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Update by user Aug 30, 2012

After speaking with my wife and dealing with the threats from some people affiliated with this company we have decided that an honest review of the facts only is what we will post, we felt threatened after the first report, we retracted our review only due to the various calls that flooded my cell phone. I felt it necessary at the time to retract my original post, the facts are stated in the original review.

I\'ve since contacted a my attorney and forwarded all calls or texts regarding this review to him. The matter at hand is we did feel our privacy was invading entering our medicine cabinet, we certainly did have materialistic, replaceable items stolen. My Wife and I decided to let the company go. Our key was never returned, we incurred additional fees to have a professional come change all the locks.

My name is no longer available due to an attempt to ruin my good reputation here in my community and as a father and husband. I have no affiliation with any massage providers less than licensed professionals, my wife and I do enjoy couples massage.

How ever the sight this company\'s employees have implied I visit are false allegations. I\'m sure as a working family is looking for an honest, hard working, cleaning company they will read the reviews and form their own opinion, again this is just my experience, YEMV.

Update by user Jul 22, 2012

I\'d like to retract my prior complaint of the cleaning agency listed here as Carol\'s Personal Touch, my wife and I had been through four cleaning companies in less than a calender year upon moving to Cincinnati, Two of these companies did a *** poor job of cleaning while one I caught stealing my medication from our bathroom medicine cabinet, The conflicting memories with Carol\'s personal touch is credited to my attention to detail while working and listening to my wife on the phone, this is two stories that manage to collide, Due to the theft and poor cleaning while a third company sent out employees with terrible attitudes refusing to clean unless our home be empty, the following company was Carole\'s personal touch, Needing help with the home, my wife after surgery is understandably cautious with recent experiences, she asked I check into the company employees background. I stayed to meet them for the first initial clean and the owner\'s son introduced himself he was pleasant and friendly I asked if he mind if I\'m home during the process he said not at all he then explained if I needed anything extra taken care of while cleaning to let him know and it be no problem taking care of it.

I felt comfortable and I left for lunch, I came back to a home exceptionally clean! The crews work effort was impeccable! I felt at ease this task of finding good quality professional help was complete, they scheduled to return in two weeks. Unfortunately I did assure my wife background checks would be done with all hired help, I paid for a profile on the lead member I met, the son, my wife received the information from an online background check company for $10.00 they sent results through email, she had the first chance to go over the information and was clearly upset with the criminal records.

Although they did an excellent job with a great professional attitude, my wife still considerably shaken with the past companies called me at work demanding they not return. Unfortunately The company that was taking my wife\'s medical pain reliever memories collided, this was a tough time with alot of confusion while getting unpacked in the new home , getting stable at the new office, and my deepest apologies go out to this company. We let them go purely due to the email from a fly by night background check internet site in which after we let them go and going over the results more patiently, we noticed some inconsistent information, This background check company sent us information on Mr.C*********R C*****S with 4 different date of births and the race listed was African american on some info and Caucasian, they sent us information on a total of FOUR different C********R C*****S! There was little more could be done at this point than learn from our mistakes, I completely forgot O wrote this review, once the emails alerting me that comments are being left here, I felt it only be right to clear up the confusion as I\'m sure this very honest and professional company is very bewildered on this complaint.

Even if this companies son has some kind of police record as we all have things we are ashamed of!! I will say I have yet to find a cleaning company as professional and skilled in cleaning as they were.

It is a deep regret of mine to of gave up their services, let this be a lesson to us all for judging a book by it\'s cover, it certainly was to my wife and I, as we are still searching for a cleaning agency comparable to the service and quality of CAROLE\'S PERSONAL TOUCH!

