I saw the ad for the $99 special and went on-line to order it, also I told them I needed the stairway cleaned also, they told me the price would be $173, so I emailed back and said what happened to the $99 special and they said it would be applied at time of service. When again I asked them to break the price down they said that 2rm plus stairs is $151 and the hallway was $22 and again I asked where the $99 special was and they said it would be... Read more

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Do not hire Tonya Machel Wigner Hall of Memphis, Tn. She is the owner of She Can Clean Green and Extended Reach Cleaning Team. A complete *** artist THIEF with a lengthy criminal background with over 20 arrest including petty theft, online prostitution, grand larcency, crack cocaine, prescription fraud, burglary and shoplifting. She's known to post her services on Craigslist under different titles also making up business names to hide her... Read more

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http://www.delphin-proair.de/index-e.html Do not get any delphin vacuum cleaner. Its a Scam. I bought mine for more than $3500 claiming that they offer 10 years warranty and some additional parts. It is almost 6 mths and they have not even delivered the additional parts which was agreed during purchase. I paid in full and they just run away. Even they do not honour their 10 years warranty. Its just 6 months and you just cannot get any... Read more

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So a very pretty hand delivered flyer is on my door and the services offered for home cleaning seem a bit steep, but my regular housekeeper is on vacation so I thought I would give them a try. I wanted once a month cleaning, but they wanted to schedule once a week cleaning. I don't need that, so I scheduled a cleaning (the least expensive for $45) and then I cancelled the rest of the cleanings. I got a call from one of their representatives... Read more

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KOOSH Employment Services -- It sucks This agency provides indian/nepali maids. Stay away from these guys. They will be very polite and prompt when you take first maid from them -- they charge 1000 dollars as agency fee, btw. But when you ask for transfer maid (which I had to) they show true colors. They claim to do all screening and trainings etc. before getting maids to Singapore but that is all a big LIE. In my case it has been two months... Read more

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Extended Arms Provides Proof Of Slander by Tonya Wigner Hall Memphis Tn Owner of She Can Clean Green PART 1
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Here's pictures proving that Tonya Wigner Hall owner of She Can Clean in Memphis started this entire online slandering of Extended Arms Cleaning Contractors unprovokenly. It all started because she claim "Extended Arms" posted too many times on Craigslist out posting her listings. We also have more statements, pictures and voice recorded conversations from the phone calls we received by Ms. Hall. We Also have snapshots of the FAKE business she... Read more

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I bought a Jani-King Franchise, and had to get a lawyer to take them to Court to get money back and other damages. All Jani-King does, is takes the same under-bid contract and circulate it around and around to their various Franchisee's. Any problem, they take the account away from you, no matter how small the problem is. Then they give this under bid contract to another Franchisee and repeat the same process over and over. All the while,... Read more

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Mangai has cheated me and my friends. She will show you profiles which are already taken and employed by other agencies and customers. She will disappear till even time and switch off phones. Her staff are screwed up and will never entertain our plights. Mangai has worked for another cheater agency Bushra Employment and now call as Taj Employment Agency. You will never receive a replacement and or money. Beware friends, what happen to me today... Read more

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She Can Clean Green - Review about Owner from Memphis, Tennessee
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Public Records | Proof of Tonya M. Wigner Hall owner of She Can Clean Green Criminal Background | Memphis TN Read more

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Don't Believe this ***! This is a complete lie made up by a local competitor that slanders local businesses in the Memphis & Shelby County area to gain their customers. Her name is Tonya Machel Wigner Hall and she's the owner of "She Can Clean" Cleaning Service. Our company filed a police report (1404000344SH) against Ms.Hall on 4/09/14 for calling pretending to be Craigslist and the Better Business Bureau demanding that we remove our ads... Read more

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