When trying to decide on a new bank, the multitude of options can be overwhelming. How do you choose between a large nationwide bank and your neighborhood community bank? Should you opt for one that is online-only, a traditional brick-and-mortar, or a hybrid? Not to worry, here are all of the factors you need to consider to decide which bank is best.

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I got a letter on May 6th saying "your accounts listed above will be restricted from use in 50 days and permanently closed 60 days from the date of this notice"Initially I thought this was a scam or a hoax because my wife and I have had an active checking account with BOA for over 20 years and a thriving business/merchant account since 2017. We have exceptional credit ratings in the 800's, have never gone overdrawn, missed a credit card payment etc etc etc. So I called the number on the bottom of the letter and finally ended up with this idiot (Jesus 844 253 3707 - naming and shaming here deliberately 'cos these people need to be called out). He came out with "We're closing your account because we believe BOA can no longer meet your business banking needs and just as you have the right to close an account so do we" - WHAT???? I have never complained about BOA not being able to fulfill my bankings needs so what is all this about? I said I wanted to talk to his boss because this is obviously a mistake - He then told me he was the Account Manager for my account and there was nobody else to talk to. So I said well if that is the case then you must have been the one to make this decision to close my account, so you can give me a reason why. Needless to say he just went back to the script, so I lost it a bit and said 'you're not an account manager you're just a mouthpiece for a s**thole bank' and hung up. Have arranged a confrontation at my local branch next week, who helped me and actively encouraged me to set up my Business Account with them. Be interesting to see how that goes. I just cannot believe that an institution like this can treat people this way. If I had been dissatisfied with the bank I would have communicated that to them and at least given them the opportunity to remedy the situation, but for them to just decide that they want to dump me for no reason and not give any kind of explanation is a disgrace. And laughably I said will this apply to my older personal account? He said no, so you can imagine what I said they could do with all of my other accounts! AND even more stupid 3 weeks ago I got a call from BOA small business, asking me if I was interested in obtaining a business loan!!!!
I was recently laid off I'm a seasonal worker I get laid off in the winter for about 2 months every year this year when I got laid off I apply for my unemployment and I had recently moved and bought my unemployment benefit card that is dealt with through this bank. to have a new card sent to me was told I needed to update my address I have sent them an email every day for the last 2 weeks with pictures of envelopes and also the document with my address for some reason my address is updated in their system but they are still refusing just send me my new card they verify every time I speak with them that it is updated it's been 2 weeks and they still will not send me a card my family is now going without and these people could care less horrible people rude personnel rude customer service and they will not put me on the phone with the actual people who I need to speak with about my card they tell me it is the back office and they don't have phones back there
I always receive my deposit on Mondays and I have yet to receive it. MetaBank I see that this is a huge world wide problem. I am very disappointed that we as customers never once received a mass text message for this problem. I will definitely close out my account even though i love Netspend. I pray that Netspend and Rushcard finds another Bank to partner with. As I have been reading down the years Metabank you care nothing for your customers which is a sad way to run and build your business. Next time I go with a prepaid card I will do my research and make sure MetaBank is not connected in anyway. I don't know if this is an issue that you all created in hopes of removing customers from Netspend which in my eyes are a good company. Then you as a bank had the audacity to blame it on our employers. Really? They are the ones who have issued our deposits for months and we have received them on time until now. This is something as a bank where you all should take full blame, responsibility for and should be able to render funds to all who have worked very hard for. This is why I will go back to checks and keeping my money out of banks because technology will not ever be better than how things were back in the day.(Shoe boxes) I definitely want my money and I will stand with everyone, singles, married couples, single parents, families who need to pay for food so children can eat, rent so we have a place to rest after this horrible situation, gas so we can go to and from to be able to work etc. God help us all in Jesus name that the funds will be released to us. I plead the blood of Jesus over this entire situation in Jesus name.

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When trying to decide on a new bank, the multitude of options can be overwhelming. How do you choose between a large nationwide bank and your neighborhood community bank? Should you opt for one that is online-only, a traditional brick-and-mortar, or a hybrid? Not to worry, here are all of the factors you need to consider to decide which bank is best.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Bank?

One of the first and most important factors when choosing a bank is its type. Types include international, national, regional, community, or online. Further, you could also opt for a credit union. Here’s a brief overview of the options:

  • Larger international and national banks offer expansive coverage in terms of services, branches, and ATMs but often have high fees and impersonal customer service.
  • Regional/community banks and credit unions don’t offer the wide coverage but usually have lower fees, more personal service, and competitive interest rates.
  • Online-only banks offer members the convenience of being able to bank from anywhere while paying minimal fees but have no physical locations, which can be inconvenient and impersonal.

You’ll need to weigh the pros and cons to find which bank is best for your needs.

Account Types

The next step is to look at the types of accounts that a bank offers. Common options include basic checking, interest-bearing checking, savings, Certificate of Deposit, Money Market, and Individual Retirement (IRA).

