Beauty salons and spas are a part of most people’s grooming routines, with many visiting them weekly to get certain procedures done. Either way, choosing a beauty salon or spa is a very important task that should be approached with seriousness. This is because the services being carried out there are concerned with the human body. 

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Ozon Hair Systems
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Wigs Gone Wild
Wigs Gone Wild
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Jar Hair
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Kelly Lash
Kelly Lash
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Ishow Hair
Ishow Hair
3 reviews
The Buff Beard
The Buff Beard
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Poor costumer service even though there warehouse messed up I'm still required to pay shipping back to China from u.s and a 30% restock fee by the time u add everything up Thts more than 50% of what I paid.. no one answer phone and constantly getting a generated message saying the warehouse checks all orders after submitting proof with pics n order and what website stated my order should be they stop responding order full lace so that I'm able to completely do a 360 glue down due to having complete Alopecia .. I can't completely glue this down isn't a full lace all the way around it also have straps website shows how they full lace wig should be photo provided in review n I also showed my order details
On June 1, 2020 I ordered from Expreas Wig Braids website a braided wig, the total cost for the wig was 209.00 which I paid up front with a debit card. I received from Express Wig Braids a follow up email confirmation and a day later a thank you email from a sales rep,. I did not receive a shipping date or a tracking number which is the norm. After not hearing from them I began contacting them through their website and was told several different things as to why they could not give me a shipping date. We have a policy, processing time is different from shipping date or. . We have our policy in regards to shipping dates. I now know that these were loop holes that they put in very small letters on their website so that they may be able to defraud unsuspecting customers. Needless to say, I had pretty much given up on getting my wig that I had ordered, but, On July 20, 2020 a crumpled soiled envelope arrived sealed with scotch tape. Upon opening the envelope, I was horrified,. Not only had they sent me the wrong wig...there was a very foul odor coming from the mop like-patched together product that I had been sent. The workmanship was very poorly and hastily lace frontal sewn to a dome wig cap marly type hair extension un evenly attached. I knew without a doubt that I had been duped. Upon examining the outer packaging I discovered that the smelly wig had been shipped from a PO Box so that I could not even ship the wig back to it's proper owner. I could however, take photos to document my experience for other unsuspecting customers. I wasted know time letting this company know that I was not happy! Shame on you Express Wig Braid SCAMMERS!!! Photos posted on site jabber
I purchased on 2012, these were the Jenni Rivera Hair straighteners. I had these stored as memorabilia after the passing of the singer and a few days ago my 10yr old flat iron stopped working. I decided to use one of the irons and the paint of the streightener felt sticky and it was all over my fingers. I thought that possibly it was just the one tool and opened the 2nd package and it was also sticky and paint was all over my hands. I paid about $190 with tax for each. These are really bad quality, it might even be realizing toxins from the paint. Just fyi, these were new and sealed in each box, had never used them.

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There is something overwhelmingly uplifting about women, their beauty regimens and the way they adore them with an almost religious commitment. More and more beauty salons are popping up, with girls everywhere finding the one that’s just right for their needs, expectations and beauty goals.

If you need help shopping for beauty supplies, or you are one of the beauty moguls opening up your own salon, read the article below to get an idea what to shop for and how to buy beauty salon equipment that will make you stand out.

Most Common Types of Beauty Salon Equipment and Supplies

Starting a salon business or upgrading your current one isn’t an easy task. With so many things to consider like your salon location, employees, your salon vibe, etc. you need to have top-notch, complete beauty salon equipment, and skillful staff that will know how to work with it. So, before anything else, invest your time and money in getting the right salon equipment.

1. Scissors and Hair Clippers

Embrace the basics and start there: if you are opening up a hair salon, start with at least one pair of scissors, various types of hair clippers, and hair clipper blades.

2. Cart and Trolleys

Carts or trolleys are an essential element since they enable easy storage of your equipment. Moreover, they help you move around salon with all your necessary equipment on hand.

