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We recently had a beautiful pool installed by Carlton. The overall appearance is fantastic and it definitely serves our family needs. That being said, there have been a few issues since. The hot tub jets have never worked properly despite being looked at and "repaired" several times. It is rare to have the same technician come twice and they don't seem to have any communication system. Therefore, the home owner ends up explaining the situation... Read more

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I just recently decided to buy a pool from Carlton pools but when I picked out the pool it was a 35x 18' pool. Bob came out who flags the design for you and after he did we found that most of the pool was only 10' wide. They should have explained it to us first when we picked that design but they didn't. He spent about 15 minutes flagging the pool. He said pick out something else but in reality we really didn't want anything else so we said that... Read more

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I have posted the following which I am trying to remove it for past several days from I have followed the WEB site "" with notarized letter/S and still has not been removed. I have posted a new posting for Carlton Pool # 861990. , PLEASE remove this posting #853754. The information below is NOT accurate I just having to place pool in my backyard and unfortunately, hired Carlton which We... Read more

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Horrible customer service. Never call you back. Only care about money. The technicians are not trained and have handwriting worse that a five year old. Website sucks. Online forms never get responded too. Paul never calls back. Brian lies and so on

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Numerous calls to come and check where there is a leak. Left message after message. No reply Paul. So much for customer service. You install the pool you follow up

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I signed a contract in August 2015 to have my pool renovated in mid March 2106. They started the project on time which included installing all new coping. After the coping was installed they started the prep work for the application of Aquabright which includes an acid wash. They did not protect the new coping and new pavers when they were acid washing the pool and now the coping is ruined and 20+ pavers are ruined. I called Carlton the same... Read more

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I called Carlton Pools last weekend to schedule my pool being opened for the summer. Since Memorial Day is coming up I was hoping I could have it ready to go by that time and have a pool party (not like this weather is agreeing so far). When I called on Saturday they seemed amenable and said it should be no problem to have someone come up and work on the pool. They said they’d schedule it and give me a call back. But yesterday, they called and... Read more

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I recently visited the Carlton Pools retail location in Warminster, PA. I have been shopping around for someone to install an in ground pool at my home, so I figured I would give this company a try since they are not too far away. When I walked in the store, I was pleasantly surprised. They have pool toys, chemicals, cleaners, and event patio furniture for sale. I chatted with someone about my thoughts on a new pool, and after about ten minutes... Read more

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Carlton Pools built our pool and deck area a few years ago and so far, it's been fine with the exception of some weak spots in the deck. They told us with all the crazy weather this winter, the concrete was expanding and contracting too quickly which left us with a few annoying cracks in the deck. Nothing awful but definitely not nice to look at if you're a perfectionist like me!! We had the company come out for repairs this week so we could get... Read more

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I was reading some of the comments from before and just wanted to say we had a wonderful experience with Carlton Pools. Some of our friends in the neighborhood recommended them when we needed to have someone come in and repair/redo some of the plaster work in our pool....suffice to say we weren't happy with the company that did the original installation of the pool and didn't want them to touch it again. Anyway, we actually got hold of Carlton... Read more

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