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I took a loan with Cash Call because hours weren't enough at work and I was falling behind on Bills so i thought I could catch up. It helped but than work slowed down they cut my pay so all of a sudden I couldn't make the payments. Cashcall started mailing letters calling my job. So than i couldn't take it anymore. I moved stores and loss my cellphone bc I couldn't pay for that. They kept trying to take the money out of my account so i had to... Read more

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  • Nov 19, 2014
  • by anonymous
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Even a worse place to work!!!! Employees are treated with the same disregard as customers!!! I lost weight hair started shedding upper management are *** holes and lazy and the mandatory hours are insane. I was there for a paycheck but morally I was drained daily. It's like working for the good intentions at that toilet bowl of a job

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I pulled out a loan with Cash Call at 115% interest rate which should be illegal in my opinion. After making 2 payments for over $1,000 I requested a payoff demand to rid myself of the nonsense. I sent the check in to payoff the loan in full and had Cashcall send back the check stating that the check was not properly endorsed. With the money in hand, shouldn't a company attempt to contact the consumer first rather than (in my opinion) attempt to... Read more

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I have a credit score that is over 800 yet I got the 50 questions before they would offer me that rate. They then settled in at 0.25% about the number advertised. Then as we moved the process forward and I was providing everything they asked I confronted them with the advertised rate issue. Now they said I could not get a loan from them anymore. I guess I hit sore spot ... lol. If you have no credit your stuck with them but if you do don't... Read more

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I have a personal loan and my payments are due on the 1st of every month but I have till the 15th of the month to get my payment. I get the statement and it states on my statement. I get a phone call from a Kelly at area code starting with 513.. She said she is calling for my payment this was around 10 or 11am in the morning. I told her I understand but I will be sending you the payment on the 13th.. She constantly said how much can you send me... Read more

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bait and switch,...they never do you pay on a loan everymonth and the balance never goes down..u still owe the same amount of the one year time....its like u are paying on another loan while still they hold that loan in the balance.doesnt make what am i paying for??????????I TRIED CALLING THEM GOT THE RUN AROUND....WAS TOLD I GET A CALL BACK IM STILL WAITINGFOR SOMEONE TO CALL FROM THE MAIN... Read more

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Never ever will I do business with Cashcall!!! They kept asking me to put in more money to lower my loan amount, but never actually funded my loan. We signed two escrows and my loan status is still unknown. They kept me waiting and never returned phone call. This company is absolutely unprofessional and irresponsible. Representative are rude and not knowledgeable. They have no integrity. I'm contacting my lawyer to bring a lawsuit... Read more

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Cash Call claims to be a company out there to help people in need unless of course someone else has used your information fraudulently 9 years ago and applied for a loan before the real you has. However, if you admit, that the fraudulent person is you, they'll proceed with your application as if nothing unusual as taken place. They rather have you admit to be someone that you aren't then be honest with them and give true and forthcoming... Read more

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We started a re-fin Feb. 2012. My scores are high. I only owe 1/2 of what my home is worth. The appraisal came in good. I got ALL my paperwork in right away. They wanted me to show my credit cards as zero. Hello, records state I pay in full each month. There was even had a three-way phone call with the credit cards to verify. First girl working on my acct. screwed up, we lost the lower interest rate. EX: She would call and say I... Read more

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Cash call promised me a really great deal on refinance. They even did the appraisal. The deal was 3.875% for 30 years fixed with NO closing costs. HOWEVER, they did not get a rate lock and they waited too long to close. So by the time they were ready to close the deal had changed to $1,000 for closing costs. I do not know if they did this intentionally or not. What I do know is that they screwed me! I am looking again, but the rates are... Read more

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