Identify which type of accounts you want. Ideally, you should find a bank to suit all of your needs now and in the future.


Now for the fees, a major source of revenue for banks. Common fees that such entities charge include:

  • A fee to open the account;
  • Monthly service fees;
  • A monthly service fee for not maintaining a minimum balance;
  • Overdraft fees;
  • A fee for inactivity;
  • Lost card fee;
  • Returned check fee;
  • A fee for paper statements;
  • ATM fees;
  • Foreign transaction fees;
  • Account closing fee.

You will find fees vary from one bank to the next regarding their types and amounts. Research carefully as they will end up playing a large role in how much it costs to maintain the account.

Eligibility Requirements

Most financial institutions will check your past banking records before approving you for a bank account, and some will request a copy of your credit report. As a result, it will be more difficult to get approved by some banks than others. Typically, the larger the bank, the stricter the eligibility requirements.

Branches and ATMs

Accessibility is also an issue. Check on how many branches and ATMs a bank has and where they are located. When you have to use an ATM fee outside of your bank’s network, it often results in higher fees. Further, if you’d like to be able to go into a branch, it will be important that they exist where you live or frequently visit.


How safe is your money? By choosing a bank that has federal deposit insurance through the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation), your insured deposits will still be available even if the bank goes under. The standard coverage is $250,000 per person.


Online and mobile banking capabilities will be important if you want to bank from home or on-the-go. Common features include:

  • Viewing your account activity;
  • Getting alerts;
  • Transferring and receiving money;
  • Making deposits with a smartphone.

It’s good to find out how tech-savvy a bank is. Most top rated banks will offer these capabilities.

Financial Products

In addition to bank accounts, banks often offer other financial products. In some cases, the products are exclusive to bank members, and in others, bank members get discounts. Examples are:

  • Home loans;
  • Personal loans;
  • Car loans;
  • Business loans;
  • Loans against securities;
  • Credit lines;
  • Credit cards.

Check with the banks you are interested in to see what they offer and if their rates and terms are competitive.

Customer Service and Reputation, bank reviews

Lastly, how does the bank treat their members? If you ever have a problem or need assistance, the customer service the bank offers will become important. A good way to find out is to read bank reviews from sources such as Pissed Consumer, Yelp, Consumer Affairs, and the BBB. Find out what current and past customers have to say, and look for the best rated bank s. Take note of any recurring complaints as you will likely have to deal with them, too. On the other hand, if customers are generally happy, chances are you will have a similar experience.

How to Choose a Bank in 5 Steps

Now that you know what factors to consider, here is a step-by-step guide on how to choose a bank that is right for you.

  • Identify Your Needs

    Take some time to think about what you need from a bank. What kinds of accounts do you want? What additional products and services might help you? Will you be traveling or stationary? Do you want to be able to go into a branch and to talk to someone in-person? Go over the factors above and write down what your ideal bank will offer.

  • Research Bank Offerings

    Next, start your research. Look up banks that you suspect will meet your needs and take notes of their offers. Don’t hold back here, look up several options. A good place to start is with the top rated banks you find in reviews.

  • Shortlist Banks that Fit Your Needs

    Now, it’s time to compare banks . Review the data you‘ve collected and pick the top three choices that most closely resemble your ideal bank.

  • Review and Compare Banks

    Take a closer look at each of the shortlisted banks, read the fine print on their websites, ask friends and family, and dig into real-user bank reviews . Compare the pros and cons of each.

  • Make Your Selection

    Pick the very best that fits for your needs and open an account.

How to Find the Best Bank for a Checking Account

What if all you need is a checking account, how should you compare banks? Here are the factors to research:

ATM Fees

ATM fees can add up quickly if you frequently withdraw cash. To keep the costs to a minimum, check how much a bank’s fee is when using an ATM owned by the bank, how many ATMs the bank has, and how much the fee is when using an ATM not owned by the bank.

Overdraft Protection

Accidents happen, and sometimes people spend more than they have in their account. Banks will vary on how they handle this situation. You may have the option to:

  • Have the bank decline the transaction;
  • Approve the transaction and charge you a fee;
  • Approve the transaction and fund it from a backup funding source.

Decide what will work best for you, compare overdraft fees, and choose a bank that suits your needs.

Account Minimum Requirements

Check if the bank requires you to keep a minimum balance in the account and if any fees apply when your balance drops below the threshold.

Service Fee

Find out if the bank will charge you for simply having the account. How much? Keep in mind, there are banks that offer free checking.


Lastly, find out what you can get in return from the bank for opening a checking account. Rewards can range from cash back and airline miles to high-interest rates. Checking bank reviews can help you evaluate reward offerings and find top rated banks.

Comparing banks and checking accounts according to these guidelines will help you wade through the options and find which bank is best.