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I've been tracking my package and I forgot the tracking number once I'd found it I haven't heard no emails or calls tp let me know if wheter or not their gonna send it to my house at 1208 N Grant in Sherman, TX 75092 please give me an update to let me know about if my check is gonna be delivered

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Reason of review:
Order processing issue

Cash4gold - Review in Financial Services category

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I sent cash4gold 125 grams of gold exactly 101 grams of 14k gold and 24 grams of 24k gold 1 1/2 months later I finally got a check for $319 witch according to there cash4gold calculator should of been a proxy $3900 so I called and refused the check and over night ed it back to them 3 weeks ago and called several times the tracking number says it is still at the post office still have not received my check pissed and talking to a attorney next week I do got money to sue

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map-marker Oakland, California

Cash4gold - Gold Bracelet Trade In Review from Oakland, California

I took a 14k gold bracelet in to sale ...and the woman said that it wasn't real right from the start...she said it didn't look like gold...i asked if she could test it ....she did....she did a regular acid test with 14 k gold acid and it passed with flying colors...the bracelet weighed 8.9 grams....she then asked if she could do a file test...thats where you use a file to make sure gold is gold....and not gold filled...most accurate to determine if gold or not she then used an 18 karat gold acid witch turned the filed area black....and she explained to me that the black color meant that the gold wasn't a full 14k that the black meant that it was only 10karat gold....and dud i want to sale it? When i refused to sale it ....she quikly turned into this weird/strange very upset person???

I said i might come back just to make her happy! So she then through the bracelet with the acid still on it ....into a ziplock baggie and threw it down under the security glass cubby or ?

.....i have been collecting and buying and selling jewelery for 20 years....and this woman does not know what she is doing?? She was clearly trying to get over on me...witch is unfortunate because i will let it be known to every/anybody in every conversation that comes up.....i do believe she is an employee and not the OWNER.....SHE IS STRAIGHT UP .....BEWARE!

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Reason of review:
Poor customer service
map-marker North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Cash For Gold Company Scam

Cash For Gold Company located in Sharon, MA is misleading customers selling their gold. This company is using the Fox News endorsement by your Trisha Thompson to praise the integrity and honesty of this company which is completely false.

I sent them 39.8 grams of 14K gold which by their calculator states its worth as $897. First they sent me a check for $243. I called and complained and they said they made a mistake and would send me an additional sum of $453 making the total $696 which included a bonus of $50. They said the value of my gold was $646. They said that when you use their calculator you must multiply that reading by 82%. They could not show me where this is stated on the website. I asked them why their gold calculator was not set at 82%. They had no answer. Their website is totally misleading and a scam. They are using Fox News to support their scam. Please look into this since they are cheating their customers.


Joe Altman



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Reason of review:
Pricing issue

Preferred solution: Pay me the $250 and change their gold calculator to reflect true customer value.

map-marker Port Huron, Michigan

Ripped off

These people are pieces of ***. They sent me 10$ for around 2,000$ worth of jewelry, then when I asked for it back, they told me to send the check, I did so. NEVER got ANYTHING back. AND they ignored EVERY message and call after I sent them their check back! PLUS now? One of the rings I sent them was an engagement ring from an ex who died. GREAT. THANKS. Don't even bother with these ***.

I also tried sending a report to the BBB, but, it seems that they've been sued right out of business, according to the BBB anyway. Here's what I told them.

Complaint Description:

Problem date : 9/14/10, I received my package, and filled out the forms, sending over $1,000 worth of jewelry to them. It took them two months to send my check, once I finally received it, it was only $10.33. I complained to their "customer service" and was told to send back the check. I sent it back, and to this date, 1-13-13, they have ignored all emails, and calls, and I have never received my items or their wimpy little check back. I still have the emails, and original letter from the company.

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Reason of review:
Problems with payment
Siya Fbs
map-marker Sunnyvale, California

Gold buyer doesn't know how to buy

Cash 4 Gold in Wauconda, Il on the corner of Rte 12 and Bonner Rd. I went in to sell the store silver coins I had won in a sales contest.

First off, the guy had to call someone on the phone because he had no clue what a Morgan Dollar was, and had to be walked through the whole transaction over the phone. Later, after being paid $160 dollars cash, the dumb *** guy called me at work and said I was trying to steal from him because one of the coins ended up being fake and he was going to call the cops. I am not a numismatic expert of any kind, and these coins were given to me. I told him I would bring back the money and I wanted all my coins back.

He blamed me for not knowing how to do his job and buy precious metals correctly, and that I purposely tried to slide a fake coin past him. Told me to never step foot on the property or he would have me arrested. I told him he was an *** and to *** off. His name is Joe.


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map-marker Los Angeles, California

Cash for gold or gold rush stores at the malls in california

ok people this is a complete rip off/scam! every time you see a KIOSK with a yellow/black and green sign in the mall surrounded by people giving yellow flyers saying that they pay you big cash for your gold PLEASE!

