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The glow plugs would not work so they wired a switch to my relay wired it to power charged me 300 dollars i made it 4 miles broke down again called them they told me not there problem it ran off there lot not there problem im calling better business
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Eagle Mountain, Utah
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Pricing issue
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Very unhappy with what happened

So I went here one time over a year and a half ago to get my car fixed; I believe I got them to install a new alternator. All was well, and the price wasn't too bad. So the next time I had a problem, I figured I'd use them again. HUGE MISTAKE. I left my car with them, and they called me later in the today to tell me I need a new control arm. I asked how much, and the price was a little high, but I told them to go ahead. Pete ( I think that was his name, middle-aged spanish guy) called me back and said it was fixed. . Anyway, I come back in and pay, I leave. While driving, I am having the same issues as before. I pull over, and actually call my friend who is a mechanic. I tell him I am about to take my car back, but could he look at it first and see what the heck is going on. He is in the area and stops by, he says they replaced a control arm. The upper. But the lower one is bad. Perhaps they changed the wrong one, or they didn't diagnose that both were bad. Long story short, he rides up with me to the shop. We tell them I'm having same problems. I wait in lobby because he says they will look right now and let me know, and he says the other control arm is bad. My friend says, well can we see the other one? How could you not see both are bad? He says they can't do that and that he needs to stay out of his customers business. My friend says its not like that. Pete brushes him off and says hes going to fix it, but itll be charged again. So even though he diagnosed and gave me an estimate saying only one was bad, now he says both are and they neeed to fix and hes going to charge me. I get really mad and say thats ***, and pete says no need for bad language. I say I want to see the bad control arm, he says they already threw it away. I ask to go in the bay to look, and he says I can't do that. I told him give me my car back and shove a lugwrench up your *** and walked out.
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Car Doctor created more issues than I had

Took my truck in for state inspection and they firsts failed me for 2 issues that were totally false, trying to charge me $400+ for new headlights. Checked them myself afterwards and found they had been popped out of the glands and only had to be popped back in.... Then they found a brake leak and fixed it, however now my brake pedal is soft after they said they bled the brakes twice. They made my truck less safe to drive than when I took the vehicle in and never fixed the brakes. Will never use their services again and would never recommend this shop.
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The true facts of the inspection and the real reasons it failed state were sent to the Virginia State Police Inspection office. IF this vehicle was taken to another inspection station and passed with out the repairs being done, then that is fraud.


This customer is wrong in what he is saying. Yes he was quoted $414 for headlamp units.

Not because the bulbs were not installed right (by Customers) but because the mounts that hold them in place were broken. 2nd the issues with the brake line was that it was leaking brake fluid and we did fix it. BUT the truck has other brake issues before it came in.

A 13 year old truck with over 124,000 miles, PLUS the red brake warning light on the instrument had been removed to hide issues. This customer can state the facts so that it sounds like we are in the wrong, but in fact he is leaving out the true facts.

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Arlington, Virginia
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Car Doctor Auto Center

Severely overpriced AND THEY TAMPERED WITH MY VEHICLE. After getting our vehicle fixed for one problem we took it home and noticed another part of the vehicle had been tampered with. Turns out this happened again with a friends vehicle. She took it to the shop, paid several hundreds of dollars and months later the same problem. She went to another shop and they said the work that was done previously was horrible. These swindlers should be out of business. Please save yourself from paying way too much money. Lake Ridge Auto Care right down the street is much more professional and the price was almost a grand less than the corrupt car doctor.
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Dumfries, Virginia
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I just had to post something about this shop and the work they did. I was in a jam when my truck broke down on the side of the road. The first people I called was the local ford dealership. I was told that they could tow it in but would not be able to look at for at least a week. I told them I was heading home to SC and that I need to get home as soon as I can and that a week wait time was not acceptable. I then called Car Doctor Auto Center and spoke with Ken. Told me that he would get my truck towed in and see what could be done. Within the hour a tow truck showed up and took me to the shop. When I arrived I meet with Ken and took all my information and informed of the charge for diagnose, which I have no problem with. I should mention all of this happened on a fri afternoon, they got my truck in and after a few hours came back and told me that the aftermarket computer that was installed on my truck before I bought it, had gone bad, once it was unhooked and everything put back to normal, my truck ran GREAT. The tech stayed late to help out, and Ken is a really nice guy, helped reduce my stress, made me feel welcome, and very comfortable. I also have to mention that there is a awesome little dog there named Peka, I spent a lot of time playing with and petting her. This is the best time I have ever spent at a car repair shop. I really wish they were in my home town.
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Woodbridge, Virginia
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do not trust pete ladies (if that's his real name) and don't go there alone. pete is not as innocent and friendly as you may think he is. he will lock you in the garage and proceed to assualt you. HE IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED and other woman have dealt w/ this first hand. HE IS A SEXUAL OFFENDER and will be forced to register with such a title in the coming months. Do not trust him if you are alone with him. HE IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED. His "friendly" smile and demeanor are nothing but an act. Ladies beware.
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Well seems her attempt to ruin someone has failed big time.


