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We bought a King size split (twin XL) ...when we order the bed we was told that it would be coming out of Chicago warehouse (we live in Indiana) that once the order was process that it would take til the following week to be shipped...ended up being 3 weeks later with one day til we had the right to cancel it. We called numerous times trying to find out where our bed was...the shipping company made arrangements to deliver on Monday...they wasn't here when they said they would be...called didn't have us on the shipment schedule that day...the delivery guys called a half hour later said they was on they're way...they got here moved the old bed out ...went to set up new bed...they didn't send the right headboard brackets or adjustable we find out that model didn't have the adjustable's been a nightmare ever since...I feel like I want to roll out of the bed as if it's not level...not happy...looked into sending back...yeah $1000 to have it shipped backed!!! I wished I would've dug deeper into this now...but when you see a 5 start rating by the BBB...why would I think to look into it more...and a lifetime warranty is for the birds...1 year parts and labor...after that it's just the parts are replaced for free...we would have to hire a electrician after that . We shopped around and should've went with a Serta King split from Menard's. So sorely disappointed in Indiana
We got their Galaxy bedding set for our kid. At the time of purchase the description of the material was “Cotton 100%” (exactly what we were looking for). When the set arrived, there was no way to check what it was made of: none of the four pieces of their bedding set had information about it’s quality. There was no a tag or label stating what the material was. All of the info we got was in Chinese – in very small print on a slim strip of paper! But the material was definitely not cotton!We contacted Bedding Inn customer Service. They sent us a screenshot of the information on the quality of the set (“Tencel Cotton”) that did not resemble the information we read right before purchasing the item (Cotton 100%). If we knew that it was made of tencel, we would have never bought it.Moreover, there is no indication on their website that the Bedding Inn is a Chinese company and the product they sell is being made and shipped from China, which makes returns so difficult and costly.We think it is inappropriate to charge the customers for the return shipping after deliberately misinforming them about the quality of the products and neglecting to note from where it is shipped.We made an attempt to return the set. We thoroughly packed it (in brand-new condition, unused and with the original packaging) and took to the post office, where we were told that the cheapest way of shipping would cost $70 – as much as we paid for the set (plus $30 of the delivery cost that we also paid)!!!In the circumstances that the Bedding Inn puts its customers, we see only one way of proceeding: we are determined to defend our rights as customers for respect and fair trade. We consider it our duty to inform buyers about the misleading and dishonest ways in which Bedding Inn runs its business.
Purchased a Sleep Number Queen C4 360 smart bed. Nice people, but the first red flag I should have balked at was when they said we had no choice but to use their deliver/setup people, which would cost $200. If this is not optional, then why isn't it just included in the purchase price? Secondly, after purchasing the mattress and ultimately deciding it wasn't for us, my wife called the company to arrange the return, and was told that we would be refunded the purchase price minus the deliver fee ($199 plus tax). Okay, not happy with that, didn't know that up front, can't seem to locate any actual signed paperwork stating that (it is on their website), but okay, I'm willing to let it slide (actually I hate it). But now they are trying to change the invoice information somehow and pretend they are refunding us the aforementioned amount of money while still somehow holding onto an additional $242.

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