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30 minutes waiting no one picked up

Called customer service due to problemw with my membership, for ever went through automated voice mail process where it was trying to extract my member number trying hard, finally i was put on wait for 30 minutes, without a real agent pickingup the phone. Another case of big company failing in customer dis-service. Eighty WordsEighty WordsEighty WordsEighty WordsEighty WordsEighty WordsEighty WordsEighty WordsEighty WordsEighty WordsEighty Words Eighty WordsEighty WordsEighty WordsEighty WordsEighty WordsEighty WordsEighty WordsEighty WordsEighty WordsEighty WordsEighty WordsEighty WordsEighty WordsEighty WordsEighty WordsEighty WordsEighty WordsEighty WordsEighty WordsEighty WordsEighty WordsEigh
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#814158 Review #814158 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Woodbridge, Virginia
Reason of review
Poor customer service

Carefirst Health Insurance Plan Review

Absolutely horrible. The departments within Care First BCBS don't communicate with each other & do nothing but point fingers. No Rogers's is made & claims don't get paid.
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#777309 Review #777309 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Lothian, Maryland
Reason of review
Not as described/ advertised
New Reviewer

Increase in health care for 2016

I just called carefirst and talked to a representative and said I was confused about a letter in the mail today I received. The letter basically said my 2016 coverage will increase from 740 to 960 for the same covered plan and was a little pissed about it. The representative did not have much to say and told me that if your middle class that you are SOL for 2016. I think that wasn't the right thing to say coming from carefirst. I think your representatives might be a little overwhelmed with calls about this high increase which is insane from carefirst to think that people will have the money to decide on health or living in there home.
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2018 Premiums went from approx. $ 1,490 to

$ 2,290 for exact same coverage with a $3,500.00 co-pay !!

They might as well home invade my family in the middle of the night and rape us !!

Steer Clear of Carefirst. Def shopping this week for new coverage


Our monthly premium went up $500/mo for 2016. (Yes, you read that right.)

They blamed it on obumstercare.

I changed to one of their lower monthly/high deductible plans.

Evergreen looks promising- they are a non profit, however they are very new.

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#719937 Review #719937 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Edgemere, Maryland
Reason of review
Pricing issue

Can't see my own records!

I'm stuck in a loop with these people. Every time I try to log in, they tell me I don't have an account. However, when I try to set up an account, they tell me the account already exists, and I have to log in! I've been on a loop for over three days and nobody even seems to want to answer the phone at this company. Never mind actually allowing a paying customer to view their own account, or see how much is due before it comes past due. All I can say is, this company has turned me 100% towards government-run health care. I've never encountered a government agency as unhelpful and intransigent as this, not even the DMV!
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#663532 Review #663532 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Arlington, Virginia
Reason of review
Poor customer service
Preferred solution
Let the company propose a solution

Care First BCBS denied surgery again

They denied my two-level disc replacement surgery claiming at first that it is experimental and now "medically unnecessary". I am in constant pain from degenerative disc disease in my neck. Function of my hands is diminishing drastically, I cannot tip my head any more, and the compression of my vertebrae on my nerves creates excruciating pain. My surgeon's office and I have appealed and re-applied for my surgery since November 2014. It is now June 2015. They are quick to take my money but don't care about the patient's well-being. Every evening, after work, I am in tears from the pain. Worst health insurance ever!
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Hello. If your claims or authorization has been denied as experimental not medically necessary, it is because the medical records/documentation submitted/provided by your doctor was insufficient to warrant your surgery.

The company uses actual RNs to review this information and the only time a denial for those reasons is if the documentation received does not substantiate the service. If you are still have problems, I would recommend having your doctor call the company directly (Provider Services) or speak to Utilization Management to authorize your surgery.

#645879 Review #645879 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Springfield, Illinois
  • Decision making on my health
Reason of review
surgery denied

Care First - Pregnancy Coverage Review from Virginia, United States

The worst insurance I have ever have. I am pregnant and based on my employee benefit I supposed to be cover 100% however since I am over 35 my doctor need me to do test for the down syndrome etc. I did not know that my referral doctor send to the lab outside virginia since it was a special test. Then I received the bill for almost $3000.00 for the lab test I did I not know about. I called carefirst and they asked me to write a letter appeal which is I did however it got denied the reason being is because my doctor send my blood out of network ( they are in south carolina). I called again and they did not help me they accused me I went to the lab outside the network and I should pay for it. I explain I only went to my provider in network and I have no control for them where to send my blood to. I've been calling almost every other day to get this bill resolve and my other labcorp bills, however what I got is the same answer. I am tired of it. They have no knowledge so I got different answer every time I call. When I used kaiser Permanente I 'very never have a problem like this. So frustruated. I have this insurance because my employer paid for it. It' s terrible experience and I don't know what to do. My other coworker just had a baby and she did not have to pay a dime for any lab. Why they treated me differently? Conclusion: the worst insurance ever!!!
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Hello. In-network providers are contracted to use any in-network laboratory, unless you're an HMO, where LabCorp is required.

When an in-network provider sends a specimen out-of-network without prior authorization, there is no legal recourse for you as the subscriber.

In-network providers are bound by contract. Non-compliance of this contract does NOT negatively impact the member.

If you continue to have problems, you need to conference your provider with a supervisor within Provider Services for assistance.

