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Orlando, FL 32896 (866) 419-4096 GE Capital Category: Financial Services 6/23/2014 I was planning to use my Care Credit Card $9000.00 in order to finance a surgery that had originally been scheduled for February 2014, but was rescheduled by my doctor. The new surgery date is for August.I had to put a $1000.00 non-refundable deposit down in order to reserve the date. I have also purchased airline tickets and set my time off with my employer....
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Anonymous Same happened to me. Account closed, zero balance, never informed about it. Needless to say, I will NOT reopen the account


Anonymous Happened to me too! Had a zero balance and went to use it and was denied. Never got a letter about the closing. Found out only when I went to use it for my pet! Tried to reapp...

I went to a care credit dentist because I had a tooth ache and no dental insurance. The dentist referred me to a care credit specialist, an endodontist. Care credit approved the root canal work. After the root canal was done the doc told me to go back to the dentist for the crown(cap) that protects the remaining tooth. I went to the dentist for the cap and care credit refused the addition to my account. I went to another dentist and was told...
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dklisiak The CFPB issued fines against these "Crooks" in the millions they "Illegally" obtained from the customer. You might want to find out if you were one of them.
EBAY, Pay Pal...

We found care credit thru Pets Unlimited! Their estimate was $3000.00 which we could not afford. No worries says the vet. We have care credit available. We were immediately approved and the vet came back two hours later and told us our dog should be put down. After exhausting our credit limit we lost the dog and were stuck with a 3000.00 bill. They do offer no interest terms if paid within 12 months. I feel pets unlimited and care credit are...
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Anonymous that sounds like a problem with pets unlimited. Care credit only charges what the store asks for. You got ripped off by the pet place not care credit. call care credit and tel...


Rachie Why should CareCredit be out $3,000? You signed the paperwork. You agreed to the vets services. You owe CareCredit $3,000. I'd pay it before the promotional finance period...

I got this card to help me finance my medical situation. I did not know they were going to penalize me with paying my whole bill at the end of the year with a $450 bill which will be charged interest on top of that.I will be losing that amount while being charged interest on top of that and the existing bill %26.99 which is a rip off.These companies want you to think they are helping you but they are really just another greedy corporate...
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11j22c Agreed. They are a joke of a company. Looking for others to join me in a suit. Need people with financial loss though. Email your story to


Anonymous That's how it works. You have a promotional period with 0 interest and if you don't pay it off by then you get a crazy interest charge. That's why you should pay it before the...

My son is having his wisdom teeth extracted tomorrow and most of the costs ARE covered by my dental insurance, but i was "thinking" of financing the remaining balance with my VISA card when the surgeon's office suggested this option. Thank goodness you all had posted your experience with this fraudulent, unscrupulous, and non compassionate group of people. I will NOT be submitting my application to CARECREDIT because I do not want to become...
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burnt by care credit Cammy, your name should be "Scammy" with a multitude of complaints, you post positive things? If you weren't a troll you wouldn't be on this site. DUH! These loan sharks d...


Gottaken2 Cammy has to be trolling for GE CareCredit. Her explanations are toooooo scripted.

It seems suspicious that a card issued for emergency health care would have a "NO grace period" policy for a late payment and then charge extremely high late fees and "possibly" raise your interest rate on the remaining balance. This practice looks like a corporate giant preying on those in emergency health care situations. What would it harm them to have a standard grace period when it's certain their clients are in difficult times,...
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Jade I completely agree with everything you said. I needed the extra help with medical bills in order to continue working but everything has gotten far worse rather than better aft...


GEMoneyUS I\'m sorry you\'re experiencing problems with your CareCredit account. We\'d like to help. Please email me at with the following information: - The full...

i started an account with then last week for my son who was in trouble with some bad teeth, and canceled then a hour later after starting with them because they didn't do what they said they would and then i canceled the account an hour later and i still can't get my money back and i can't get any help from the idiots who work there and keep giving me the runarounds about my refund. they have an email from me to an andrea harrison...
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I should have NEVER signed up for a credit card with these people. They have been known to hang up on me on the phone. They're customer service is HORRIBLE. They give you the treatment of being very soul-less & emotion-less. They have no care in the world for how they're customers feel. They try to get their clients in more debt than they already are. Today I called about account security. I was told I would be charged each month. They...
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Kaia Plus they tried to charge me late fees almost every month when I wasn\'t late. Then were rude to me on the phone.

I have had all of the same problems that I have seen on all three websites and am now at the point of looking into a lawyer as of tomorrow.What makes this so disgusting to me is that this was a loan for me to be able to give my husband a child after suffering a brain tumor. But I see that some of you out there have already done so and have even filed a "class action lawsuit' which I am very much wanting and willing to be apart of if...
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LadyScot The problem is what?

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