The website is nothing but a joke.It used to be a fun place but about 2 years ago they started something called buying tokens.Each token is equal to 1 cent.For example if you bought 20 dollars worth of tokens in cash value it will cost you around 40 dollars.The people who get on their webcams can ask for "tokens" which means money.For example a person can say they will do something for a certain amount of money in "tokens".Many people... Read more

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Netflix no longer allows me to login! I know the ID and Password are correct but it still tells me: The login information you entered does not match an account in our records. Remember, your email address is not case-sensitive, but passwords are. What makes it even more frustrating is that it will work on some of my devices but not others. For example I can login in to netflix on my nintendo 3ds and ipad but I can no longer login on my laptop... Read more

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Just hook is a rip off & it's all fake! Don't fall for the bs. Same 'women' come up in multiple cities, profile descriptions do not match profile pics. Customer service is a joke. The site must have automatic messages sent to my inbox, & when I send a message it doesn't send the message. I hope this site is being investigated. Have been told by customer service no refunds, then was promised refund when I pressed... Read more

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They send you a bunch of emails of women who want to talk to you then after you pay the money you get none.There are alot of websites like that so be careful.They don't let you do anything but view emails until you pay the money.Then once you pay they stop coming.I am a good looking guy and have no problems finding women.The only reason I tried this was because I had moved and was trying to meet some people.My suggestion to anyone trying to... Read more

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Kixeye - War Commander Scam-mass player bans
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I am one of the many players banned in the recent wave of bans by Kixeye in War Commander. The bans seem to be targeting mainly high level accounts. Why high level accounts? Because once most of their weapons are upgraded to the maximum allowed, they no longer need to pay in facebook credits to speed up the process. Kixeye demands players witha problem to contact them through their support system by sending them a ticket. However, there is only... Read more

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i loved the show teen wolf and now i cant find it. why did you delete it from Netflix want to my tv show and put season 3 on there. a lot of people what to see season 3 it was the best part so far.if you don't put it back on there a lot of people will stop watching Netflix and they will find some thing else to watch in steed of Netflix.i loved watching Netflix until i logged on one day and saw that my favorite tv show was gone.i have ben sad... Read more

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Beware of Voyeurcloud. The ownser scammed their customers on voyeurweb and diverted all the traffic to there new site. They are ***. They ripped off prize winners and members . The used theis "IGOR " Person as a front and used an elaborate scam to get people to think he saved all the members. In fact he was the administator on both sides. Beware of Voyeurcloud. The ownser scammed their customers on voyeurweb and diverted all the traffic to there... Read more

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As an upcoming performer which site would people say is the best? I like the features on Cam4 while Chaturbate is bare in comparison although smilies on Chaturbate are better quality. Cam4 is also a lot brighter than Chaturbate. Chaturbate looks limited. Cam4 however seems to be bogged down in constant tech issues. This ranges from cams not loading, chat not working and the tip bars vanishing. I also find their administers slow to act on these... Read more

Was this review helpful? 17 3 scammed me when I ordered from them. I gave them a money pak like they ask for and I never got my order. They gave me a fake tracking number twice. scam artists! I first was scammed by a id website in europe, now this site scammed be next. I just want to find a site that won't scam me, I'm sick of losing my money to scams. Is there any sites that will follow through and deliver a id, how hard is that to just deliver an id to... Read more

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AMBER took my $300 then had to run to the car to get her condoms as I lay there. She said I will leave my shoes so you know I will be back. Well she never came back for her $10 shoes but she will be able to buy new ones with the 3 bills she took from me. I will never use backpage again for such services. Here is her Bull *** add on backpage... The girl next door, who enjoys catering to upscale gents I have a stunning face blonde hair,... Read more

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