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Aylah at Cassadaga is a FRAUD

Cassadaga Hotel - Aylah at Cassadaga is a FRAUD
There is this uhmmm..Lady if you will (my mom never said to say something bad about people) whom I recognized when I walked into the Cassadaga Hotel in Cassadaga Fl, she calles herself Aylah there, but her real name is Shirley Josephine Casanas, I recognized her from being down south. I started to ask around about her there and there is NOOOOO doubt in my mind that this is the FRAUD that I remembered from down south. She is a SCAM ARTIST SO BEWARE!! She claims to have a degree in science, yet, takes unsuspecting peoples moneys claiming she can commune with dead spirits and tell you your fortune! HAHAHA is all I can say about that!! I looked around the gift store and found alot of items that she had stolen from my store downsouth. I would love to know what the owner thinks of selling stolen items!! What first drew me to her there was a nice lady held open the door for her and at first she was nice til she seen who it was, she must have recognized her because she said oh its you, right in line with the Shirley I knew. I believe in mediums and tarot readers but she is as about as psychic as my pinki toe. I sent her packing a few years back and she decided to help her self to my merchandise and money to get out of town. I have a police report down here, I feel bad for the woman who runs the hotel due to hearing that she is a recent widow. "Aylah" has many alisis's as I would if i were on the run. She is a disgrace to the psychic community, and has been known to single out the real ones and drive them out for fear that they see right through her. I asked the nice lady that held the door for her if she was ever picked on by this miserable witch (not to give witches bad names) and all she said was that she would rather not talk about people in a negative manor, now there is a woman aylah, shirley, Josphine, what ever her name is can really look up to. Please for your own sake stay as far away from Aylah as you can. She is a fake as they come. She likes to kiss up to owners and then take them for all she can before she ***. She owes me over 25 grand. Now that I know where to find her you can bet your bottom dollar I will be sending a summons and letting the owner know that she is selling STOLEN goods in her shop, that is not good business any way you cut it!!! My personal psychic said an old situation would be resolved today, guess she was right on the money. i hear that she also lives there, even better, i would stand to be all my incense, statues and other merchandise in is in that hotel other then just in the gift shop. I thank the GODS that I have found that thieving wench!! Maybe now I can stop another from being taken advantage of like I was.....bless you god and goddess!!!!!! And she is not a good reader, nor healer, everything about her is FAKE!! She gives a good sob story though, she should have been an author, not what ever she is faking at the moment!! BEWARE is all I can say, she is a thief, liar, manipulative, and will push away anyi one she fears may see through her!! I hear she has already done this to a few here, what a shame because they were more them likely the real deal.......If you see her coming RUN THE OTHER WAY!
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I read your post with great interest. Wish I could private message you about this matter. Below is my email address, so please drop me a line.



June 3, 2016


I had a reading by Aylah this past weekend while staying at the Cassadaga Hotel. What I KNOW is that she was amazingly accurate about deaths I have dealt with in the past 4 years, she told me things that she could not have known unless she is a true medium, AND I can and will vouch for her abilities based on my reading.

She was warm, friendly and I felt completely at ease with her.

I am an empath and I can certainly tell when people are fasle...Aylah is as real as it comes for this type of work.

I encourage anyone visiting the hotel to let her guide you to find answers you need.

Rose Williams,

Gainesville, FL


I was blessed enough to meet Alyah (obviously her Stage name) on Monday, and was blown away by her expertise. Her reading for me was spot on.

Dug up emotions and experiences I didn't even know were in me. I have been singing her praises all week, and have referred lots of clients, and friends her way. As for the accusations ....anyone claiming theivery on a scale that large ( 25k) should have to have incriminating evidence before they put someone on blast via the World Wide Web. Camera footage, witness other than a family member, or perhaps catching them in the act and calling the local authorities.

The Cassadaga Hotel is an independently run Business that takes blows like this directly in the pocket...let alone the heart. You cannot believe all you read on the internet. Consumers will have a bruised ego, a bad day, or looking for someone to blame. My reading was #Profesh the Vibes, the Energy, and the Cards don't lie.

People do.

Most people in this career path are Gypsy's so her Moving around is not a shocker.....reading this hateful review on her was. Alyah you were Amazing.


I feel obliged to provide my personal feedback as a client of Aylah's. A friend of mine and I visited Aylah for the first time and our readings were COMPLETELY different.

We each come from two different walks of life and there wasn't anything in our readings that were remotely similar to each other.

She brought up issues in my life that NO ONE would possibly know. I was super happy with my experience and will see her again.


After I read this "complain", as a Psychologist, the first thing that comes to my mind is for a person to take so much time elaborating such destructive critics is a person that is or was emotionally involved with the target of the critics. So, without knowing who you are, I could say that somehow you felt rejected by Aylah (or Shirley) and that situation hurt your EGO so deeply that you need to repair it somehow.

Being obviously a non-evolved person, instead of self-analyzing, you blame others for your failure in a particular situation. I am pretty sure that ALL your life is a chain of failure, trying to blame others for what is your responsibility. I invite you to, instead of going to a card readers looking to hear what you want to hear and if you don't, then you blame them, go to a Psychologist to find out what is wrong with you.

After said that, I need to say, that I know Shirley for many years, and she is one of the most authentic and courageous women that I have met in my life. So courageous that after a long and successful career in the Research and Scientific field, she evolved so much that now she is dedicating her life to help others through her spiritual gifts.

The only problem she has (for SOME PEOPLE) is that she is transparent and she tells the truth. Obviously, not everyone can handle this......


Please read the entire post. I don't go to reades I run stores in southern fl.

Shirley is a fraud. She tells each person the same thing, how is that honest? It is a fraudulant way to make a living. She has stolen merchandise from me and I walk into a shop and see it for sale with her employee number on it.

That is theft. Plain and simple and I think that even in your profession you can agree with that. She is not helping people. I have sent a few people to her to record the readings and word for word THEY WERE THE SAME THING!!

She hurt me you are correct because I trusted her when she was down here and she ruined tomhY by lying and stealing. She is as psychic as my dog. Your knowing her blinds you to whom and what she truly is.

I hope you never get taken by her as I did! :upset


As the owner of the Cassadaga Hotel, Diana Morn, I feel that this vicious attack written about one of the members of the Cassadaga Hotel family is not only a lie but slanderous! Every one that works for me is held in the highest respect and integrity and if there were any question regarding their ethics they would be asked to leave.

With regards to the people that manage this site, I am surprised to see that one of your warnings before sending a comment is "personal attacks will be deleted". I urge you to please read this postings and immediately delete them. They may cause damage to my business and staff.

You are welcome to call the Cassadaga Hotel and verify the validity of this comments at any time

Diana Morn

Cassadaga Hotel Owner


Diane Morn beware that is all I am saying to you. Please do not get taken as I did by trusting this woman.

She is not a psychic nor a medium. :roll

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