Harry Taggart Took Willow the dog without the owners consent after being trusted to look after her FACT ! Harry Taggart has rightly been dealt a WELL DESERVED blow to his ego FACT! I am very happy that this wonderful lady has been reunited with her dog..... FANTASTIC NEWS that's is Karma fact ! She and her Aunt have been through *** over this and they thoroughly deserved a positive outcome.... This Lady (Janice)is dedicated to her Aunt and... Read more

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Was impressed by what I saw on TV last night regarding the Don Sullivan dog training method, but as I ALWAYS do before making this type of purchase, I came looking for reviews from previous buyers. I've seen enough here to stop any further thought of finding a "miracle" training product from Don Sullivan. Sorry for all your bad experiences I see posted here, but thank you for taking the time and saving MY $$. I appreciate being able to rely on... Read more

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Banfield Pet Hospital - Banfield Vet in Deptford KILLED my dog!
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On 11/26/14, I took my Pomeranian, Missy to the Banfield in Deptford, NJ. The vet who normally sees my 3 dogs was not in (Dr Oliver).So Missy was seen by Dr Sara Garrison and Dr Amber Karwacki. She had a significant heart murmur and enlarged heart, which was being managed with diet, exercise and medication. She began vomiting white foamy liquid, so I took her in to make sure she wasnt dehydrated. She was breathing a little heavier than normal,... Read more

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Wicks Silver Labs - Avoid Wick's Silver Labs PLEASE!!
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alopecia, a genetic disorder directly caused by breeding these dogs for their color. I approached the breeder via email to no avail. However, he quickly updated his website to include that "alpaca"(I assume he means alopecia) can occur but is not covered by the health warranty. Luckily, my dog does not suffer from alpaca!! I sent a second email andApproximately one year ago I paid a hefty price for a silver lab puppy from Patrick Wickliffe in... Read more

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Diana Peters of Death Row Dog Rescue aka Save a Death Row Dog has been scamming innocent facebook fans out of their hard earned money. She is located in Oakland Park, FL (address also shows up as Ft Lauderdale, FL) She formerly ran her so called rescue out of Davie FL, and prior to that in Miami/Dade in the Redlands area. She keeps getting shut down, and moving on... Court records show enormous fines she owes, as well as evictions, and an open... Read more

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I keep seeing all these people complain about Petsmart Grooming,and I for one am tired of it. I understand there are bad groomers and Im not denying the fact that some groomers can have attitudes and not care and should be fired. BUt 8 out of 10 times, its the customers. 1.Just because its "customer service" dosent mean they have "Im your ***" stapled to their name tags. So treat people like you want to be treated. 2. If your dog is matted,... Read more

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Wonder Lake Veterinary Clinic - Negligent Dr. Edin Mehanovic Nearly Killed My Dog
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This is a long but detailed story, so before I begin below is only a PARTIAL LIST of what Myloh and I experienced at Wonder Lake Veterinary Clinic with Dr. Edin Mehanovic. If you are in Illinois or on the Wisconsin border you need to know about this vet. To read the story in it's entirety with the gory details of what this "cheap priced" doctor that people think is so wonderful did to an innocent dog you have to click on the tab Myloh's Full... Read more

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On March 11th, 2012, we purchased two 15 week-old (brothers) German Shepherd puppies from Mittelwest Kennels in Wonder Lake, Illinois, owned and operated by Julie Carroll Martinez. We were met by Grant, her kennel manager and boyfriend, who showed us the pups. He never asked us one single question about our experience with German Shepherds, our home or the environment the dogs would be living in. There was no: "¢ Application process "¢ Bill... Read more

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Signed my giant schnauzer up for 2 weeks board and train for over $2500 I expressed concern at the beginning about the collar but was assured it would not hurt him. After taking the collar off when I got home he had 4 burned scabbed places on his neck. What a waste of money and harmful to my dog. I was fearful that this e collar would be harmful but they assured me it would not hurt him. I feel terrible that he was subjected to two weeks of this... Read more

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I left my 1 year old frisky golden retriever with a trainer in Colorado for a 14 day intensive training for $2,000 while I attended class out of state for the same duration of time. Within 24 hours of having my dog in one of their trainers care.....one of the trainers dogs BIT off half of one of my dogs ears!!!!!!! I was thousands of miles away and had to complete my class for my job beforeI could return. It was a horrible thing for both me and... Read more

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