Gr8 experience

I didn't even buy my Polaris 4x4 from Carns Equipment. When I had a MAJOR problem with my Clutch burning up..... They honored the Warranty with out question. Jeff even went the extra 100 miles to find me a side-engine cover for me, as mine was missing. Didn't charge me, either. They definately did not have to do any of that. same w/ the Warranty Fluids Change. Jeff has always been more than cordial, and Wanda is always sweet and polite. Sometimes when we, as the consumer, think too highly of ourselves, we become overbearing and demanding without realizing it. They're a Very busy place.... Can we all just take a deep breath and be a little more compassionate/understanding.???
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Good customer service


Probably the worse place to shop for a garden lawn mower. Box stores has better attitude than this place. Sad they call themselves Christains maybe with words only but their actions speak louder. Especially with Jeff ! The owners need to monitor this guy because he has a take it or leave it attitude ! Just left the showroom with quotes from Justin and decided to buy from Justin Carnes... But Jeff answered the phone twice and Justin was busy with customer, told to call back within hour. Again Justin with customer and Jeff would not help. Informed Jeff I wanted to place my order today and he told me sorry you got to do what you got to do ! We have customers here so buy who you want to ! Wow....Guess what, I'll never step into this so- called Christain Business ever again. Box stores treated me better as a customer not as a piece S_ _ T ! If you like this treatment... Go ahead .
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Philipsburg, Pennsylvania
  • Justin good job
Reason of review
Jeff's bad attitude and rudeness not a good sign as a Christain Business
Preferred solution
Let the company propose a solution

Carns Equipment - Cub Cadet Equipment Review from Philipsburg, Pennsylvania

As for this complaint about carnes this is true. I also had my issues with this company and cub cadet. Engine under warranty you would expect this dealer with a Christian Logo on the front of their business would represent honest people who has the proper attitude to handle any issues with kindness.... Wrong !! The woman who answers the phone, rude, salesman rude, service tech...okay. But....I will never encourage any friends or anyone that has the intentions of buying any product from Carnes in Clearfield Pennsylvsnia...Do Not Waste Your Time !!! Please Take Down The Christian Logo from above on your building.! Remember...the Bible says " by their shall know me " Bad example of this in this store !!
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Philipsburg, Pennsylvania
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Poor customer service
New Reviewer

