The word “cash” may trigger different opinions, but all these opinions will always converge at the same destination, that of money. Cash services thus are all activities that form part of the actions allied to anything that involves cash.

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i tried to transfer money from paypal to my checking account. xoom required lots of personal information. when i refused they canceled my transaction. they said i didnt need my money. they will not give me my money until i give them personal information. they are now a chinese company who is only interested stealing your money.
I ordered an Apple AirPods Pro-White item from eBay, turned out it is a counterfeit, it never works, dropping signal every sec, I have Apple Store check, the technician could not reload the software, and did a close check, comparing with real one, confirmed it is a fake product, and I sent message to seller, never response and seller no more registered eBay user... basically disappear.Date: Aug. 13, 2020Amount charged to PayPal: $169.60I checked my PayPal history, I could not even find the record
So Im told by a PayPal customer service rep 1-88*-***-**** is the right number. Then others say its a line to scammers. I have to say my call was answered by scammers from India in calling that number. Since Ive learned its ok to use another companies name and put a number all over Google to scam their customers. As long as you pay for the thing to be on google, fraud isnt against community standards. PayPal dont see to care much.

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How to Choose Cash Services Effectively

The word “cash” may trigger different opinions, but all these opinions will always converge at the same destination, that of money. Cash services thus are all activities that form part of the actions allied to anything that involves cash.

Types of Cash Services

Cash services providers ensure the availability of several services to their consumers. Some of these services include:

  • Loans. In some way, you’ve been indebted to someone before. Well, guess what name is given to that money you borrowed or are planning to borrow, a “loan”. In this case, it is money you borrow from the cash services providers and payback within a stipulated period. At the end of this period, you pay back the principal amount plus an interest amount, based on the agreed rate.
  • Money transfer. Money can’t stay calm. It is always changing hands but sometimes for the better. Money exchange includes sending money to loved ones or colleagues, payments and even depositing tax refunds.
  • Currency exchange. Do you feel the need to get some pounds in exchange for your dollars? Just find access to a cash services provider. The rates charged for currency exchange are dependent upon the monetary value of each country’s currency. 
  • Money order. Unlike a cheque that is cashed in and has unlimited acceptance, a money order is purchased for a specific amount and has limited acceptance. It can be traded locally or internationally.

How to Compare Cash Services

Before deciding on a particular cash services provider, it’s better to consider the following factors to compare cash services and to choose the best one:

  • Rates and fees. Cut your coat according to your cloth, Right? You need to compare the interest rates of the loans offered, and the amount payable, in terms of fees, for services such as money transfer. Each provider has its own rates. It is best for you to pick the rates within your comfort zone.
  • Coverage area. Where do you live or where do you want to transfer your money? At least take some time to think on that. You need to know the geographical area that a company offers the service you require. Whether it is local or international. The wider the area of coverage, the better it may serve you.
  • Convenience. The quality and quantity of the services you get will only be as good as how they fit into your schedule. Is it 24/7 or is it constrained within a given time period? Consider reliability of the existing customer care support, availability, and accessibility of the cash services provided. Pick the one that best fits into your schedule while keeping in mind the possibility of an emergency.
  • Simplicity. Everyone does not like complicated and tiresome steps when it comes to cash services. Some processes might be lengthier than others. You need to understand them to get access to a service, and then base your selection on that.
  • Credit limit. Cash service providers have different credit limit ranges for different customers. Research on the amount you can qualify for, based on different categories of customers served by a provider. Compare to different companies and settle for the one that addresses your cash needs. You should understand the companies’ policies, on the subject of the increase in the limit over time, and factors that influence the same.
  • Re-payment options. It is without a doubt that you have to pay back the loan you borrowed. Study available loan re-payment options and choose the one that fits your needs, prior to borrowing. Some of the options include one-time payment, where you pay the whole amount plus interest within a stipulated period. And recurring payment. Here, you pay a set amount in installments, within a given period, based on the directive by the company.
  • Accessibility. Ability to access your cash services provider is very essential. You need to know the location of the companies and pick the best for you. Consider accessibility via website, mobile application, or physical premises.
  • Security. Nobody would want to lose money, especially if they are counting on a company to ensure its safety. This safety that you demand, however, begins with you making the right decision. Know, through adequate research, the legitimacy of services provided and that of the provider. Better security does not only guarantee safety to your money but also safety to your personal information.

What Consumers Dislike about Cash Services

Quite often, when going through various cash services reviews, you can find different consumers expressing their disappointments with some of the unfair practices. Most of these complaints include:

  • Poor customer service. The key function of a customer service attendant is, as the name suggests, to address the issues raised by a customer. The high levels of unprofessionalism showcased by some of the customer care departments remain to be one of the most loathed things by customers.
  • Fraud. There are numerous reviews touching on the fraud issue in the cash services sector. Fraud in this sector is characterized by illegitimacy of cash services offered and identity theft.
  • Accessibility of accounts. Online accounts are aimed to ease consumers’ access to their funds; however, cash services quite often fail to give such an opportunity. It causes inconveniences to the customer and as a result, leads to multiple negative cash services reviews.
  • Service delays. Any service is expected to be provided within a proper time frame. Cash services are not an exception. That’s why when companies fail to deliver them in time, customers feel unsatisfied and leave numerous negative feedbacks.
  • Changing service fees/ interest rates. Abruptly changing rates are very strenuous to consumers, as they have to try and keep up with the changes. Therefore, this point is among the most complained by customers.

What Consumers Like about Cash Services

Despite the mentioned dislikes, there are some factors that actually thrill consumers. Some of these include:

  • Reliability. Consumers love it when they can rely on the cash service providers to fulfill their request in proper time and efficiently. Such customers’ satisfaction usually results in good cash services reviews. Especially, when cash services providers have managed to perform their services fast in emergency situations.
  • Wide range of services. Availability of a wide variety of services, and the ability for these services to be delivered properly is desirable amongst all consumers. Most people express their joy when they are able to access multiple services from a single cash service provider. They also praise the high level of service delivery by some cash service providers.
  • Resourceful customer care. Customers always like when they are treated with true care and professionalism. Consumers post positive feedback about cash services when customer care representatives are friendly, helpful, and patient. That what makes them stick to a particular company and become its loyal client.

For choosing cash services that will fit your needs best, it is important to know all the pros and cons of cash services, what consumers like and dislike about them. That’s why it’s necessary to conduct your own research beforehand and to compare cash service providers considering your basic requirements.