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Rainbow Play Systems - Bottom line, rainbow play sets do not hold up.

Rainbow Play Systems
Just finished going round and round with rainbow customer service (should be called customer non service). My family happily paid over $4000 for a rainbow castle model only 3 years ago. Since then all of the yellow handles have gotten sticky and turned black (not covered under warranty?), the ropes for climbing and holding on have gotten brittle to the point they literally get crumble and get stuck in my children's hands (not covered?), the... Read more

Rainbow Play Systems - Ignored warranty claim

Rainbow Play Systems
I sent in a claim via their website as directed including all pertinent information from purchase receipt, pictures and explanation. No contact or acknowledgement from Rainbow at all. When I called to followup, I was told try email! Really? Why set up a burdensome warranty claim process if all the company is going to do is refer you back to email? Looking at how the equipment has fared with extremely light use, I'd say it's vastly overpriced.... Read more

Rainbow Play Systems - Bad lifetime warranty, it's bull!!!!!

Rainbow Play Systems
I have a $15,000 play set. Not only was it installed crooked which i can live with but their warranty is really bad. I have a few rotten peices of wood which happened even though i do all the maintenance of staining it as needed. I submitted a claim and would get the replacement wood for free, but would have to pay over $600 for shipping not counting work. Better off buying myself and doing the work as well. Just buy a cheap set and save... Read more

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