If no resolution is made by then, contact the Maryland/DC/VA insurance commissioner for assistance. If you have been issued a legal citation, please rest assured that you have a no legal responsibility for an in-network provider using out-of-network services.

#590739 Review #590739 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Virginia, United States
Reason of review
Poor customer service
New Reviewer

Poor Customer Service and dishonesty

The incompetency of their customer service is jaw dropping. Couple that with their shady practices in attempting to minimize their payouts, and it's a disaster. Full Disclosure: I have already dumped CareFirst and have moved over to United Healtcare for my Medicare supplemental coverage. When I signed up for their Type F coverage I was promised a 15% discount for the first three years. I figured that was standard practice in order to be competitive with other companies'. I also thought that the premium would be fairly stable. It turns out that after 20 months they withdrew the discount without explanation. I called them up and they said that it was because of "Obamacare" which had outlawed discounts as of Oct 1, 2013. I know that was an outright lie because my wife had a plan with them, with a discount, and her discount was not eliminated. After trying a few more times to get to to the bottom of it I enlisted the help of my insurance broker. First they claimed that the three years was up because my start date was Oct 1 , 2010. That was also wrong. I had an earlier policy with them that started on that date, but that was an different policy. When he tried to straighten them out about that they again changed their story saying that I should have never gotten the discount. This, of course, was also a lie. Also, with regards to the premiums, if I had stayed with them they would now be about $190 per month when, just two years ago they were $132. My United Healthcare policy via AARP is only $143 per month and I've already been very happy with their service. And the last straw is that I am writing this while I'm waiting on the phone to ask why they are still billing me for the policy that has been cancelled for two months even though I've confirmed with them that my cancellation letter is on file. To conclude: The company's incompetence is jaw dropping.
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#478290 Review #478290 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Fairfax, Virginia

CareFirst is a Terrible Employer

as of 4/1/2013, CareFirst forced all employees to take Healthy Blue which is terrible coverage. They want your PCP to decide everything so they save money. If your PCP does not refer you for tests or a specialist, CareFirst pays them a bonus at the end of the year. CareFirst is hoping that some people will die in the process so their bottom line looks good and Chet can sit in his tower and count his gold, drive his expensive cars and live in a multi-million dollar home. I am actively looking for another job that does not have CareFirst as their healthcare insurance. Stay away from CareFirst.
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Carefirst policies are akin to Medicaid. I am paying tons for a *** policy that docs won't accept and if they do accept, carefirst won't pay.

Stay away from this *** company that scams customers into thinking they are paying for a health ins policy. Scam scam scam.

#399235 Review #399235 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Baltimore, Maryland

Care First BCBS of MD is ***

My family, and I have a family policy. Care First BCBS is not covering even at the minimal a penny of each of the OB visits including Postnatal & Prenatal visits. A customer service representative read the "Standard Maternity" policy to me, and this is what it summarized to be ... "Standard Maternity Coverage - A female who is raped involuntarily, ***, and a ectopic pregnancy." What is the purpose of calling it "Standard Maternity Coverage?" For that reason call it, "In the result of, Rape, ***, or ectopic pregnancy, Maternity coverages will be provided and covered." Now 0% is being covered through Care First BCBS. This is insane to do this to any pregnant women out there. Care First BCBS sucks & is a joke!
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Thats outrageous. And also if they actually said verbatim "rape that was involuntary"...theres no such thing as voluntary rape so why is the distinction of it being "involuntary" being used? Wtf.


I have a very simple question on carefirst plan coverage (if specific immunizations coverage was denied by the plan and the dates of these changes). Posted a sent message to their communication center (contact us).

received confirmation with 48 hours response guarantee. It was 10 days since and, sure, no responses. I put new messages to all available topics there and did not receive any responses either. Try it yourself!

So, I would think that carefirst is extremely incompetent and deceptive but probably too *** to raise to a fraudulent level. By the way, this is the reason why their premiums are skyrocketing - if you need 5 people to unscrew a light bulb you need money to pay them all.


We have CareFirst in DC, and were just informed by a letter today (6 June 2011), that effective Oct. 2010 (i.e. retroactive 8 months), they are no longer covering any chemotherapy drugs.


Why even pay for insurance? This should not be legal.


care first is all three...incompetent, deceptive AND fraudulent...they don't even deserve to capitalize the company name...if you work must have nightmares all the time because if you live day to day, knowing that what you're doing is wrong and robbing others just like you, of a life they deserve, your conscience must just eat away at you. CareFirst BCBS, you owe me $10,000.00 and I'm suing this month.


I have been a Care First individual policyholder since 2001. In December I received a letter informing us our premium would increase 25%, to $1,174/month ($1,000/indiv deductible),with a directive to call with questions.

I called the stated number and asked if there was a way to decrease premiums. The Customer Service rep informed me that I could decrease premium by increasing deductible, and quoted me rates for existing policyholders, including $778 to increase the deductible to $2,500/indiv. I filed the request he directed me to file. What I received was a bill stating my new $2,500 deductible for a monthly premium of $1,146.

I again called customer service, actually many times, and my conversation and quote was verified.

I am NOW told that "a plan change is considered a NEW sale because it ends the old contract and begins a new plan contract, therefore it is subject to the new laws" and obviously the new rates for those who were not already customers. Is Care First incompetent, deceptive or fraudulent?

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#229979 Review #229979 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Ashburn, Virginia

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