If you’re planning out a building project and looking for the best ways to find construction supplies, here are some suggestions.Yes, it is essential to have high-quality tools when doing any type of building project, but does that mean you can’t save money on them? Not at all. There is usually always a way to get ahold of what you need, even if you’re pinching pennies.

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When ordering a $1100 shower system in early August. I was informed that one piece would arrive the subsequent week. When the package arrived I was missing 4 more unexpected pieces including the trim. I was told this would come two weeks later now.Then another two weeksThen a month.Now over 3 months later I am still waiting. I have been told tentatively i would receive these pieces in late December.Their only solution: I cannot return anything and they will provide me with a different model that will force you buy further attachments.I've asked numerous times to talk to managers along this journey and was actually told "they aren't going to tell you anything new"I would avoid business with them at all costs.
This product ruined a new my deck and I used this product twice since 2013 and 2016 and now I need a new deck!
I contacted Behr and they will only allow $400 to cover paint remover and nothing to even redo my deck which is another $400 alone. Then I have had a pacemaker put in since that time and unable to redo the deck myself---which I thought I wouldn't have to do again since I am almost 80. I now have estimates of $2400 to repair, strip and redo my deck properly with another brand of waterproofing stain. Since I am retired, this is a cost that shouldn't have happened due to their defective products and I shouldn't have to suffer this loss. I even went to see the manager of Home Depot to see if I could at least get reimbursed for my purchase, but no luck since he just referred me back to Behr.

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The Best Ways to Get Construction Materials

If you’re planning out a building project and looking for the best ways to find construction supplies, here are some suggestions.

Yes, it is essential to have high-quality tools when doing any type of building project, but does that mean you can’t save money on them? Not at all. There is usually always a way to get ahold of what you need, even if you’re pinching pennies. Getting construction materials on a budget is easier than you think.

Top Places to Find the Best Building Products

Building materials suppliers and stores come in all shapes in sizes. Here are some ideas where to look for the different building supplies.

1. Go to a home improvement warehouse store for a large selection.

Supersized home improvement warehouses will have everything you need for general projects. They have by far the most extensive selection of materials you’ll find in any store, and they usually have savvy professionals nearby to answer any questions you may have.

These stores are designed with the non-construction-worker in mind, so you don't have to be an expert to go in there and find what you need. There are also brands of all types in these stores, so if you have a preference, you’ll likely find their products in a store like this.

Places like these are simple to navigate and a perfect option for finding most supplies.

2. To find niche items, try a local hardware store.

Depending on the specific hardware store, you may or may not find materials that are all that different from those that a franchise warehouse store would have. However, in spite of steep competition, local hardware stores have survived, as they are tuned in to what their local customers need.

So if you’re looking for a specialty tool, a local hardware store is a great place to check. And if they don’t have what you need, they'll likely be able to guide you as to where to look for it - and they might even be able to order it for you themselves.

So don’t discard the mom and pop stores - they can come in handy!

3. Order your supplies from online retailers.

Nowadays, most construction supplies can be ordered online, which is convenient in more than one way. One of the best things about ordering materials online is that many sites have consumer reviews next to the product description.

So depending on the site you order from, you may not have to search hard to find out about the quality of the item. The only downside to ordering supplies online is that you’ll likely have to pay shipping, but that’s not such a bad deal, right?

If you can’t find what you need, look online; that’s where you’ll probably find it.

4. Look at used online construction material listings.

If you run into some private seller sites online, you may find that crazy expensive thing you need, for just a fraction of its retail price.

Look carefully on used, private seller online listings in your city, and check surrounding cities as well. An hour of your time and a few dollars spent on gas will pay for itself in the long-run.

5. Rent the materials you need.

You may only need a tool for a day or so, e.g., a concrete mixer or a sanding machine. Thankfully, you can often rent tools from a home improvement warehouse store instead of buying them.

New, or even used tools can cost a ton of money. Consider renting materials if you only need them for a few days. Many rental places also offer insurance policies for an extra cost to give you peace of mind in case you break or damage the item(s).

Think about renting a tool if you want to save money, or if you simply want to keep your storage space free from bulky items.

How to Choosing The Right Flooring For Your Home Easily

Asking yourself, ‘what kind of flooring should I pick for my home?’ Here are some suggestions. Your budget, skill level, time availability and stylistic preferences will all come into play when making this decision – and we are here to make it a little easier on you. After all, flooring is one of the toughest things to figure out when it comes to the topic of building supplies.

