on the 3rd April 2012 and up until now have not received the order. The website has a UK domain but the company is actually registered in China. I have sent countless of emails to the company and all they keep... Read more

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I got on to their terms and conditions page and in the "termination" section it tells you to go to the website I did and I got the cancel subscription page. All you have to do is fill in a reason and press CANCEL MEMBERSHIP and you get a cancel message pop up stating that you've cancelled successfully. If you actually read the terms and conditions on the original email when you join you will notice it tells you... Read more

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Today, for the second time since I started using Firefox 6 months ago, I found my search engine changed from Yahoo to Microsoft's Bing. I once again had to search around the web in order to find out how to change it back. This time I printed the directions. It seems Microsoft will hijack your search engine and change it to their "Bing" without giving you an opportunity to say no. They just do it. Then you wast alot of time trying to figure... Read more

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As a quick follow-up to my original post about Bing hijacking the search function: the instructions to change it are at the following link: Hope this helps and saves people from tearing out their hair over microsoft's nonsense. I also recommend switching from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox. What a change and relief. Try it, you will love it after... Read more

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Hello I am Sabarish Kumar I wish to bring this to your kind notice that I had placed an order, WD Elements Portable 1TB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive (Black) (Order # -402-7192204-6963567) on on Sept 29, 2014 and received the product on Oct 7, 2014. Unfortunately the product was not working so I placed return request on Oct 7, 2014 and the product was picked up from my end by on Oct 9, 2014. The refund amount (i.e,) 3739 INR... Read more

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Beware of the company appy-ppl ltd. There scam is exactly the same. Their director Kyle Bonar is aquainted to Darren Street of Limestone Associates and DSM Media. All of the comnpanies are changing names and still carrying on the scam. One interesting thing to note is that they have all had registered addresses at a ACCOUNTANCY AND TAX COMPANY , CROSSLEY AND DAVIS, OF BLACKPOOL. Very strange indeed. Appy-ppl Ltd now have a virtual office in... Read more

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I was told I could try out their "Universal" brand inks on a trial basis. Universal is also a trademarked brand I have used in the past from another supplier. I was also told that these were not recycled inks. I've had recycled ink from places like this explode in printers, and shortly thereafter they stopped working. Using recycled ink also voids any warranty the printer may have. When I received the samples, all over the boxes they state... Read more

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I've ordered a Sony motherboard since the original was dead. So far so good, shipping lasted up to a few days from which i could live with. On delivery i noticed that 2 most important connectors actually differ so that connecting your LCD or Speakers is not possible. I've requested support, no answer. I've disclosed a paypal complaint; they shutted it and offered so called support. gave me advise to start... Read more

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Before you buy a kodak printer with supposedly "cheap ink" costs - let me tell you they lie. I print 90% in black and white yet the printer requires me to replace the color cartridge all the time!!! It's a huge scam and I personally am offended that Kodak would pull such sneaky ***. I am not going to buy ANYTHING else with Kodak's name on it and I plan to tell all my photographer friends to do the same. Don't let them fool you - you don't... Read more

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We bought a Netgear NTV200 media player from Best Buy so we could access Netflix streaming movies from a second tv. After failing to get results after two hours, we returned the unit to Best Buy and resorted to purchase the Roku 2 XD standard media player for $30 more. The connection with the Roku 2 XD hooked up fine but it wouldn't give us service until we logged onto the Roku website to enter the product code. Thats fair enough, but we were... Read more

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