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My wife and I were seated in the first row all the way to the left and heard crackling coming out of the theater during the loudest action scenes of Wonder Woman. After bringing this to the attention of the Manager and that it negatively affected our viewing, he thanked us. After asking for reward or partial refund, the Manager said there was nothing he could do. After insisting and stating that we have lived across the street from this theater for 6 years and that this was our first complaint, he still said there was nothing he could do except tell his tech to fix the problem. Is this the kind of treatment Regal instills in Managers for loyal, local, long time customers that bring a technical problem to their attention? I did not raise my voice or cause a scene, whereas the Manager's handling of the situation was condescending and unprofessional. "Regal Cinemas: Profit over Professionalism" #CutTheCord #CutBigCinema

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