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3rd Degree Blues Band - DO NOT BUY THE LA TIMES LA Times constant abuse of its literary powers

3rd Degree Blues Band
DO NOT BUY THE LA TIMES Every day the LA Times writes articles that are untrue, destructive, divisive, hurtful, and totally without basis for the way the article is written. I know no one will read this or care. I only want the news to be like it is expected to be. Why even go to college, just lie with energy. only write about things you have evidence about. get 2 sources before you destroy someones life. by the way it would be less hurtful if... Read more

Walt Disney World - Fastpass+ stinks

Walt Disney World
I am a Floridian. I am a Disney lover. I LOATH the new FP+ system and will continue to complain until the go back to what it was! So it supposed to be better? WRONG!!! FP was like a a perk....those willing to get up early for Magic Hours (which is pointless now) and stand in line to get in early and get our passes. We could be done and happy and content by 12! We could get our rides done and then do other things or go back to the hotel... Read more

Legoland - Horrible Customer Service

Myself and my family hold seven annual passes that we have had for two years. Today I went online to try to renew them but the website would not except any of the ID numbers. I spoke to them via the online chat and was told I had to call the 800-number because the website was not working properly. When I called the 800-number I spoke to a lady named Tammy who informed me that I would have to go to the park to renew my passes that she can’t do... Read more

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