The worst car dealer there could be

Carl Broomfield Cars - The worst car dealer there could be
Cb Cars The moment I met the guy I knew there was something wrong. He was so overweight and rude. Just something slimy about him. I got the car. Paid over 5 k for it and 2 days later it breaks down. I took it to a mate and he says its beyond repair. Been clocked sawdust in the gear box, paint on the tyres the works. I went back to the guy and he was just threatening and rude. Nasty man. I should have known better. Avoid CB Cars 1 Apple Trees Brick Kiln Lnae Swainsthorpe NR14 8PY Tel: 01508 47****
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So who is this Guy?


Do you like the weather today?


Once again the neighbours son has stepped in .well ninja why did you call the car dealer and try to talk your way out of all these dirty tricks. Are you proud of yourself for trying to shut a mans livelihood down .there are children living next door to your father . You should hold your head in shame with all these lies .from ninja you are a disgrace to the ninja population


Hello team. Am looking into the neighbour situations mentioned by bowgy any will expose the truth about this once I have the information.


Why would someone buy a car what's wrecked inside. Didn't you open the door, dippy, whose the anus :)


So that's it! I got a *** car from this anus.

It looked good but was wrecked inside. He never told me it was a bloody company car. Those things have been driven into the ground and really mistreated.

It's it not your car you just abuse it. He should have a warming in all his adverts saying warning this is a x company car!

Not happy


Why have you never complained. And why have you never brought it back, we have had no complaints.

Name the car, we supposed off sold you. What a load of rubbish someone has made up, hiding behind a computer screen again.


What a load of rubbish I have bought many cars from this dealer and everyone was spot on no complaints I know all this rubbish has come from a neighbour and his son who didnt want this man to trade from his garden . So if you want a good car vist c b cars his cars 99 % are x company cars with full service history so dont believe these rubbish reports .thanks for reading this


Now why would any legitimate car dealer stop dealing cars?


Thats good point.

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