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Stitch died after a week of a 1cm stomach ulcer. They are claiming that their vet hospital in Korea, Dream Veterinarian Hospital found him to be healthy 24 hours before his flight. How did this legitimate veterinarian hospital not find a 1cm stomach ulcer. After suffering for days in pain, and trips to the veterinarian, he passed away. He refused to eat because his ulcer was so painful. I bottle fed him chicken broth for 3 days trying desperately to revive him, watching him in so much pain, and dying was so tragic and traumatizing. He died a week after I got him. They have tried to say this was a hypo attack aka a hypoglycemic attack. I had a vet disprove that. He was given a safe, warm, loving home, full of clean toys, blankets, and a soft, plush bed, and given the best smalldog food money can buy. I showed them a preliminary autopsy, which clearly shows that this is genetic. They ignored me for a week, after I first sent the preliminary autopsy. And are still not trying to give me my money back. I would never be comfortable accepting another dog from them. After reading how many times they have done this, its incredible that they act shocked upon being confronted. I want to make sure that they never have the chance to do this to anyone ever again. Feel free to contact me if you have more evidence against them. Sincerely, Lauren Bambara Bambaralauren@***.com
Paid for a ragdoll kitten. On day of delivery they were linked with a courier company asking for a refundable $720 for crate on arrival.After receiving the payment the kitten did not arrive. They ignored calls, texts and emails.

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