First off, investigations take time and I am not lying. Why would I even waste my time making up a story like that?

What good would that do me? I'm simply warning those who go to the shop near closing hours, alone with no on there but the man who works there. You know nothing of this story and what happened for you were not there.

If there are cameras, that's great because I'm sure the police already have copies. I'm being patient as you should because in time you will see that I did not make any of this up.

@Lechelle Wsy

I called on the phone to see if they were interested in an auto product from my business and was told they are *** doctors not car doctors. *** and rude, I believe you.


:) :grin :grin

As I thought she is lying, no proof. Nothing happened. She needs to remove post, or face being sued for defamation.


I think she is being little and needs to grow up and let things go. I know they have cameras there and I will be informing them to watch them for the past few weeks.

Will then have the proof you are wrong.

Thank you.


just because it didn't happen to you, doesn't mean it didn't happen to me or someone else. if the pwc police will tell you, not sure if they will, there has been 2 complaints as of this year with him and this auto shop. so please don't tell me i'm wrong and it didn't happen, because it very well did.


To me sounds like another woman trying to get what she wants for free and then when it does not work gets the "mad woman" syndrome!! Sounds made up.



I've been comming to Car Doctor Auto Center For many years, to repair my 2002 Nissan Sentra.

Never and I repeat never have Pete Or Ken been disrectfull to me, and yes many times friedliness can be misunderstood but I assure that these guy are far from bieng what this woman is claiming.

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Herndon, Virginia

Engine ruined when drive belt replaced.

When I took my Hyundai Sonata in for service they told me it was time to replace the serpentine belt. A few days later I was driving to work and the engine "exploded." I had the car towed to a dealer who said the engine failed because the belt broke. It cost me over $7,000 to replace the engine and Car Doctor refused any responsibility. I took them to court but because the damage was more than $1,000 I could not use small claims court and I could not provide "evidence" to "prove" that the broken belt caused the engine failure. Don't trust your vehicle with these people.
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This customer NEVER contacted us about this. This is the first time wer are hearing of this.

If the customers is being honest, they will contact us and allow us to help them. But other wise this is false and a lie.


First they were warned that it was time to replace. It appears they refused to do the work.

How is that the fault of the shop, the CONSUMER was WARNED it was time.

I agree with Car Doctor Auto Center on this one. Seems the consumer does not want to take responsibility for tier own cheapness.

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Washington, District Of Columbia
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Car Doctor Lied about the repairs My Truck Needed

I took my Chevrolet Suburban to Car Doctor to have my brakes inspected because they were making a slight squeaking noise. I dropped it off about 11 am and my husband followed me and drove me home. By 4:30 we realized they had not called us to we went up there. Their sign said they were closing at 5:00, so I suspect they were just going to close with my truck still there. When we arrived, we waited 25 minutes in the waiting area. I guess they stay late when they think they're going to make $3,300 off someone. They finally called us back to the "back office" where they proceed to tell us that we need FOUR (4)new BRAKE PADS and ROTERS. Then they told us it would be $1,100. (we just had the front brakes replaced 10k miles earlier). When we told him that, he just blamed it on the repair shop we had gone to, and told us they were crooks. So, although I fully believed him, we were not comfortable with the cost, and did not feel comfortable that Friday evening for them to proceed with the work. We told him, no thanks, maybe we will be in touch. Thank goodness! Then as we are leaving, he says, oh there's something I forgot to tell you. Your front axle seals are leaking. That's going to involve "dropping the whole pumpkin" so that cost will be $2,200. I said, "In addition to the $1,100 for the brakes???" He says, "Yes, and you may as well do both at the same time and save money on the labor." Took my car to my dad the following week, and had his mechanic check it out. No seals leaking; 85% of brake pad remaining on front, roters are perfectly fine; rear brake pads were about 80% down and would pass inspection in December, but since he already had the vehicle, we decided to go ahead and have them done. I think we were just so elated that we had not paid $1,100 !!!!! Our total cost for this maintenance/repair was $205 !!! .....for a total cost savings of $3,095. His name was PETE and he is a CROOK !!!! DO NOT TAKE YOUR VEHICLE THERE. Thanks for your time in reading this.
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BTW...They close at 6PM during the week not 5. Just shows the lack of attention to detail that customer has.


