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Two different recruiters wanted to book me for interviews on the same day. They each asked for 2 possible hour time slots, so, I had to set aside 4 hours on the same day. In short, I prepared, waited, played phone and email tags with the recruiters and in the end, NONE of the interviews happened. One recruiter, the Team Lead, didn't get back to me until the day of the interview when I asked which time slot I was given. She set the interview for a third time slot that conflicted with one of the 2 time slots I gave her coworker, the Senior Account Manager. The Senior Account Manager confirmed BOTH time slots I gave him. When the first interview (9AM) didn't happen, I had to call and email until I heard back from him. He said they'd call at the 2nd time slot, 1PM. When 1PM rolled around, the interviewer never called. I had to track down the Senior Account Manager and finally, he wrote back to say the interviewer apologized and then gave a reason that didn't make sense. So, I wrote back immediately to ask what I should expect next. No response. Four and half hours later, I wrote again to let him know they handled this unprofessionally because I should at least be given an idea of what to expect. No response. That was 5 days ago.

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