Cosmetics and toiletries industries produce plenty of merchandise every year. According to BrandonGaille Cosmetics Industry Statistics and Trends total US revenue in this sphere is almost $ 55 billion. Among the top selling categories are facial skin care, personal care, hair care, make-up and fragrance. An average American woman spends around $ 145 on beauty products. ⅔ of women believe that makeup makes them feel more confident and attractive. 

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Enough is enough! Let's unite and help each other getting our money back. Tresor Rare scam victims unite's page was created on Facebook. Tips, stories, advice can be shared.The product was introduces as being made in Switzerland... But where is it really made? There is no mention on the packages, bottles, nothing! No official link to the exact location where this product (made of ????) is produced!Company was called a total of 22 times! 6 times the company, 6 times the franchise since the company refuses responsibility and says franchises (stores) are independent. The (invalid, FAKE) number on the invoice was called 10 times...I received no help, only lies and unbelievable excuses.I filed 2 complaints to the US authorities for:false representation (documented)false ingredientsrandom pricingfalse contact number on invoice...And I would like to find other victims to unite and possibly get some legal assistance.
I found a very talented hair colorist but the salon only uses Aveda. I’ve given it a try for 6 months now and my hair has only gotten more dry and brittle. To remedy, the colorist suggested Aveda’s damage therapy line. The moment I started to use damage remedy intensive restructuring treatment my fingertips began to burn unbearably. Months before I gave their moisturizer for sensitive skin a try and it broke my entire face out for a week. Luckily, I realized the moisturizer was the cause right away and stopped using. Between the hair color, hair mask and face moisturizer they have all been an awful experience and now I have to give up a good hair stylist because the salon she works at uses these awful products.
My daughter lost 100% of her hair from Wen 2.5 years ago. We are talking instant hair loss on contact on subsequent usage. 3 times, rinsed into her bath. 1st time hair loss noticed during brushing and combing over the following week, 2nd time was only used from the neck down to detangle, last time, instant loss of nearly all remaining hair. She is still dealing with the effects of this product 2.5 years later. She is still missing 1/3 of her hair, and sometimes new growth falls out soon after growing in. She does not have an auto-immune condition. No, we didn't use "too much", we used very little. (they tell you to use far too much product) nor did we leave it in long For those trolls wanting "proof", please see the video link of excerpts from the Senate HELP committee discussing Wen, and my girly. Also including a link to my daughter telling her story and showing her current condition. Hoping to make a shorter one when I have time. Class action settlement is at due in just 8 days from today! Wen has no equal in the number of complaints received, and they routinely lie to customers who call to avoid taking complaints, sometimes even selling them more products! Jeffrey Alan Deane you should be ashamed of yourself, as well as everyone you've hired that lies for you.

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Cosmetics and toiletries industries produce plenty of merchandise every year. According to BrandonGaille Cosmetics Industry Statistics and Trends total US revenue in this sphere is almost $ 55 billion. Among the top selling categories are facial skin care, personal care, hair care, make-up and fragrance. An average American woman spends around $ 145 on beauty products. ⅔ of women believe that makeup makes them feel more confident and attractive. But can you choose the right and harmless items in the quest for a perfect appearance? To check it, answer these simple questions before purchasing.

How to Shop Wisely for Beauty Products?

Do you know your complexion and skin type?There are 4 basic skin tones: fair, light, medium or olive and deep brown. Look at the skin on your jawbone to understand which type you belong to. Know your skin type. Is it dry, normal or oily? Is it sensitive or not? If it is, be careful with unknown ingredients. Sensitive skin can be overreacting to the harsh ones.

Do you know the ingredients? Read the fine print. “Organic” or “All-natural” labels on the packaging don’t guarantee that the item is made only of organic ingredients. Buy the products that state clearly the percentage of used substances. Moreover, if you want to save some money, compare the ingredients. It’s easier to eliminate more expensive products with the same list.

Do you know what to avoid? Some chemicals such as parabens, phthalates and synthetic colors are infamous for being human carcinogens. These chemicals are mostly used in personal-care products and detergents.Triclosan, for example, can cause endocrine system imbalance. It can be found in toothpaste and soaps. Such ingredients as triclosan and parabens are mostly listed and you can easily avoid them. But be careful with those that contain hidden hazard. For example, 1,4-dioxane. FDA does not require listing this chemical. It is widely used with sodium laureth sulfate to soften its harsh effect on skin. So if you see it among the ingredients - put the product aside. Also, search for more information about dangerous chemicals. Make a list of them and take it next time you go shopping.