again on behalf of my wife and I


Original review posted by user Apr 10, 2012
I thought my wife was over using her narcotic pain reliever , she began to complain the medicine is not lasting the right amount of time , I explained she is over using them because I counted them a week ago and finally we set up a camera an soon learned the cleaning company crew from CAROLE'S Personal touch was stealing her pills, I did a background check an turns out over 90% of the employees work for her have extensive CRIMINAL BACKGROUNDS SUCH AS TRAFFICING AND GUN CHARGES AND THEFT DAUGHTER INLAW WAS CHARGED WITH FORGERY SHE STOLE PEOPLES CHECKS AN WROYE THEM OUT!! the owners son is a 3 time FELON OF ASSAULT AN BATTERY AND TRAFFICING DRUGS AND BEATING ON WOMEN! I was in shock at the employee this independent owner hires and her son whom Is a crew leader is the worst of them all!! I called this lady CAROLE the owner an requested only employees without criminal felonies be let clean my home and she became very upset and insisted her son run the crews so I let the company go!! She never did return my house key!! Just a warning to everyone with children an such! CAROLE's personal touch! Cleaning services is embodied with felony convicted criminals.
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If those kids are being teased at school then its the parents fault for puttin them kids in their adults matters, what kind of parent puts their kid up to doing that anyway? an unles your kid is runnin around school telling everyone where to look an what for then how they even going to know?

Personally I want to hear from the estranged family member, the CRAZZZZZY one!! quit kissing their *** and let it out! whats really going on? there something not being said here!

If I leave my email will you email me and talk about whats really going on? I am far from dumb and I know this family well! I bet something BIG is going on it is always some drama in this family!

*** they putting you out to be all crazy and jealous! I'm sure it's something why they hurried up and accused yall??


Oh your a PHONEY! Your no real Grandma, I talk to all me neighbors about this last week and every single one agreed that we should have the right to know if the company we hire who will be inside our home will send in cleaners we never met and if they have a terrible criminal record they all agree, HECK YES we should have the right to know!

and if this Carole is so proud of her son why does she hide his crimes from her residents she cleans for ?

Your no grandma either missy! your nothing more than another family member trying to defend that crooked business, we read your message and no grandma we know uses that slang language HATERS! Your one of those forgiven criminals of your mother is all you are!

If your so proud of your criminal family Carole?

why don't you allow the resident to choose for them self? that is what you would expect!


After reading more I have to comment more, why would a person in business for 20 years do the bait and switch to rip people off? If she did she surely would be out of business or in jail by now.

Also people get in trouble when they go to jail they are paying for their crime, right? Do they never deserve to be hired at a job again? Then how are they supposed to live? If they don't learn from?

Their mistake they go back to jail eventually. If narrow minded people like you haters keep everyone whose ever made a mistake unemployed we will really have ALOT. Of crimes. You can't blame a woman who is kind enough to give them w chance to work .

Like I said, the amount of years she's been in business should tell you that she's doing something right. Again I don't know any of you have never been to your state even but from.

Reading the hate filled comments of some and the replies from the people involved shows the character of people you all are. If I could afford to have help cleaning my house I'd have no problem hiring her company


I'm surprised at the pure evil and hate people have in their hearts. Did anyone read the post from the child defending her dad?

I've never had the option of affording to hire outside help I have to clean my own house. But whatever happened to live & let live. Or the Bible "judge not lest ye be judged " if they are committing crimes then they should deal with proper authorities, blasting their personal family business online isn't very nice. Why would you want to damage someones character so bad that you could hurt innocent children who love their parents and also have to go to school to get teased for something they have no control over?

Do you have children? If you really care about the honesty and integrity of this business or family why don't you pray for them.because smearing them online isn't doing you any good unless you just enjoy that type of thing.

If you have to put others down to make yourself feel better you need to pray for yourself also. And I don't know any of you .its just my opinion from reading this.


??? WTF?

I googled them all and the only one who came to that massage site was the man who wrote the this, SO???


I did want to add that I am not making up anything an I am not related to them at all, we lived near eachother 20 years ago but I'm not crazy and I didnt lie about anything! Things came up missing alot , even money! even *** *** like a kids games, so what ever, I know Carol dont want people stealing too but it never stopped her from hiring nothing but thieves! I'm surprised she is even still in business.

I dont have to leave no dam email or call anyone to have my say either! I dont know who you are OTHERFAMILY but I know matt too. I have known about this family for many years now ok.

and why are these kids brought into this mess? that goes to show the son's are raising these little girls very good to put them in adult problems an allow them to read this kind of stuff written about their dads and grandma.


