This complaint is about a fly-by-night company called Ubervita that has cracked the "code" to Amazon fake review superstardom and managed to submit 1,700 fake reviews for its bogus fat burner called W700 Thermogenic Hypermetabolizer. W700 is claiming to be an “extreme weightloss supplement” and the “most powerful and trusted Thermogenic Diet Pill in the industry.” It also toots being “the fat burner used by elite professional atheletes (sic).”... Read more

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CVS will cut employee hours and expects 1 person to do the job of 3 people but then the company gets upset when their Triple S score goes down. The company only cares for themselves not the employees. I worked there for 3 years never called out & always showed up to work on time. I decided to quit and gave the company a 1 month notice trying to give them enough time to find a replacement. Eight months later after quitting I received 2 old checks... Read more

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In 2014-Nov, my dermatologist provided me with a "Trial Coupon" for JUBLIA; a topical solution used to treat toenails. The trial coupon offers a "$0 copay for 12 months" of this medicine. I called the phone number on the marketing material to establish my account and reached "PHILIDOR RX SERVICES LLC" who, unsurprisingly, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the manufacturer of JUBLIA. The medicine bottle is very small and only lasts 2 WEEKS ... and... Read more

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I have a sprained ankle and am in an Aircast. I needed a prescription filled to take down the swelling in my foot. I called Wal-Mart to see what time their pharmacy closed to which I was told 9pm. I hobbled into Wal-Mart and found the pharmacy. It was 8:30pm on the dot. Upon approaching the window I made eye contact with the man behind the counter. I then stood there for about 5 minutes. Finally, the man said to me, "Hello, ma'am. We... Read more

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i made the mistake of purchasing some medication from US Pharmacy. Once i made the purchase, the calls began. And they never stopped! Some days, i would get upward of 20 calls per day from US Pharmacy and affiliated pharmacies. As many of you know there are computer generated calls and they simply refuse to quit. You can be rude (mistake because they make sure you continue to get calls at an increased rate) and you can be nice ( a waste of... Read more

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I have been filling a prescription for a controlled substance through a Walgreens pharmacy for six months now. Each month the prescription has been filled 3-7 days early with no problem whatsoever. Prior to this, the prescription had been filled at a CVS pharmacy for years. I changed pharmacies only because I moved. I have had the same doctor prescribing this for about five years now. I have never had a problem filling this prescription before... Read more

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My Podiatrist wished for (Dr. Michael Klein, Oceanside NY) wished for me to start a new medication called JUBLIA. I am disabled and retired from a large corporation which fortunately allowed ne to retain my prescription drug benefits at no cost to me other than the cost of co-pays for each medication through Express Scripts - the same plan I have been on for about 30 (thirty) years. The Doctor handed me several glossy advertisements from... Read more

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Walgreens is in the process of of changing job titles having employees doing the same work, cutting their pay and changing schedules. If employees don't like it QUIT. This is their main goal make People mad and quit without thinking. This is what Walgreens wants so it can pay their employees $10 an hr. No more Executive or Assistant Managers, store leaders or group leaders. Will have keys to open and close stores, same responsibilites under... Read more

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Thank you for your feedback about Omega XL. We have hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers and regret that you had a bad customer service experience. It appears that the customer service agent on duty may not have correctly handled the disposition of your call. Our agents are trained to cancel an account upon the customer’s request following efforts to retain a customer. We request that you contact our Customer Advocacy Department at... Read more

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So I got the "Free Trial" and right before the trial was up (Its a two week trial not month). I called to cancel as the GC180xt was not curbing my appetite at all and I had not lost even one pound. In fact the only thing it seemed to do was make me really really warm. So I explained this to the operator and he said well sometimes it takes a bit longer to work so I will give you another week on the product for free and there would be no charges... Read more

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