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Shanna Swan is complete FRAUD. She does not care at all about the effects that Phthalates and Endocrine Disruptors have on children. The scammer Shanna Swan only cares about getting free trips to Europe to speak about Phthalates. Shanna is a disgrace to the entire medical field. I sent Shanna 2 separate emails pertaining to harmful endocrine disruptors and she ignored both emails. I then called her on the phone and she rudely said she was too... Read more

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I am writing today to complain of the poor service I received from Eye doctors optical outlet-Citrus Park on February 9,2017. I received a text message that my sons glasses were ready for pickup. Katie was the rep that I dealt with. After 25 minutes is when she realized that she couldn't fix the glasses she insisted that her manager Diana would. I left assuming that this would be priority since I was upset. I would be back to see the manager. I... Read more

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This is the third Au Pair agency I've dealt with and by far the worst. Our family has a special set of circumstances and chose Au Pair in America because they boasted the largest applicant pool. Our kids are older pre-teens. The company put a lot of pressure on us to make a fast decision and kept adding applicants who were young (some still in high school) and had never lived away from home. They also kept recommending applicants who had little... Read more

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Epic Fail! For 5 and up. My daughter is learning about money - thought this would help --- nope!! My daughter can't figure out what rhe numbers are on the screen (playing junior mode). So when she has to make change she needs to wait for the screen to show her which bills to pay out, by the time that shows up ither customers are pissed and left the store. She is the crying and upset because she can't keep up. For $40 it is a crappy set up, there... Read more

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We bought a swing set and trampoline from rainbow 12-10-2014 had multiple problems, the trampoline was totally just falling apart we called the manufacturer who sent replacement parts under the warranty more than once.How ever rainbow will send no one to fix it unless we pay $400.00 mind you it has a 10 year warrenty. Already contacted the BBB, AND I WILL NOT REFER YOU TO NO ONE, AND THIS IS A NEW COMMUNITY. AND WHEN PEOPLE SEE IT, I WILL BE... Read more

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Left a rash and made her behind bleed

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My granddaughter attend COA in Norwood in 2016. Was being physically abused by another child. I brought it to there attention several times. They did nothing about it My granddaughter would be in tears so I finally remove her from there. They are overcrowded dirty and have no control. Do not send your little one there. The state should shut them down. They also steal your money. I paid in advance first week and last week Now they are chasing me... Read more

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I have been a loyal customer for 3 years but our beyond terrible experience here last week was... no words to even describe. Messing with me is one thing but messing with my kid... you better expect I do something about it. My brother and sister were here from the east coast for winter break. They went to surprise and pick up my almost 3 year old son from school early. They planned to take him to get a special big boy haircut, to the play... Read more

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My son 3 days before holiday break created vicious allegations and negative reference towards my parenting. He had just been allowed back at school after hitting a student a week prior after speaking with the principal she suggested that there were some problems at home and he was acting out by hitting one of her students. She went on to say how she had to provide a safe environment for her kids. With that said the following Tuesday she met with... Read more

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