Boycott Cub Cadet And Carns Equipment of clearfield, PA

September 18, 2009 To whom it may concern, boycott Cub Cadet… I believe it was in 2004 I purchased a Cub Cadet 5252 compact garden tractor From Carns Equipment in Clearfield, Pennsylvania. I immediately trusted this dealer because of the Christian symbols all over his shop. This was my first mistake in what would turn into a nightmare emotionally and financially. The day I purchase the tractor I asked Jeffery Carns (Owner of Carns Equipment) if the "deal" he was offering me was one with revolving credit, He said no, which was a flat out lie. I didn't figure out until later that in fact, my GE line of credit with Carns Equipment was revolving credit. The FIRST 5252 tractor had several problems.1. The tractor couldn't do the simple jobs Jeffery Carns promised it could do.2. The throttle would vibrate back and lower the RPM's after running for several minutes.3. The forward and reverse linkage binds.4. The loader linkage fell apart due to faulty workmanship.5. One of the hydraulic lines burst within the first 100 hours of use due to faulty workmanship.6. The battery light would flash on and off sometimes, due to faulty electrical system.7. The tractor would overheat on a even 70 deg. Day, due to the engines inability to breathe.8. The transmission failed due to minimal and inadequate engineering at the factory.9. It took Jeffery Carns 1 year to get me a new brake pedal that did not hit the loader frame.After that Jeffery Carns said He would replace the tractor and transfer my attachments.1. The SECOND 5252 tractor, which was probably the same one as the first, broke the differential lock cable2. It had similar electrical problems.3. It had similar over heating problems.4. It had the same throttle problem.5. It had the same forward and reverse linkage problems.6. The transmission failed.I was given a THIRD, but this time a 4x4 5234, tractor with cruise control and a canopy on loan while my 5252 tractor was again being repaired. 1. Again this tractor had similar electrical problems.2. It had similar over heating problems.3. It had the same throttle problem.4. It had the same forward and reverse linkage problems.5. The front axle locked up. Jeffery Carns gave me a list of repairs and fix's the factory supposedly had made to the 5000 series tractors. It had no logo or Cub Cadet specific information and was probably written by Carns in a Word document. He stated that this was written as a tech bulletin by the factory. He promised that all my problems would be over if , I would get a FOURTH "new 4x4 5234 tractor" and he said "it would only cost me $20 more bucks a month" .Feeling as if I had no other options, I agreed. 1. This tractor has overheating problems.2. The fuel gauge works sometimes.3. The battery light will flash on sometimes.4. The glow plug light will work sometimes.5. The front axle started leaking from both lower king pin joints when it had 280 hours on it.6. Now at just over 300 hours, something broke in the front axle and or the transmission. My "new tractor" (FOURTH) which I am pretty sure is just the Previous 4x4 model 5252. I say this because, I noticed months later that there are marks where the cruise control cable was removed. When I pressure washed the axle to get a better look at the leaks, the paint flaked off of the #7 king pin bolts telling me the axle was previously repaired, but I never had this tractor in for service. As for the canopy, Jeffrey Carns had my FIRST tractor with no canopy mounting marks on the roll bar, which I believe he transferred over. All tractors were garaged when not in use. My current tractor is out of warranty and I have been begging for help from both the dealer and Cub Cadet for weeks. They refuse to help unless it means a considerable amount of more money for them by me being required to trade up and loosing most of the apx. $12,000 I paid for the Cub Cadet 5252DL with front end loader . I called other Cub Cadet Dealers in the area and they were honest and they told me things like1. "there were a lot of bad ones2. "their transmissions are a nightmare"3. "You're not the first guy to say "Jeff Carns is not a nice guy""4. "I have worked on my fair share of them"5. "Cub Cadet had a quiet recall and one winter took hundreds of new tractors back to the factory to replace the transmissions and they are marked with a sticker on the frame of a red or green X about the size of a quarter which sometimes peels off, that cost them a lot and that's why they sold out to YANMAR"6. "I don't accept those on trade"7. "I will trade it in and give you $2,500 if you upgrade to a SC2400" (that costs $12,900) This tells me Cub Cadet has failed to provide a quality product. I paid a lot for a brand new pile of junk (12,800). After only 300 hours is vertualy worthless. I can't afford to take another chance on Cub Cadet and Carns Equipment who practice Lying, Trickery, Using people, Money gouging their customers, providing poor customer service, and are unscrupulous. I have been back and forth with Jeffery Carns and he is hiding behind the Manufacturer with a smile on his face and when I call Bill Jakeway of Cub Cadet I am interrupted, distracted and talked over before I can get out my story or "diffused" and ignored. Now, I have been shut out there is no help, there are no return calls and I am being purposely Ignored. The rude spiteful treatment is inhumane. There is no customer service, Cub Cadet hides behind the dealers. Talking with these people yields no results, they are well trained in the art of deception. I am tired of the leaders of industry meeting together behind closed doors and conspiring to avoid responsibility. The Consumer Protection agency protects the big companies by making extremely difficult hoops to jump through. They want receipts and a perfect outline with names dates and time of each and every incident. I never collected such data. I thought I would be treated more civilized. I am not credible in their blind eyes. I am writing you because I have no choice but to keep the "Lemon Tractor" and just spread the word of my horrible experience with both Cub Cadet And Carns Equipment. The citizens of the United States of America are being wronged and punished by deceiving corporations and companies. The United States Government does not protect its citizens. I am ashamed to be a hard working American citizen. This world and society we live in is far from civilized. For the most part, It is a corrupt web of inhumane treatment where the leaders of government and industry get together to limit or take choices from everyone. The leaders in government are arrogant, ignorant, selfish and are not representing the people. The leaders of industry are excessively capitalistic, marxist, greedy and provide product or services with no quality or customer service. In many cases the two share each others crooked ethics. People live in fear of being reprimanded for speaking their minds. This out of control spiral will not get better because the leaders of industry and government will not be responsible and make this world a better place. I am ashamed to be in a world like this. I wish I were never born into this living ***. There are hundreds of thousands of people who share my opinion but we are used, we are not counted, we are left behind and we are disrespected. I wish people cared more. (added on 10-27-09)Tow weeks ago a representative called me to discuss the problem and promised to call in two days with a resolution offer. I have not heard from them since. They are playing games to try to stop me from complaining about poor product and service. They have been running away from me ever since I bought my *** tractor. Cub Cadet used to be a good company and now they are silver tongued two-faced ***-artists. Sincerely, Noel Dueker
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I bought a used tractor off Carns dont get me wrong I understand the tractor was used but I had to bug him for a month and a half for the three point hitch arms because he took them off the machine and sold them.Then when he finely did get me some they were the wrong ones.Then one time my tractor startedleaking oil I found out the block was cracked at one time,and some one welded it.Now dont you think that if they serviced and checked the machine out they would have seen that.But then if you are one of his buddys you would feel he did a great job.


