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I have been dealing with getting partials since Jan 13 2020 and still are unable to wear the temporary partials but still need to pay for them. I had numerous appointments were I missed a whole day of work or a partial day of work on 1/12,1/14,1/16,1/24,1/31,2/18,2/19,. The top partial was adjusted but makes me gage and can only keep in mouth for a short period of time (have not had in my mouth for over 2 months now). Because of sores and a bone spur the bottom partial has never been adjusted and fitted. This has never been in my mouth. Because I did not want to miss anymore work, I was treated rudely and ended up being scheduled out over a month. The pandemic arrived and nothing has been done since. I have never trusted this dentist office and it gives me a sick feeling when I go there. I always have ended up crying after a dentist visit because I always regret the decisions that I have been talked into. I had a second tooth pulled because of my bite that had a gold cap on it and when I came back the next day and asked for the cap, they treated me like the plague. My Dad has cancer and during this time I was taking him to the Dr. and working with many people coming from out of state in Jan and Feb to say good bye to him. I asked to not have the second tooth pulled during this time but was talked into it and regretted it because I ended up with sores in my mouth, a sinus infection and a bone spur. I have now been without partial dentures and it feels like my teeth are moving, pressure, headaches and it feels like I am grinding my teeth. I do not feel I should be paying any more money until this is resolved but now my credit is going to go bad if I do not pay. I want my money back and this resolved immediately tired of this.
I scheduled an appointment for a broken filling. I went to the office and left after almost 2 hours without a new filling. I had to go through x-rays which I told them them and didnt want them but was told it was an office policy. Then I saw two more people who then sent me to the office manger who at that point told me the new filling would be $860 and I needed to schedule another appointment. I left without another appointment. They should tell you about office policies upfront and not after doing everything you dont want and dont need and they should never send you home without the treatment you were scheduled for. That is completely ridiculous in my opinion. Every dentist should be ashamed to work there not helping people but instead taking money for treatments you did not ask for. I will never ever go there again and I hope a lot of people will be warned by this message. Please dont fall for this crap!
Valley View Dental, Irina Hayrapetyan The dentist messed up my teeth placing 6 front upper crowns on the 06/18/2019. I am still redoing everything. I have been in a horrible pain for 5 months, and she did not do anything, except filing my teeth. I have a doctor who is redoing her 'work', but he is not going to write me an Affidavit without a lawyer. The malpractice law is designed in such a manner that it makes impossible for a patient to sue a medical provider.The big law firms don't take me because it is not much money involved for them, the sole proprietors attorneys cannot take me because I do not have the money to pay them for the preliminary work like depositions, evaluations, expert witnesses. I suffered so much pain, I was going to different specialists trying to figure out what is the cause of pain. My credit is ruined, the treatments took too much money, and I could not really work with that pain. Where is the law, where is the justice?I ask you very much to help me. I have already written to different organizations, including TX Dental Board. This dentist has already been investigated by TX Board of Dental Examiners. She damaged people before. I cannot believe she is going away with this again and again!Please, help me, I do not know where to ask for help anymore.Yelena Konkina

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