Well just over 5 months ago I was sucked into signing up for arbonne. I was given my golden bag and rather enjoyed the products, then the smooth talking consultant comes back to retrieve her bag and talk all about how you can earn extra money and how being your own boss is amazing, gives you the financial freedom you need, blah blah blah absolute ***!!!!! I thought I was a smart women, I went home did my research on the company, asked my sponsor... Read more

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Over and over again, I was told Arbonne is not a scam- list reasons here. I went to a party, and really enjoyed the day of relaxing and the products. I decided to host a spa night myself. That bought me some time to research the company. Though I found tons of information about why Arbinne is the best company ever (And *** like that) I did find some red flags. At my party, she mentioned more about becoming a consultant, and it did intrigue me,... Read more

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Hello All, I came across this website and literally just joined to share my experience thus far being an Arbonne consultant. Well, let me tell you - if I had only done my research and LISTENED and HEEDED the advice and warnings of others, I may not be in this mess. I do love the product, and I have really enjoyed using them, but this whole situation is really turning me off of this company all together as a whole. I joined arbonne late in 2011 -... Read more

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Like many others on this site, I ordered two "trial" offers. It was advertised on Facebook with a picture of Ellen Degeneres next to it with the implication that she had such beautiful skin and it was as a result of using their products. This will be the last time I order anything through Facebook as it seems they do not check out businesses to ascertain their ethical worth. When I ordered these, there was nothing to indicate that these were... Read more

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I have worn hair extensions for 5 years and wanted to try something new. I was recommended to try Hot Heads from a few Cosmetologist friends. I am a Cosmetologist as well, and I have access to many different suppliers. I got the order placed ($450 wholesale) and once it was received I had the hair put in right away. Hair was horrible from the start. I could have purchased a wig from a Halloween store and it would have looked better. It... Read more

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My best friend is a consultant for Arbonne. I've tried to support her and her "business" by looking at the products and attending the mind numbing meetings. I even had a party of my own. My friend painted a picture of outstanding, life altering "all natural" products, to where she no longer had to take her depression meds, and a future that promises commission checks even if you aren't working. She was excited about it and I wanted to be... Read more

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For anyone who is looking to sign up as a consultant please do your research and think long and hard about it. I wish someone had posted something like this when I did mine. I also found out that most consultants quit. Do you know how many of them quit and try to sell their overstock on-line? They don't tell you about that. They just try and make it all cheery and let's do this it's so much fun. We're like a big family they... Read more

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I did not understand from their ads that each beauty shipment is billed in 3 installments, so I actually paid 3 times the amount that I thought I was paying for each shipment. They advertise that you can adjust the timing of shipments, so I went to their website and lengthened the time between shipments, but they kept on charging me just as before. The timing of shipments does not seem to relate well to the timing of payments, so it is almost... Read more

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Has anyone tried using this Wen Poduct & what do you think about it? From a black person point of view; I have tried it and it leaves your hair soft but without the balm its very dry and frizy. The styling cream leaves it dry and very hard. So please respond,would like to see posting from other black females who have tried this product. Looking for more responses from black females on this product. When i watched the tv clip you really... Read more

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Recently a friend of mine started working with Arbonne. Posting facebook status's everyday, telling everyone she has the best skin care. I had completely forgot about her and one day I posted a status saying "I am so incredibly obsessed with skin care". Its true I am. Unfortunately she posted on it and then sent me a private message telling me I should give Arbonne a try, and that the products are wonderful. I currently use Paula's Choice... Read more

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