:( I got Cub Cadet walk behind commercial mower from them back in 2000 was told it was a 1999 model here it was a 1994 with bad seals. An other dealer ship worked under warranty that Carns Equipment of clearfield, PA said it had.

Good thing I save sale slip. warranty at that time was up soon!


I have purchased a few products from Carns Equipment. I will NEVER, EVER purchase anything from them again.

Does anyone know as to whether or not Carns has written these comments himself?

HMMM!! How can anyone e


Bought a 1554 in 2005. Had problems pretty much from the get go.

Few weeks after purchase it would only run on one cylinder. Called Lowes they put me onto a warranty repair shop 40 miles away. I had already diagnosed the problem. Bad ignition module and would not send it to me.

They took a over a week to pick it up and had it for another 3 weeks, returned and it still was not hitting on both cylinders. Called the shop that "fixed" it and asked why they send it back with the same problem? No problem I was told, hate that term we'll pick it up. No problem for them but a big problem for me and I told them as much.

No mower for over a month with over 6 acres to cut once a week. Needless to say my farm was looking pretty embarrassing. I told them to take their attitude and stick it where the sun don't shine. Ordered the part from my local hardware and farm supply (who are a Cub dealer and repair but Lowes said I was not allowed to bring it to them for warranty work) had the part ($35) in a couple of days, 15 minutes and I was back in business!

I had many issues with the machine long before the warranty expired. Having a shop and being a descent mechanic, one better be when they own a farm, all of the repairs have been done in house. If I were not able to repair it my self I would have spent a ton of money on repairs not to mention months of down time. This mower is poorly designed and built.

To change the main drive belt you have to lift off the engine for example! It is basically a toy with a big engine. If you are not mechanically inclined DO NOT BUY A CUB CADET FROM A BIG BOX STORE! As I found out later they are made cheaply to suite the stores price model.

ONLY BUY FROM A DEALER THAT HAS A SHOP IN THE BACK AND DOES THE WARRANTY WORK THEMSELVES. Like I should have done. Saved a few hundred $$ but thousands of $$ worth of hassle. Now the transmission has gone bad!

Cub Cadet shot themselves in the foot catering to the Lowes, Home Depot, Tractor Supply's of the world. I will never buy another Cub Cadet product.

I go out of my way via the internet or personally to advise people the same. Yes, I did contact Cub direct and they gave me a bunch of lip service.


:cry :( :grin


Disagreeing with how someone runs a business is no reason to bad mouth them as a person. Learn more about the brand you are buying, and shop around.

You repeatedly went back to Carns, yet say you had horrible experiences. My dealings with Jeff Carns and his business have always been fantastic. Being a tough businessman does not make him a mean guy. He knows what he's doing, when you don't.

If you have an issue with someone, stop going to them for help. Simple as help.


The guy has posted this complaint all over the web, disgracing the name of a company that treated my with respect and fair prices. There is a reason this is the only complaint one will come across about this business.

Just reading this argument makes you realize this guy has no clue what he's talking about.


Never ever buy from Carns. They will rip you off


next time noel by a top of the line tractor and you will get a top of the line tracto..... try cat, case, komatsu..... dont expect a high quality tractor for a bargain price


cub cadet 1045 are nothing but a piece of *** belts will not stay on drive shaft bad ,belt on tramission broke. they want do anything, i have had 3years of h..llwith it. they knew they were bad and ar nobetter than car co, that knows its bad.I HATE CLUB CADETS i am going to purchase a new somrthing tomorrow, byt it want be a cu cadet, or from home depoyt

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Boston, Massachusetts

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