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I found myself suddenly unemployed and not being able to pay my mortgage. I started to get notices in the mail and I was working with my mortgage company (Citi Financial) to get a loan modification. After several denials and more notices of foreclosure coming to my door everyday, I looked for help on the internet. I contacted several companies offering help with foreclosures and this law firm was the first to call back. They were extremely nice and emailed me the info right away and I had to have a "phone Interview" and here is where the problem lies...by the way, I taped this phone call just to cover my own butt and I'm glad I did!!! I was "GUARANTEED" a modification (their words, not mine) and when I asked what the 3300.00 fee was that they charged I was told that was for the group of "underwriters" that was going to rewrite my loan. So I was told the word "GUARANTEED" and I was told that THEY rewrite the loan. So I agreed to this because it sounded perfect (now looking back, a little too perfect) but I was stressed over the foreclosure notices and paid the fee. I had to fill out forms (which I already did with Citi) but I filled them out AGAIN. I got a contact person of Jennifer Street at first. By the way, this law firm has several different names...anyway, you can never get a live person on the phone, it's always "leave a message or it's better to email" so I email and for the most part the response is fast although I would much rather speak to someone. Well after several denials AGAIN from Citi (keep in mind that this law firm did NOTHING but maybe send me forms that Citi was already sending me and I had to fill out myself)...I emailed Jennifer and she tells me that there are no guarantees and that the law firm DOES NOT rewrite the loans???!!! WHAT??? That is what I paid for!!! That is what I was told!!! That is why I chose this law firm!!! Well after that I was just disgusted...all this started last May and now it is February! Jennifer Street apparently no longer works for the firm so my new contact is Alicia. Citi finally approved my loan modification but I did that on my own... they approved me but only if I come up with 2200.00 by Feb 19th!! IMPOSSIBLE!!! So again I had to email Alicia (because keep in mind you cannot get a live person)and she basically told me that was the bottom line and nothing can be done! Even though I was told they would rewrite the loan in my best interest...LIES, LIES, LIES!! I feel as though I was scammed into paying 3300.00 with false promises (guarantees, as they put it) so now I am definitely facing foreclosure with no where to go, no money and I have a baby!!! And no one seems to care...Today I left messages and emails indicating to them that I was seeking legal action against them (not sure if anything can even be done), I am meeting with my state's attorney general, and I was writing a complaint against them to the Better Business Bureau. When I got home today I had two messages from the law firm to call them immediately (which obviously I WILL NOT). I am seeking a full refund since I did not get what I paid for (which was a rewrite on my home loan) and a "guarantee". I have to laugh now looking back on how *** I was but I was trying to save my childhood home. I am asking for a FULL refund so that I can have money to get a place to live so I am not out on the street. DO NOT USE THIS LAW FIRM FOR ANYTHING!!!! It's all a scam!!!!!!!! Then today they responded with some "***" (because I contacted the BBB)...but BOTOM LINE they are scammers and liars...DO NOT USE THEM and I will not stop posting complaints about them EVERYWHERE!!!
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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do go on to the Better Business Bureau and report them...I did TWICE and I am waiting for a response!!!! I am DEMANDING a refund because I did not get what I paid for!!!!


How ironic, I am going thru the exact same thing, after several contact, Lisandra, then Betty (rudest lady) and now Miss Alicia, I have been working my lender adn grateful that we are in a trial modification, Alicia knew nothing about the trial and then tells me that it is because of the firm that I gor the modification, I responded to her that nowhere in my paperwork of the modification is the law firm mentioned. They are a big scam and I totally regret paying them. :(

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steve Vxf
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James caplan caplaw scammers

I was talked to by the smooth Sean Yates Who assues you that if you pay the retainer of 2,500.00 and they dont get the loan that of corse you will get back a refund and they keep 500 for there work. But he tells you it never happens. THIS IS A SCAM. They dont pick up the phone and when they dont get it done they try to tell you it was your fault. Candice Meile is also a lier. I understand that sometimes your loan wont go through , I get that BUT DONT LIE. Now they say they don;t refund any money. DO NOT USE THESE SCAMMERS> they have changed company names because of all the complaints. Look it up lots of people have problems with this company. I will be on the phone everyday with the BBB to stop these scammers.
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Jeni Ghv
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Caplaw, P.A. practiced law illegally

Caplaw, P.A. practiced law illegally
Updated by user Oct 21, 2011

I would just like to add some helpful information to anyone looking for help with a home modification.

You do NOT need an attorney.

If you call 1-800-HOPE-NOW, they will help you and it will cost you nothing - 0 -zilch. NO MONEY.

Also I recommend that anyone looking for aid with a home modification read the FTC MARS Ruling regarding what mortgage companies, lawyers and so forth can and cannot do legally. Knowledge is power!

Original review Sep 19, 2011
We fired Caplaw, P.A. because they solicited us for a Home Modification in our home state, where they are not licensed. They also promised us a 90% chance we'd be approved for the modification which is a violation of the MARS rules. Last week I filed a complaint at Pissed Consumer about them but my complaint was removed. Today we received a letter from Caplaw P.A. wanting us to sign it stating that we "agree not to initiate any complaint or action against us [them], effective immediately." Needless to say we will not sign it and will file many complaints.
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There is no one answering their phones at the offices of James Caplan pc. Now that I have done everything i am suppose to do and paid Caplaw 3000.00, they are no where to be found.

I am furious. I started this in 4/2011 and now in 7/2012 I receive a letter from B of A stating they are foreclosing!

Hey, how about getting back with me Caplaw!!! palmer.chad@***.com


they did this to me as well am looking for any advise on how to proceed to get my money refunded....


Not done my homework Jason? I DID my homework.

That is why they didn't get a cent from me. That is why I know they've broken multiple laws. That is why I know WHICH laws they've broken. I've made phone calls to multiple federal and state agencies inquiring about these laws and I have those laws in print.

That is why I filed complaints against them to my state Attorney General, the FTC, the Florida and Washington state Bar Associations and the Better Business Bureau. I've done my homework Jason.

. .maybe you should take your own advice and do YOUR homework.

Deborah - The "hold harmless" agreement, which you call it, was sent to us WEEKS after we terminated any business with them and AFTER I filed complaints against them with the FTC.


I kind of agree with Jason. If you there was a chance that it wouldn't go through, then you shouldn't be too shocked, and almost everyone uses those hold harmless agreements to release liability.

In fact, I had to fill one out for Comcast doing work in my home. I am pretty sure it's normal.


I don't mean to get technical, but you said there was a 90% chance your matter would be resolved, SO THERE WAS A CHANCE IT WOULDN'T RIGHT? Why are you upset at the results?

If they told you that it was a 100% guarantee, then I would understand. The only guarantees in life are death and taxes... Understand that and you won't be so shocked at the results.

I am not sure how they practiced law illegally either. You think you would of done your homework to swee if they were a law firm that was eligible to practice law.

Jeni Ghv

I do apologize that the letter is upside down.

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