My VersaTube pole building collapsed!
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I purchased a metal frame building from Versa Tube, which their engineers designed for the area of Minnesota I live in. The building collapsed! I purchased a VersaTube metal frame building from Menards in Hermantown, Minnesota. The building was designed by the engineers at VersaTube, for the area of minnesota I live in. The building was 32' wide X 36' long and 12.5' tall. I purchased the building in September 2013 and it was built that same... Read more

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I was shopping at Home Depot in Marble Falls and a lady came up and asked me if I had ever thought of upgrading my kitchen. Before I knew it she had signed me up for a salesperson to come to my home and measure and give me a price on kitchen cabinet refacing. So, this guy shows up and gives me an earfull of sales pitch for almost 2 hrs before I get the price. And what a price it was! He said that I have what he called "30ft of cabinets" and... Read more

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I wanted to personally share my experience with KraftMaid and Home Depot as I feel that I have been grossly mistreated and would like to present my experience before other potential consumers make the same mistake I did. I have been trying to resolve issues with my kitchen for the past 6 months and its like talking to a brick wall. At the time I purchased my cabinets, Home Depot was running a buy more save more program which gave an elevated... Read more

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We bought 6 gallons of the product and the 20 year old deck looked pretty darn good...until after winter. The product is blistering and peeling big time off the deck and the yard is a mess. I've got a deck now that looks awful and dried deck over paint strips and chips all over my yard. I will never, ever buy another Behr product again and I will tell all my friends to never buy a Behr product again. We spent hours applying the paint and not... Read more

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We bought $2000 worth of this snap lock flooring from menards. Store sold it with a ten year warranty. Floor was installed by me. Who has installed miles of flooring. The floor starting bucking from my wifes feet bieng wet from the shower. She messes around after the shower in the bathroom for a good ten minutes before walkng on the floor. Holy *** its buckeling down the hallway to from my daughters feet. Its been installed for less than 3... Read more

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Gutter Helmet is the worst gutter company on the market today! It's voted the worst gutter protection system available on, which is an unbiased and unaffiliated company. Several design tests have shown that Gutter Helmet does not work as intended in snow or rain (which defeats the purpose of acquiring them). Their technology is outdated and Gutter Helmet's claim that you'll "never have to clean your gutter again" is a lie!... Read more

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We had Gutter Helmet come and install their product on our home and new addition in November 2012, also replace two birdbox eaves/facia on front porch and corner of the house. First off, they installed the wrong color product on the existing gutters, and the wood workmanship on the eaves/facia was cobbled up and disgraceful. Then shortly afterward the rear gutter that runs the entire length of the house blew off and damaged my existing gutter. I... Read more

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I am writing a review of my recent experience with Cliq Studios. I just wanted to warn people to do their homework before buying kitchen cabinets online. If I had to do it all over again, I would have ordered them from Lowe's or Home Depot. I think the prices are comparable and I would have paid to have them installed. I know they would stand behind their products and any issues would be dealt with locally instead of having to be shipped. We... Read more

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Behr - Peeling off my entire deck
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I used over 35 gallons of your Deck Over paint to cover my 14'10" x 28' deck and railings last summer. It now makes me sick to look at since it is all peeling off. The railing, spindles, decking, ledger boards, all peeling. I bought the paint at Home Depot in Mishawaka Indiana and now I am stuck with a mess. With the money I spent on paint and a painter to apply it I am guess the loss is $1000.00 Now it will have to be repaired even costing... Read more

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i paid over #1,600 as my down payment. From day 1 of installation i am having problems. They came back 6 times and still the rain goes behind the gutters wetting my soffits. and whoever is near my front door. Which already are making the wood soft. I called and said i want them to remove them and refund my down payment. I was told by the office i will not get a refund and a lien will be put on my home for the balance of $4,000.00 (my home is a... Read more

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