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They do not care what condition the vehicle is in, all they car is getting the loan bought. Be careful if you are going to buy a car go to a legit dealership. Also makes our auto mall look bad because of there low quality vehicles they have. Many of you might be scared to go to a dealership because you think you might be denied. All I can say if you want to throw your money away paying for a vehicle that will break down soon and paying high...
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Diamondispissed Carhop is the shittiest place ever

Bad bad business I would like for any one who thinks about getting a car from here.DON'T uac charges you a arm and a leg for financing who and what car company pays a car note every 2 weeks .So I did some digging by law you are to pay once a month I was told that they should not be open.#2 we got a car from there found out the car was only worth 2,000 dollars if we would have kept it we would have paid 10,000$ for a piece of ***. It took this...
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My Grandson recently bought a Suv from Carhop.He paid 200 down which wasn't a bad down payment.WEll getting the license was another thing.They didn't have the title for months,It came the day the in-transits were to expire he called numerous times they give the run around to him he could have gotten a ticket,if stopped.Then he was a month late on his payment.He went to start his vehicle,well didn't start nothing,He was at work way out off of...
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Anonymous I can't agree more! They are thieves!! My mentally challenged son bought a car from them here in Minnesota. They charged him twice the value of the car on Kelly Blue Book, ...

These people are predatory lenders and sellers.U really cant pick the car you want unless you have the money they want. The prices are non negotiable. Exp.. a 98 ford crown victoria will cost you 10000 before financing. And they are owned by UAC the finance company. . I bought a 97 ford expedition. U was lucky not to have any problems out of it. But when i tried to pay it off ahead of time to avoid the 30% financing charges on top of being...
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