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Purchased a Sleep Number Queen C4 360 smart bed. Nice people, but the first red flag I should have balked at was when they said we had no choice but to use their deliver/setup people, which would cost $200. If this is not optional, then why isn't it just included in the purchase price? Secondly, after purchasing the mattress and ultimately deciding it wasn't for us, my wife called the company to arrange the return, and was told that we would be refunded the purchase price minus the deliver fee ($199 plus tax). Okay, not happy with that, didn't know that up front, can't seem to locate any actual signed paperwork stating that (it is on their website), but okay, I'm willing to let it slide (actually I hate it). But now they are trying to change the invoice information somehow and pretend they are refunding us the aforementioned amount of money while still somehow holding onto an additional $242.
We purchased our P5 sleep number bed on October 15, 2017. The salesperson was very pleasant and seemed knowledgeable. We were not pressured into buying. We took our time and tried out several models before settling on a queen sized P5. I suffer from severe Rheumatoid Arthitis and we were seeking a solution to help me rest better. Our bed was delivered on Saturday October 28, 2017. On the day of delivery I purchased a set of queen sheets and a Inbalance cooling layer. I was told it would help since my RA meds make me sleep hot at night. Our own personal queen sized sheets would not stay on the adjustable mattress once it was installed. Immediately the ease of use of our remote was questioned. At times it was unresponsive and would show a wild techo screen of squares. It was later found to be cracked aound the middle and was eventually replaced. Hard to believe your local store does not have an extra remote lying around in stock to get a new install going... The first night I noticed that the bed did not feel anything like the same size display model at the local showroom. From my initial trip into the store to inquire about the problem I was told that I must give the bed at least two weeks for my body to adjust to the new bed... I laid down on the queen sized P5 adjusted to my 'sleep number' and went home and tried to recreate the same adjustment... My bed in my home felt hard... depending on the setting... it was varying levels of FIRMNESS... it hurt my shoulder, rib and hip to lay on my side... lower sleep numbers resembled a hammock, bottomed out effect in the bed... if I got up out of the bed without returning it to 100, it looked as if I had a bottomless pit in my bed. I made over a half a dozen trips into the local showroom trying to figure out what was wrong with my bed. I was instructed that I could not return my bed until I had had it for at least 30 days and adamantly reminded that I would be stuck with the base, so I should just try and make it work. I did everything they asked, instructed and told me to do... to no avail. Customer service was a joke. No one seemed to ever know anything about the history of my complaint and I was forced to start over each and every time... this was stressful and frustrating. The only way I could tolerate the bed enough to doze off from time to time was to lay on my back COMPLETELY STILL in the middle of my air chamber on a setting I was not comfortable with. Finally in November the decision was made that maybe something was wrong with the bed and a piece of foam for under the air chambers and a piece of foam for on top of the air chambers was ordered.. These parts took over a month to show up. On December 9th the customer service rep promised me that someone would be there on December 26th to install these parts onto the bed once they had arrived at my house. Via email while travelling Jeff received emails that said that someone would be at the house December 30th and the December 27th. Jeff stayed home from a switch all day on December 26th and no one showed up. The morning of December 27th we received a call from a service tech stating he was sitting outside my house and someone needed to let him in because there was a car in the driveway. We were both at work, and my 16 year old's car was in the driveway but no one was home... and if she had been she is not 18 and no one called to verify an appointment ahead of time. A call was made regarding the December 30, 2017. No such order was in place. The customer service rep told me I should fix the bed myself, that there was an email she could send to walk me through it... Severe Rheumatoid Arthritis.... Long story short... (lol) we were assigned to a lady who would supposedly take care of our problem... Annalisha told me I should fix the bed myself, that I had no reason to complain if I wasn't willing to try and fix it myself... I ask you, if you paid over $4000k for a bed, would you expect to have to fix it yourself...? Day 1 through day 69 were spent in sheer agony, my rheumatoid arthritis worsened from lack of sleep and pain associated with trying to rest. On day 70 when the service tech showed up to install the foam pieces we were given as a band-aid to try and fix what I considered to be a defective bed... we remove sheets, Inbalance layer, mattress, a foam piece thats probably 2-1/2 inches total in height... and lo and behold what do we find but a HUGE water stain on my air chamber... it was wet, not damp... the foam above it had moisture... this is day 70 of being in the house. The first words out of the service techs mouth were... " You have a leaking air chamber.." He excuses himself to call it in... He also said the foam to add to the top of the air chamber was too small. This was the last straw for me. Autoimmune Rheumatoid Arthritis... means that I cannot tolerate mold and that's all I could think of was this will eventually mold, no matter how much it has been treated with antimicrobial it will eventually mold. There was nothing the service tech Taylor could do for the bed, we let it dry out some. I placed a towel between the foam and air chamber for awhile to soak up what I could before we had to eventually put it back together. My confidence in the Sleep Number company was completely ruined. I had to apologize to the service techs as I was frustrated and started to cry. I am at the end of my rope and after a long discussion with Jeff we decided to return the entire system. From the local store manager who was forceful and at first helpful, she quickly became defensive and contradicted herself, to the district manager who couldn't be bothered with my seemingly trivial problems and who eventually hung up on me while I was still talking, to the returns associate who had me completely in tears before admitting to us that for a $300.00 restocking fee we could in fact return the base along with the mattress... This feels like insult to injury, but when you haven't slept in over 70+ days it seems like a small victory... Why do I feel like I have been attached to another object by an inclined plane, wrapped helically around an axis?

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