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Went in for an extraction pf my bottom left molar. They numbed it, but I could still feel everything with that tooth. So they gave me more numbing medicine, and I could still feel intense pain. I heard a crack and a jolt of pain seared through my body and I nearly lept out of the chair. They stopped the procedure and scheduled me to have the tooth extracted under sedation in two weeks. I was in so much pain at this point, and no one seemed to care. So I immediately went to have an emergency extraction at another place. Aspen dental is a large corporation with thousands of patients. They will do just fine financially without me and my familu as their patients, so it doesnt matter to them if they hurt me. They have a team of well funded lawyers to protect them from accountability, so its really not a suprise this happened to me. But I just want to let everyone know Aspen Dental is horrible. If you are thinking of going there, you should absolutely reconsider.
I went to the Aspen Dental Office on Blanding Blvd Jacksonville, FL. and had four implants and a plate made for my upper mouth. The cost was over $12,000.00. I told them I wanted the plate made with teeth that I could see when I open my mouth. After the implants healed the plate was made. I looked at it and the teeth looked normal size and the dentist put the plate in my mouth and if fit perfectly. HERE IS THE PROBLEM, when I went home and looked in the mirror I could not see my teeth. It took me awhile to figure out what was wrong. The cavity where my gums fit on the plate is about half a tooth down behind the teeth on the plate. In other words if your front teeth were removed and glued back onto your gums with only half the tooth below your gums, that is what I look like.I was scheduled for eye surgery in both eyes and could not return to the dental office immediately. When I was able to make an appointment to return and explain what was wrong they wanted to charge me over $1900.00 to make another set of teeth. All though there were signs around the lobby saying if you are not satisfied with your dentures we will remake them.Yegar L. Latham 904-584-4342
I don't believe I have enough room on here to tell you everything that I have gone through...from paying $7,000 plus to have new comfortfit dentures made and implants in my lower denture to still waiting for the rest of the hardware to be delivered so that we can wrap up. I went on 6/12/18 to have them done and was told that the other office where I started all of this had not noted what size implant they had put in (that is another horrible story) so they would order what they needed and put a rush on it...well it has been 19 days and I still don't have it done. I feel I have been lied to numerous times. I have called and ask the manager or the assistant that was helping me to call me and they don't do it. I finally got in touch with the manager and he told me he would contact me at they end of the day to let me know what was going on...again...didn't happen. The last call said they didn't get everything they needed and would call when they got it. Not holding my breath! I will certainly tell anyone I can that they should not use Aspen Dental. I feel like I have thrown $7,000 down the drain! My name is Vicky Land and the 2 offices I have used are in OKC on Memorial and Stillwater, OK. What a rip off!!!

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