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Entrapment!! Asking for your email for a VIP program that costs $14.95 per month but not disclosing the amount. Then when you tell them you didn't intend to sign up, no apology or offer to reimburse!! Talk about a SCAM!! I will never order from this company again or any of their sister companies and I'm filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. This is especially wrong for the home bound, living only on Social Security, who take...
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I noticed a charge for the VIP membership on my credit card statement in June. I called and cancelled the VIP member and was told it would be credited back on to my card. It's now July 21st and just called again to CANCEL that VIP membership and asked for a credit to my credit card. There had been no credit on my card and asked why..."Don't know, but I'll do that right now." So, I'm contacting my card co. and disputing this VIP charge. Why...
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I placed an order with Catalog Favorites in February 2016, then started receiving monthly charges on my credit card of $14.95. I never signed up for any VIP program. I called the direct line for VIP (855-226-7056) and have received email confirmation that not only has my "membership" been discontinued, but also that I will be receiving a credit for 3 months of unauthorized charges. I placed an order with Catalog Favorites in February 2016, then...
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Anonymous Yes, i just noticed the charge on my visa card and realized they have been charging me 14.95 every month since Nov 2015. They will only refund this months 14.95. They state yo...