STAY AWAY FROM THOSE! they don't only give you nothing for your gold but they also weight the jewelry by pennyweight and not by the gram..what does this means?? a pennyweight is = a GRAM AND A HALF! BUT THEY DONT TELL YOU THAT!and they also have the lowest rates!

so they pay you nothing and also steal half of the gold by measuring it by the not! sell anything to these people.their employees are trained to hide the fact that the steal half of your gold!

they do not want people to know! so before you go to the mall because you think it is secure to sell it there ,have in mind that they already have a beautiful system to steal your gold in your face and smile at you at the same time!

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I had a good experience at a gold rush store here in the bay area. They were open to negotiating with me on my asking price and the employee was much more friendly and knowledgeable than other cash for gold places


And they treat there staff bad to. I have a law suit on them right now so if you worked under that *** VANESSA GONZALEZ then get in on the law suit she's evil and the whole company is a cheat lie and scam but beware there no longer passing out yellow papers there flyers are now like 100 dollar bills and there called GOLD RUSH STORES. Stay far away ...

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-502613

I used to work under Vanessa Gonzalez just wondering what is the lawsuit about?


I used to work for this company Gold rush..and this company is a rip of they pay 43% market price and are only willing to give you less than 60%. The will not give you more than 86% even for a pure .999 Oz coin.

Go some were else. I hated the job and that's why I quit. They train us and brain wash there employees but not me. This is why please people go some where else even of they give you a competitors price you will see the will never give you more than double the amount the calculator on the computer ..they will lie and say "oh it's cuz they resale"- bull ***.

If you have a iPhone down load the gold buying calculator an use it to its full advantage.

It will save you. There are places that will pay more than 60%


These company sucks... I am serius go check some other places :upset :upset


Omg. Is true they pay less then any others scammmmm.....

Even the old employee is teling you. Listen to the truth!!!



These company is complete scam listen to Michael D. Bacause is true please go were they will pay in grams...

you will get more money for you. Not for the company.

Good luck!

:( :(


Gold rush rip off...don't sell any gold to these people. ;) :(


I used a Goldrush store (kiosk) to cash in my old jewelry this year. I have to say the employee was very open and honest with how they paid.

She explained the whole pennyweight thing and gave me a true estimate before I agreed to sell. I wanted to check out 2 other places, and was told they would beat any competitors price (which they did!).

Service was great too! I'd go back to them if I need to selll anything else.


I worked for that people and is true they are a total rip off, they pay nothing and they treat employees like *** no benefits ,nothing please if you want to sale gold go to a place that pays you in grams gold rush cash for gold sucks .

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knottyknotts R
map-marker Issaquah, Washington

Scammed at x-mas for all my gold -cash for gold

at xmas time i sent 3 lbs of my gold to cash for gold and never recieved anything it was xmas and i have an 8 year old who had a *** xmas thanks to these fools of course im a fool for sending it but before i had used the same company so i thought anyway lesson learned its karma and hopefully they will get whats comming to them ... 3 lbs gone i cant believe i was so dumb but i had sent gold through the mail before as a test and i did get a check but i guess this was a different company that i didnt know this has soured me so bad i hate scamsHeather Radewam

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Bellyupinmi E
map-marker Warren, Michigan

Cash4gold is a huge rip off

These guys are a JOKE. I sent them a 14K ring and they had the nerve to send me a whopping check for $6.00.

Their money back guarantee? I don't know as they have refused to even answer my emails that they say to do if you are unhappy.

Those ads on TV have to be the biggest joke going. NOBODY took a vacation on this kind of money.

I took this ring to a local store to have it appraised. The lady weighed it and said "with the cost of gold, this is worth close to $200. but they do not buy gold they are a retailer. I thought well then since they do not use a "Middleman" maybe $125 because they are in business to make money as well.

But $6.00 that was an insult. Do not believe those clowns, they do not pay you anything.

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map-marker Warren, Michigan

Cash 4 Gold Big rip off

These guys are not what they claim to be. I sent in a 10K Gold ring and they sent me a check for $6.00, yes six dollars.

It was insulting. I had a local dealer offer me $80 but I figured these guys cut out the middle man, they say they pay top dollar, what they do is rip you off-Avoid this company, they are not what they say they are.

Those ads that say "I had no idea my gold jewlery was worth so much" is 100% correct, they ripped her off too I bet. Use your local dealer if you want to sell jewlery, not these guys

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I agree they are a rip off, I sent in, some jewelry and they sent me a check for $9.00 and that jewelry was worth well over 100.00. I also went to a cash 4 gold at a hotel name I will not tell, one would not believe how they do this, One, gal.

looking though magifiy glasses, going so fast she could not possibilty know what anything was worth, and just dropping the jewelry in tray's, it was a laugh.

I brought mine up and got told how they do this, I walked out, its one great big rip off. So watch for those flyer's you get in the mail too.

Fredric Ynk

Lesson learned here is Always Always Check out the company on BBB first if the Deal sounds way to good!!! otherwise - well you found out the hard way unfortunately.

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