In general, there are six types of flooring for homes:

  • Tile
  • Plastic Tile
  • Carpet
  • Hardwood
  • Laminated Wood
  • Linoleum

Many people have a variety of those in different rooms in their homes. For example, a typical home would have either a tile or linoleum kitchen with a hardwood or laminated wood living room. And upstairs bedrooms are commonly carpeted or outfitted with hardwood.

But these things mostly come down to personal preference. One of hard and fast rules when it comes to flooring is that you don't want hardwood or laminated wood in a bathroom since the moisture will do damage to it long-term. Other than that, it’s mostly just a matter of style, and if you wish, ease of clean-ability.

Here are a few flooring tips for you

Tile is hands down the perfect choice if you want high-end looking material that stands out. It is expensive and tedious to install, but the final product is well worth it.

Tile is easy to clean up and beautiful to look at. It’s truly one of the fanciest and most customizable options you’ll find, as its artistic possibilities are nearly limitless.

Installing it requires mixing concrete, lathering it down in precise proportions, laying the tile with spacers and then grouting the edges when it’s dry. So professional help (or experience) is highly recommended if you want to go with this option.

Plastic Tile, on the other hand, is a lot cheaper, easier to install (since it's just a bunch of puzzle pieces) and has a lot of the same artistic and clean-ability benefits of tile without the hassle.

You likely won’t need to hire professional help for this unless you would prefer to for convenience-sake. So take a look at plastic tile designs if you want a beautiful floor on a budget.

Carpet is the safest flooring option for small children and the elderly. Also, if the color schemes are chosen to compliment the interior of the home correctly, it doesn’t look half bad either.

Installing carpet is pretty simple, but can take some time if you’re new to it, so plan accordingly if you do it without professional help. The process, in simple explanation, requires hammering down tack strips, laying down the cushioning layer, cutting out the carpet, putting it down and gluing the crossing seams together.

The only real downside to carpeting is that it requires a lot of upkeep. It needs to be cleaned and vacuumed consistently and often so it doesn’t become a dirt (or worse – a mold) trap.

However, there aren’t any flooring options that are more comfortable than a soft carpet. Consider this option if you want safe, cozy flooring for your home.

Hardwood flooring is beautiful. There’s just something special about hardwood that makes a home feel warm and classy. Choosing the type of wood to use can be difficult since there are so many options, but we’ll try to simplify things for you.

If you want a natural (non-stained) look, search online for wood types and you’ll see the variety in patterns and colors. Ash, for example, is very bright, whereas Walnut is dark. However, as a point of reference, the most common types of flooring are White Oak and Red Oak.

Choose the wood, choose the finish, and you’ve got it! If you want something glossy, like a ballroom floor, you’ll want high gloss. If you want the standard option, go with semi-gloss. And if you want something without any gloss, go with water-based products.

Also, as an extra tip, water-based products, though they aren’t shiny or fancy looking in the least, are known to be stronger and longer lasting than oil-based products. So consider this when choosing between the two.

The final thing to consider with hardwood finishes is that there is also the option to use a stain, which you would wipe into the floor before applying polyurethane. This is a technique used for getting the dark, classical look that some people admire.

Laminated Wood flooring is an excellent option if you don’t want to spend the money/go to all the work that hardwood floors require. In essence, all it takes to put laminate flooring down is a pair of scissors and some time.

Notch them into the grooves, lay them down and you’re done! There are also some beautiful options when it comes to coloring choices and designs.

So if you want the beauty of hardwood flooring in a simple and straightforward package, try laminated flooring.

Linoleum is even simpler than any of the options mentioned above. It merely needs to be cut out and laid down. There’s nothing flashy about this style of flooring, but sometimes simplicity is all you need.

Kitchens and laundry rooms work well with linoleum because it is very easy to clean. And it doesn't have to look ugly either; you’ll find there are artistic designs of all sorts with this material.

As far as putting it in, sometimes it comes in squares, which have adhesive already attached. Sometimes it comes in rolls, which require external adhesive application via the use of a caulking gun before rolling it out. But either way, linoleum is convenient and easy to install.

There are ways to get ahold of the supplies you need, flooring or otherwise, for your building project - even if you don’t have a huge budget.

So don’t stress it too much! All the best to you and we hope you find exactly the products you need!