Cleaning is a large industry which includes different types of businesses. Here are the types of cleaning services with their basic features: Residential cleaning. This type is also known as janitorial or maid service. 

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Team showed up late in day, in rush. Explained price was not correct, will have to re-estimate. Talked me into duct cleaning also. This guy was a real ***. Why I didn't send him walking I don't know. After ducts were done I poked rag in and found lot's of dirt, they had just moved it around. They explained that they had the wrong tool with them. They would come back another day, NOT! The *** did the hustle why the other worked. They then went to neighbors to repeat act. When I checked they were cleaning his ducts too, with the wrong tool. Price doubled from first estimate. I paid just to get rid of them!

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Cleaning Services: Types and Features

Cleaning is a large industry which includes different types of businesses. Here are the types of cleaning services with their basic features:

Based on Facility Type:

Residential cleaning. This type is also known as janitorial or maid service. It includes general/maintenance cleaning services, in particular, dusting surfaces, sanitizing of bathroom, vacuuming, cleaning up living rooms and bedrooms, mopping, cleaning kitchen appliances, etc. As a rule, all services are tailored according to the needs of each customer.

Commercial cleaning. It is also referred to as office cleaning services. This type includes cleaning of business premises and buildings. Common commercial cleaning services are as follows: dusting and window washing, office system cleaning, waste removal, kitchen/restroom restocking, and many more. Businesses often hire professional companies to get cost-effective solutions and to ensure clean workplaces.

Based on Cleaning Frequency:

One-time cleaning. One-time cleaning services include, but not limited to, regular, spring/deep, and move-in/move-out cleaning. Regular cleaning services are provided in accordance with customers’ needs and preferences. All cleaning companies have a detailed professional cleaning services checklist. As a rule, it consists of several blocks (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living areas, etc.) with all possible options. A customer should only tick the necessary checkboxes.

Spring cleaning tasks usually contain everything from the regular cleaning plans plus extra options like removing cobwebs, damp wiping frames, window sills, baseboards, doors, and panels.

Pre and post move cleaning is required to make the transition smoother. In other words, it is spring cleaning except for furniture. Vacuuming, hard surface floors sweeping and mopping, walls and ceiling dusting down are common tasks for move-in/move-out cleaning programs.

Recurring cleaning. It is a kind of regular or deep/spring cleaning services provided on a recurring basis i.e, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

Based on Cleaning Methods:

Steam cleaning. Chemical-free steam cleaning removes allergens, dirt, stains, and offensive odors. It protects surfaces from bacteria, viruses, and molds. The procedure is environmentally friendly. Deep steam cleaning technologies are applied to all surfaces.

Chemical (dry) cleaning. It is a process of cleaning clothes and textiles with a solvent. The term “dry cleaning services” has nothing to do with dry. A very toxic liquid solvent is used by many dry cleaners to remove soil and stains from customers’ garments. Chemical solvents are considered as a hazardous air pollutant harmful to human health and environment. Only two alternatives, i.e., water and liquid carbon dioxide are truly safe. This method is widely applied to clean curtains, carpets, and upholstery. Mobile cleaning units remove soiling and bacteria as well as restore furniture and soft furnishings (fabric and leather).

Wet cleaning. It is a method of professional cleaning without chemical solvents. Water and biodegradable detergents are used instead to clean fabrics. Wet cleaning systems are environmentally friendly and don’t have adverse health effects.

How to Compare Cleaning Service Companies before Hiring?

Cleaning business is very rewarding. For most of us cleaning is a burdensome task. It should be done regularly and properly. A lot of companies operate in this business area, but not all of them deliver top quality services. Follow the advice below to make the right choice:

  1. Decide what you want. Before looking for suitable professional cleaning services, figure out what you want. Do you need daily or monthly visits? Make a detailed list of all services you are going to receive. Prepare a rigid schedule to avoid interrupting your daily routine.
  2. Ask for referrals. Having identified your needs and desires, ask your friends or partners to recommend a cleaning service company from their experience. It is less risky to choose a company upon somebody’s recommendation than at random.
  3. Surf the web. Check out online reviews about the recommended companies. Observe the most common complaints and responses. Find out whether the companies are OSHA certified, insured and bonded. You will be able to narrow a list to just a couple of companies.
  4. Find out the quotes. Invite the representatives of the companies to your home or office for them to full understand the scope of works. The quote should be provided in writing. Ask the representatives what exactly is included in the price.
  5. Communicate to a cleaning company. Before making the final decision, ask each company about their experience, equipment, employees, etc. The more you know, the easier it’ll be for to make a choice.

Professional Window Cleaning

Homeowners put in a great deal of effort to clean windows inside and outside on their own. It is a difficult task since every little smudge or finger print is easily visible on the window glass. But it can be simplified by using professional water fed window cleaning equipment and supplies. A lot of people prefer to hire a pro for window washing because of the benefits of professional window cleaning. Trained crews also apply special cleaning supplies like static-free rags or extension poles to provide better results. So, what will you get if you choose professional window cleaning services instead of a sponge and a bucket method?

  1. Time-saving. Traditional window cleaning is a time-consuming process. It may take from a few hours to a few days depending on the size.
  2. Safety. No ladders, squeegees or harmful chemical solvents are required. Many cleaning companies apply professional water fed pole systems that use only purified water. The solutions are eco-friendly with no harmful health effects.
  3. Quality. Windows stay clean for a longer period of time. In-depth washing ensures smooth state of cleaning surfaces.
  4. Versatility. Advanced window washing systems with water fed poles can be used to clean not only glass and plastic but also sills, window frames, fascia boards, and even solar panels.

Professional window cleaning services are quite reasonable taking into account the equipment cost as well as the amount of time you’d have to spend on this job.