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Babidas - Bebidas is the worst company I've ever ordered from

several month ago I ordered 2 items of clothing for my grand daughter (approx. a month before her birthday) which their website stated the items would be shipped in 3-5 days -advertising they are out of Fla. and my ship address was Dallas I was assuming I ordered in plenty of time......birthday has come and gone.....the jacket finally arrived, but C.S. referred me to their tracking, which only came back with Chinese jibberish!, no help... Read more

Stay away from Babidas Company

I've ordered two items of clothing which under the assumption from their website, they stated the company is out of Fla. and items would be shipped I'm 3-5 days, yes, but later finding out 3-5 days from China!!! They made no indication that that was the case!!! I did not ever receive a confirmation. I have had to write more numerous emails than I can count to their customer service - they have referred me to their tracking website which pulled... Read more

Rainbow Play Systems - RAIN BOW PLAY SETS

Rainbow Play Systems
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Just want to tell people of my experience with Rainbow play sets. I bought mine in 2002. I bought Rainbow playset even thought it cost 2x the money then other play sets, because they offered LIFETIME warranty on all wooden pieces. I figured it would last a very long time. After the FIRST season all color was weathered off and all yellow plastic pieces were covered in a blackish sticky goup. The sticky goup would not wash off. The store I bought... Read more

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