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Don't be taken advantage of!

Christopher Braun is a world class liar and a cad. He will stop at nothing to convince people of his positive intent while lying and scheming his way into unsuspecting Senior Citizens pocket books. His marketing tactics are questionable at best, manipulating words and lingo to misrepresent himself to gain entry into Medicare recipients homes. Once there the high pressure tactics of life insurance and annuities sales arise. Do not trust this man or his cohorts in crime! If a stranger calls your home stating that there are "benefits you are eligible for and entitled to" hang up!! Don't let these thieves into your home!
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Brycin Jml
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Capitol Direct Rocklin, CA SCAM SCAM SCAM

Capitol Direct utilizes telemarketing techniques to convince senior citizens to meet with them to talk about Medi-Care. Once they set up an appointment and get into your house all they're concerned about is getting a sale, and don't bother telling them you have money cause they'll shove the word ANNUITY ANNUITY ANNUITY down your throat. The owner of the company, Christopher Braun, is an inflated fraud who claims to have worked on Wall Street and is a big time lawyer. Fact of the matter is these people don't care about you at all and are only concerned in making a sale so they can get their commission.
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I have worked in the insurance industry for 6 years, 5 of those I owned an agencywith a captive company. Working with Capitol Direct the last 6 months has been liberating!

I do not call helping families save money giving them choices and protecting them and their loved ones with companies with an A- rating and above a scam.

The professionalism and integrity I have seen with Christopher Braun and what he has passed on to all the agents is what makes this company great! The agents care for their customers and doing what is right for the customer has been inspiring, giving me faith that companies will do very well even in this market when they put the customers first.


Wow, the moves of some desperate people! First of all I am an independent agent through Capitol Direct but have also written insurance policies for my family and myself through this company.

I have known Christopher for 3 years and have worked side by side with him and know that he is one of the most honest and to the point, at times blunt people I know!

The post is very similar to that of a past agent who failed in this business due to lack of ethics and unwillingness to work hard which this business takes. As to the annuity part, ask anyone who has ever been protected by this type of account and has never seen a loss of $.01 of their hard earned retirement. 


So the post that are being posted on here are not from the city's being said but are From IP address, they do this to help hide the Identification of the person posting


I have worked with Christopher Braun at his old company and with him at Capitol Direct, it seem like this comment was made by an upset agent that worked for the company. I say this because being in the profession myself I know that first off most of the business done at capitol direct is Life insurance and Health as well as lowering cost for clients in both.

Annuities are only a third of what they do.

The Fact of the matter is, if they didn’t care about their clients they would not be in the business. Working with Christopher has made a huge impact in my life as I went from back braking labor to working in a professional environment and helping people every day.


To whom it may concern:

I own Capitol Direct. This post is a scam from a competing company or an agent that did not succed in the business, not from a client. We are primarily a life and health company, with annuities only being a fraction of our business. We service clients of all ages, and do not work specfically with seniors. The insurance companies that we represent all have a rating of A- or better, and we are all in good standing with the Department of Insurance in the states that we do business.

This poster is from San Jose. We do not maintain an office in San Jose. We do not do business in the South Bay, nor have I ever personally been to San Jose. This post is likely done by an employee of a competing company, or by the relative of an employee of a competing company.

If you are reading this post because you are interested in joining the insurance business, please take the time to find a solid company where you will have a positive impact on clients' lives. One where you will grow, and receive solid training and support, not just the promise of it. We are one of these companies. I have created hundreds of successful agents over the past 5 years and thousands of very happy clients. We have never taken advantage of any clients, or new agents, nor do we utilize telemarketing to induce a sale of annuities through Medicare. We are almost solely a Medicare and Life Insurance brokerage.

Whether this person is a failed agent in the business, a competing company employee, or a relative thereof, I wish you the best in your career and I hope that you find the success that you are looking for.


Christopher Braun

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