I want to clarify my ending to that opinion I gave regarding conducting business in an dishonest manner, I have never had a cleaning company come in my home, I have had repair men and painters my husband hired, My husband was always very upfront when hiring home help as he would ask them with a confident pride , if they have a criminal record and if so what is this from? As a mother and Grandma I think it's dishonest to not allow your homes to be aware of your employee's criminal record before entering their home. It should be their choice, it is their home not yours.



My daughter came here to write about her bad day with a local bank teller an seen this in the recently talked about bar along side here, she suggested I read about it because it broke her heart, As for a house help? I will say I would be very uncomfortable with this company and yes I understand it was long ago some are insisting these things happened, I just believe if a person has more than two an then three and then four different acts against the law they have committed in life, unfortunately I worked too hard with my husband our entire life to earn what little we have, I just am never ok with these young men beating up their wife or girlfriend, that young lady is someone's daughter and sister or best friend.

It's never ok to ever ,ever hit a frail young women. I hope he truly has been punished with his actions in life. My heart goes out to this Madison, This family dispute should not be done in public where the child feels hurt from other family talking about her parents, it is childish an speaks loudly of the character of these people. I came from a poor family and my husband's family did not agree with him and I dating, I feel very blessed that after only a few years I had a beautiful son and his mother took me in with arms open.

I may feel more of a bond with some than others, but I would never allow the children to feel any less loved than another. Although this family has problems conducting business in an honest manner, the real problem here is with the matriarch of this family, not of one son or the other, it takes the matriarch of a family to sit down an settle this sibling feud and as a mother it would truly break my heart to know a son I gave birth to, felt unwanted and unloved.

I would do anything in my power to fix my family because after all, IT IS YOUR FAMILY. Your children are a extension of yourself, if you can love and forgive the drugs an beatings on women, where is that same love for this child crying out for her Nanna?



Stop calling my Mum and Dad Crazy, or Mentally Ill. You guys are mentally ill, because you guys never let Nana around other family.

Every time we visit you guys have to be there or you get jealous and I should get to see nana too! My Mum And Dad work VERY hard, and you guys were mean to us the whole time we lived there. And we did not write that stuff about Nana. Every time something bad happpens to you guys, you blame us.

When its just your Karma for always calling other people trash. Just because Nana buys you guys so much stuff doesnt make other people trash we have to buy are own stuff. We didnt write this stuff about nana We Love Nana.

Leave my Mum and Dad Alone! :sigh


Hello, I'm The wife of the crazed family in this matter, my husband is Carol's son, 1 of 3, I'd like to respectfully ask everyone to please if you have something to say about carol or her son chris to plse call them or at the least leave a email where you guys can communicate, we are being accused of writing these things an although its very tough to hear the names we are referred as an its been a tough 10 yrs for Matt an I getting excepted into the family, we do still continue to try an win them over with no success, Matt has a hard time being excepted because he married me, I was not wanted in the family an Matt loved me anyway an he has been paying his dues for 10yrs now, we are not crazed but admitted a bit jealous at times but I think its only human nature to see your brothers loved unconditionally an you feel like your shunned, we love our family an we will continue to try an gain the love of Carol for My husband and her granddaughters, its very painful for everyone when this happens in a family an we ask everyone to please stop writing, I my self an Matt has worked for Carol an even though we are considered astranged, I will say neither of us has ever seen anyone steal nor people talk bad about homes or pictures, please dont start bashing us! I'm not not saying your a liar!

I'm just saying I know Carol is HIGHLY against stealing an obviously I have no reason to defend them when they wish we'd just disappear, so why would I bother right?

I know Chris is an excellent cleaner an I have witnessed many clients request he personally be sent to their homes, So please stop writing these things or find a new outlet to voice your opinion, this is only making it harder on my children an husband to continue trying to be a part of Carol's life. Thank you


if anyone wants to know who writing these craze bizzare stories just google the names of the people leaving comments and writing these untrue stories. it will take you to massage websites and not ur regular massage if you know what i mean.

its craze jealous family writing these things about carol and her family trying to ruin their lives because of their own mental problems. we are persuing pressing harrasement charges and restraining order because theirs no telling what they will try to do next.

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