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Do not waste your money - buy one from Walmart or any other discount center. Sets cost thousands and are cheaply made. 1. Power coating - falls off within years and not covered by warranty (only 1 year). Rusty and dangerous to children. 2. Wood - back when company... Read more

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rainbow swing set i purchased in 2016 is literally falling apart. very expensive, terrible quality, worthless warranty. they sell you on some malarky about their wood being better than others.. not true. they sell you on a lifetime warranty.. impossible to get the... Read more

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My mother is going through a bad situation right now. We are trying to go to judges and make a case of it but unless we can get an attorney and court date before wed of next week we will loose her. We really dont a ton of money to pay for such an attorney. The two kids... Read more

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Cps is joke, they are always defending there screw ups and as for them saying they investigate is a joke, when you annouce to the other parent they are suppose to be investigating yeah the parent thats being investigating is gonna make everything look good and just... Read more

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Verydrone Deceptive & False Advertising
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Verydrone is using deceptive and false advertising to make themselves appear like a larger drone store company than they really are. I surely wouldn't trust a company using deceptive false advertising. A false advertisement can further be classified as deceptive if the... Read more

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Another false report from my mother whom I haven't spoke to in over a year and lives five states away but seems to be allowed to keep making false reports.. the worker even stated she knows it's a BS case but has continued to harass me.. I've had 10 back to back calls... Read more

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Shanna Swan is complete FRAUD. She does not care at all about the effects that Phthalates and Endocrine Disruptors have on children. The scammer Shanna Swan only cares about getting free trips to Europe to speak about Phthalates. Shanna is a disgrace to the entire... Read more

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I am writing today to complain of the poor service I received from Eye doctors optical outlet-Citrus Park on February 9,2017. I received a text message that my sons glasses were ready for pickup. Katie was the rep that I dealt with. After 25 minutes is when she... Read more

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This is the third Au Pair agency I've dealt with and by far the worst. Our family has a special set of circumstances and chose Au Pair in America because they boasted the largest applicant pool. Our kids are older pre-teens. The company put a lot of pressure on us to... Read more

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Epic Fail! For 5 and up. My daughter is learning about money - thought this would help --- nope!! My daughter can't figure out what rhe numbers are on the screen (playing junior mode). So when she has to make change she needs to wait for the screen to show her which... Read more

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