Can you test the merchandise or have a sample? Before purchasing, have a chance to apply the beauty product to your skin. Firstly, it helps to understand whether you are allergic to it. Secondly, it saves you from unnecessary expenditure on useless and low-quality items. High quality cosmetics don’t look dull. It shouldn’t be greasy, heavy or sticky.

Do you have good quality brushes or makeup tools? Even the best cosmetics can be spoilt, if it is applied badly. Buy a basic set of reliable tools and wash them regularly.

Do you know what other people think of the product? Read reviews on different websites to see an average rating. Search social media with special hashtags.

Customers usually like in purchasing Cosmetics and Toiletries:

  • Affordable price
  • Rebates and discounts
  • Natural and clinically approved ingredients
  • Comfortable use
  • Catchy look
  • Delightful smell
  • Easy storage
  • Free trials and samples
  • Good deals and offers
  • Swift shipping and delivery
  • User-friendly website

People usually dislike in purchasing products:

  • Cheap ingredients
  • Misleading and deceptive advertising
  • Small amount of product
  • Absence of samples
  • Overpricing and hidden cost
  • Bad free trial cancellation policy
  • Bad return and refund policy
  • Unauthorised charges
  • Slow shipping and delivery time
  • Pushing Sales

Can you consult a specialist? It’s better to consult professional makeup artists and beauticians. That would help you make the right independent decision regarding the product set that fits your skin and needs the best.

Not to squander too much money on beauty products, you should know exactly how much you’re going to give. Also, you need to organize “Makeup Bag Essentials”. If you have all the necessary items in one bag, it will be easier to understand which items expire soon. It helps to plan your time and budget and saves from unnecessary expenses.

Here you can see the best items to put into your bag:

  • BB cream. Choose the right for your age. Younger skin requires thinner texture and less moisturizing effect. BB cream for older skin has to contain Vitamin C and sunscreen protection. You need to renew it at least once a year.
  • Mascara. This item grows bacteria very fast so you need to change it every 3 months. To have eyelashes you want, pick the right wand and formula. For example, fat and fluffy brushes are for a volumizing effect. Comb-like bristles are for lengthening.
  • Lip balm. This face care product should be changed every 6 months. To find the best for you, define its primary function. For example, if you want to treat bacteria on cracked or broken lips- choose the lip balm that contains phenol. But don’t use it for too long. Remember, that you’ll actually eat most of the product so pick the one that is based on cocoa butter, beeswax and other harmless ingredients. Avoid synthetic flavorings and petroleum products.
  • Duet Shadow. It can be used up to 1 year .Look for a pair that fits best for your eye color, skin type and hair color .For example, if you you’re blond and have fair complexion and grey eyes, your perfect colors are blue, grey, silver, cream and pink. So you just need to choose a right combination.
  • Face powder. The final finish of your makeup should meet your needs. If you want to look more natural - choose loose powder. Shimmering face powder will give you a more youthful look, a matte - more finely textured.
  • Brow liner with a brush. First, pick the right shade. It needs to be two shades lighter than your hair. The best choice for sparse brows will be a thin brow pencil. A good alternative for eyebrow liners will be brow powder and brow gel. They will give your eyebrows natural and defined look.
  • Make-up remover wipes. Unlike wipe-off and water-soluble cleansers wipes are easy to carry with. Look for ultra-soft ones with a gentle formula for sensitive skin.

7 tips how to save money on cosmetics and toiletries

  • Stay updated with sales. Collect information about coupons, discounts gift cards from your favorite shops and brands. The best way is to sign up for email and messages updates.
  • Buy in bulk. Usually larger (or family) size saves up to 30% money comparing to buying the same products separately.
  • Shop in drugstores instead of designer brand shops. Remember the ingredients your favorite designer brand merchandize have and choose the closest one. Such downgrading can save up to 50% of your money. Also, a good way to save for travelers is to do shopping in duty-free shops.
  • Use multi-purpose cosmetics. For example, you can use powder eye shadow pallet instead of blushes or brow powder.
  • Keep free samples. It’s not only a great way to save money but also to try something new before purchasing.
  • Use less. A great way to save is to use a quarter less of cosmetics and toiletries. For example, do not wear makeup every day. Buy only the most essential products. Fix those items that can be fixed.
  • Look for alternatives. Do not stick to one particular item. Be flexible: make your own toiletries, substitute some of them with alternative substances.

Undoubtedly, cosmetics and toiletries have become an integral part of our lives. But each time, when you want to buy a new makeup product, remember that Yves Saint-Laurent once said: “The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.”