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Sorry to hear about your misfortune with this company, I too am a former employee one of three supervisors hired in from the startup in 2003. followed my superintendent a guy I looked up to for years during previous employment with another company. handfull of us worked from one single vacuum truck we grind the first few years company began to grow. After a little success politics began to creep in. management brought in family and friends,... Read more

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  • Jan 26, 2016
  • by anonymous
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I've read 20 of these complaints and it's funny how it's not ever the individuals fault but the companys fault .

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This company came in to the site I work security at. In general, out of all the different contractor companies I've came in contact with over the years, Cat spec is the absolute worst at following simple directions. Every day with them I felt like a broken record. I was hoping their supervisors would let them know the site rules and the basic stuff they need to know to work safely and within guidelines, but apparently they don't. Cat-Spec is... Read more

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i was one of the people that got hurt working for cat spec on a job in gonzales la. They snuck me out of the plant and never reported it to the plant safety i believe the safety mans name was eddie. cat spec sent me home without paid leave. have yet to hear from them again for work. i have tried calling them to help with the medical expenses since that time and have been met with nothing but stonewalling and run around. the plant shell was never... Read more

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  • Apr 01, 2015
  • by anonymous
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Cat-Spec would be a good and better company if they had good safety people,treated everybody equally and didn't lie and hide all the fatalities and accidents that happen during work hours inside the plants,and of course it's never going to be cat-spec's fault.

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willie and frank really need to be investigated by higher management. they really dont know much about the work they do they cheat employees of their per diem. they are always turning down work thinking that other companys will pick them up and they dont they dont care about their employees because they live off of salary their employees go weeks at a time without work.willie and frank evenmun ipilate steve into getting them raises tech a's are... Read more

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One of the new employees hired at Cat Spec Oregon OH. comes with a strong warning of Caution. She inappropriately speaks to her male married co workers. She does not have boundaries. She is currently emailing an ex co worker at her previous job and will not stop even when he does not reply. She has threatened suicide on herself if they stop talking to her. Also she has tried blackmailing, saying she would contact their wife to tell them there... Read more

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I was a former employee of Catalyst Services when I found out this company was hiring. I showed up and spoke with a new HR manager. I was offered a supervisory position after interviewing and a review by the partners downstairs. Several techs were hired around the same time. A few months and several jobs later the Operations Manager apparently returned for wherever he had been at the time we were all hired. From that moment on, all of the... Read more

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Cat spec is full of dead beats, convicts, drug addicts and alcoholics. All of the partners are egocentric bullies. Read more

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One of the partners France Aufegger is a dead beat dad! Read more

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