Horrible and scammy business

DO NOT GO HERE !!! If you don't read my full review, please take away this one fact. Do Not Go Here Very Scammy. Now that that is out of the way, here is how I came to this conclusion. I bought a car from white motor co. in Springfield. Upon their closing, they transfered my loan to Cars R Us. When I bought the car, there was a problem with the front end. I was told to bring it back and they would fix it for free, as part of the sale. Since they closed I brought it to this wonderful dealership. I talked to them and they wouldn't do it for free as they were not white motor co.. I said it's fine we have a full warranty on it. Next thing I know the car is fixed and I now owe them $400 to even get my car back. They never once communicated that they were going to fix and I had to pay. Oh well chaulk it up to misscomunication. Months later my AC starts to blow cold. I tried the recharge cans you can buy, but it didn't fix the issue. I called and scheduled a time to have them fix the compressor, or whatever issue it may be, as I had the full warranty [that I paid extra for]. I dropped it off the night before, and put the keys in the box. The next day I went the whole day without hearing from them. So I called about an hour before they close. They told me the warranty won't cover it (which they would have) and that they are recharging it and I owe them $100's for the "labor" and frion. Wait hold up, did I once say I received a call, a quote, or wanted them to proceed? Nope pretty sure I did not. Now that we are all on the same page, let me finish. I questioned why they would just fix it without calling or my permission. Wait this is the 2nd time.... So I questioned their ethics. Upon stating this was the second time. They said fine we will take all the frion out and you can have the car, but you are not allowed back. 2 problems with this, 1. It had full frion in it when I dropped it off, and 2 they are carrying my loan. Now, as I was getting heated by the incredibly unethical nature of this, I had my wife call. They told her she had to come sign that we would pay if they fixed it, but would not give a price. The next day, she went there to grab the keys, as we do not trust anything they say or do. Only to have them pull it out of the shop working on it again!!! My wife questioned them and got a smirk back. Yup a smirk. I am now out 3 days, all my frion and my sanity.... The moral of this story/review is dont trust a place that does what they want, tries to run you over and make a huge bill so they can take the car, because you can't pay the huge unwanted cost. After looking at more reviews I found out that others had had the same thing happen, or at least similar. Some even lost their car............

User's recommendation: DO NOT GO HERE!!!!

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Strafford, Missouri
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