Sounds like to me this customer does not know what they are talking about. You never have to drop anything to replace axle seals.

Remove axles yes, but that is about it. And of course another shop will say that the brakes are good. THE RIGHT THING TO HAVE DONE IS ask to see the problems with YOUR OWN EYES. I have used this shop for years and if I do not understand or question anything they take me to my vehicle and show me.

Once shown I understand what is need. Never once has Pete lied to me. To me just sounds like someone being cheap.

You want *** then go somewhere else. You want honest repairs go see Pete or Ken at Car Doctor Auto Center.

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Woodbridge, Virginia

Car Doctor Auto Center -- Woodbridge, VA -- Crooks

Took my car in for state inspection. Instead of passing or rejecting the car they enumerated $1,900 in repairs and told me I had to do them "if I ever wanted to pass VA state inspection." Took it to another inspector. It passed without a single repair being done. Filed a complaint with the VA state police. An inspection is an up or down thing. They can pass or reject you. It's inappropriate to leave you sitting while they come up with repairs for you if you didn't ask them to. Coming up with fictional repairs and trying to convince somebody they're necessary, however, takes it to the next level of criminal. Using a state inspection as a vehicle for this sort of criminality goes even further. $1,200 in repairs they said I needed were to the "power steering." I drive a 1995 Honda Civic DX. It has never had power steering. They also claimed I needed my front alignment done. I had just had my front alignment done. Stay away. They are dishonest.
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put my lugnutz on backwards!!

They are crooks...tried to take me for $1200....wuz to smart and paid $520 to anither shop....uneccesay repairs...passed no problem...


I've been a customer of Car Doctors with all three of my vehicles. Never an issue like the "customer" is claiming.

I grew up around mechanics, family shop out of state, and these guys are very genuine. They always have been upfront when repairs were necessary or should eventually be done. They recently replaced a clutch, it failed, and they warranted without issue. They took it one step further and found a bent factory defected part that originally led to the clutch's short life and replaced that also.

I did have to pay for the replacement part but they were more than fair. I've always been a satisfied customer.


Dec 4th

Just found out customer is posting same comments for Nov 2010 that he did for June 2010. Appears he does not know what date any of it was done.


I don't usually post on these forums, but I have to make an exception in this case. I can't sit here and see Pete and Ken at Car Doctor Woodbridge being slammed without saying something in their defense.

These guys are both as honest as the day is long. They're also human. We humans make mistakes sometimes. ALL of us do.

As for the work they've done on my and my wife's vehicles, every bit of it has been necessary and top notch. We've known them for maybe 6 months, and they've already gone way above and beyond to accommodate us, just as if we were either old friends or members of their family. I refuse to believe for even one second that they deliberately rip anybody off or overcharge intentionally. At any rate, their satisfied customers far outnumber the disatisfied ones.

Just look at all the letters on their wall from folks saying thanks. Car Doctor Woodbridge rates are very reasonable, and their techs are extremely competent. Both Ken and Pete will go to the ends of the earth to find a part or get the right solution.

I could name a whole lot of other repair shops in this area that I would NEVER trust my cars to, including the one that is 2 blocks away from my front door. So that's my two cents worth.


Another 2 cents... Not only have Ken & Pete always done the necessary work (dead bulbs & thin brake pads), they have also pointed out long-term issues (valve cover seal leak) and fix-before-cross-country-run issue (oil buildup leaking from rear transfer case). Priced between one-off shops and dealerships, good parts in repairs and anything not right - made right.


Having been a customer at Car Doctor since before its current ownership, it's difficult to believe this claim. They've ALWAYS provided good, prompt service to me, for more than a decade to the extent that the owner bought one of my cars for a price higher than I could have gotten in trade at the new-car dealer. On those rare occasions where a mistake was made, they've always made it right with NO complaints.

Sounds more like a customer whose marginal car wasn't passed, and now he's trying to get revenge.


Virginia State Police came and checked it all out. Found we were right.


This customer is very wrong, the other state inspection is doing illegal state inspections. Most stations will not do a proper inspection.

We can prove all repairs are NEEDED and LEGAL.

This customer is not stating the facts correctly. Turning words around to make it sound like he is right.


ummm yeah right....Pete was a crook back in his Merchant's days

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Washington, District Of Columbia

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