3. Hair Styling Tools

Apart from the basics, the latest hair supplies and styling tools should always be at play: Some of the common tools include:

  • Blow dryers
  • Diffusers
  • Multi-styling kits
  • Curlers

4. Hair Brushes and Combs

High-quality hair brushes and combs in a variety of types are a must. Some of these include:

  • Round brush
  • Tail-end comb
  • Square brush
  • Wide-toothed comb

5. Makeup & Brow Chairs

Choose a comfy reclining salon chair you’ll use for doing your clients’ makeup, brows, lashes, and similar. They don’t take up much space, and yet are very practical!

6. Makeup Mirrors

A professional salon makeup mirror goes a long way, especially if your beauty salon is working with makeup, too. Choose mirrors with LED lightning.

7. Manicure Tables / Pedicure Spas

Ladies love their nails done properly, and you can be the one to help them to their goal by equipping your salon with a pedicure spa chair and a manicure table. It helps the nail artist do their work and keep the client’s proper hygiene.

When you get correct equipment, expect your salon to run smoothly and the clients to line up to get your services.

How to Make My Salon the Best?

In today’s climate, it’s important to keep up with the latest beauty trends and upgrade your service according to the dictated progress in the beauty industry.

  • Equip your salon with high-quality hair extensions and natural hair wigs – These days, girls everywhere are going for Kim Kardashian vs Nicki Minaj hair – straight and longer than life, then quickly go back to short, curly bobs and whatnot. Let your clients enjoy any hairdo just by visiting your salon.
  • Upgrade your flat irons, curling irons, and rotating irons collection –Hair trends go back and forth from straight to curly in a day, so you want to have the best tools for your customers. Encourage them to recreate their favorite celebrity dos in your salon by opening up to experimenting, changes and new styles
  • Extend your salon services to body treatments: Add a set of the latest, and most effective body wraps to your salon offer along with popular slimming belts, body brushes (great for exfoliation treatments), the best pedicure treatments with callus removers and foot files, and a nail parlor with artificial nails as a part of the offer. If you’ve got cosmetology experts working with you, include beauty therapy equipment like face fillers and false lashes in the offer. A salon with a series of beauty options doesn’t only look professional but is also great for clients who want to opt for one trusted beauty salon and get all their beauty needs met at one place. You want to be that place. 

How to Stand Out with My Beauty Salon Business?

Yes, the competition in beauty industry is strong. And, yes – you’ll have to work hard to get what you deserve. However, when you plan things smartly, you may get to the end-point faster than you’ve anticipated. Check out these suggestions:

1. Know What the Customer Likes and Dislikes the Most

Not every customer is the same, but there are some general likes and dislikes most consumers can agree on, at least when it comes to customer service.

  • Avoid making these mistakes:
  • Delayed shipment/delivery
  • Damaged goods upon arrival
  • Shipment prices that are too high
  • Delay in responding to messages and emails
  • Not having a phone number to call
  • Customer explaining their problem over again to another staff
  • No return policy, or an unfavorable one
  • Products that don't match their online photo

Customers love a company that:

  • Has an easy ordering process
  • Delivers on time
  • Has great customer service
  • Has a favorable return policy
  • Delivers products that match their online photo
  • Is open to adjustments; flexible
  • Is quick to react in case of an error
  • Can be reached 24/7
  • Has reasonable prices
  • Is open to reviews, suggestions, and complaints

2. Know What’s Trending

With so many beauty gadgets overflowing the beauty market, it’s sometimes hard to keep up. However, if you examine the market and your target audience well, you won’t fall into this trap. But, how exactly do you know what’s trending? Check out the latest reviews at popular sites that will tell you what people are currently talking about!

3. Don’t Compromise on Quality

No matter how tight your budget is, used beauty salon equipment is almost never the answer – unless you’re buying it from trusted beauty equipment manufacturers. Most pieces of second-hand beauty equipment are overly used and often worn out. Not only they do not last long after been purchased but you also run the risk of having them explode in your hand/close to your face (e.g., a hair curler or hair straightener, a hairdryer, a face steamer, etc.). Don’t compromise your safety for a few extra bucks.

Dear beauty equipment, product geeks and contour moguls, and all of you who enjoy the world of beauty – we do hope this article on getting salon supplies and equipment helped. Good luck with your beauty equipment shopping!