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Starbucks drive through refused to serve because I was walking. They stated their policy was that I might be hit by a speeding car. I think the possibility of this happening is very slim since cars are already stopped to order, place and order or waiting for their order. I had already walked through their parking lot and waited in the line from the start of the parking lot with a car or three behind me and cars in front of me NO ONE WAS SPEEDING.I had already walked over a mile and crossed some busy roads on a cold day and wanted hot coffee. My chances of being hit by a car were greater on my walk to Starbucks. The person at the drive through said it was their policy. Seriously??? They should post the policy before any walker enters into the parking lot. "WE WILL NOT SEVER COFFEE TO WALKERS. EVEN WHEN OUR BUILDING IS CLOSED DUE TO THE CORONAVIRUS"Starbucks or Suckbucks should be grateful they have business with the coronavirus destroying many other businesses.The person at the drive through did not offer to accommodate me in any other way. She could have offered to bring the coffee to the door and have me step out of line (for my concerned safety) while waiting for the coffee. Not an option. Stupid and rude. When I called starbucks they did not appear to know about this policy.

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