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Tried to sell old debt using appropriated personal data

I received a text message asking to contact a number concerning a debt action...The caller had all of my personal data and claimed I never paid back a loan years ago to a company I'd never heard of. I pulled up my bank statements (thank God my bank offers statement back ten years!), and showed no such deposit on the date they indicated, or months before and after. They swore it was legitimate and stated my employer at the time was the Air Force, which I joined in 2010-only I RETIRED from the Air Force 25 years ago! After relaying this info to them, they said I must have been a victim of a compromise (of course I was, like most people), and said they'd write it off as a victim of identity theft. First thing to remember, if you have been at the same address, active in your shopping and banking, and some company comes along many years later seeking money, they are fake. They are hoping you have no recall or documentation to check and the amount is low enough that scared old ladies will pay quickly just because they assume they or their deceased spouse forgot and older people believe in paying their debts. These scammers should be buried under the jail.
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Absolutely Ridiculous

I received a call and voicemail from this company today about "personal business matters". When I called back I found out that they are looking for my brother and said he must have used this number for his business at some time. Interesting because the number they called is my work cell phone and he would not even know the number. The people there are obviously taught to read from a script and give out no information about who they are or what they do. I had to look them up while on the phone with the guy because he said he couldn't tell me what the company was or what they did or even his job with them. Real legit huh? That's when I found the better business reviews and scam allegations on-line. All I wanted was to know how the could possibly have gotten my number since it is a business cell and blocked to solicitors and they refused to tell me.DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE INFORMATION!!! THEY ARE 100% A SCAM!
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Poor customer service
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If they are trying to find your brother because he owes a debt, it's against the law for them to tell you that. They can only discuss collection issues with the person that actually owes the debt. They were following the law.

Gwenna Lgq
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It is about a Promissory Note for a 5,000 dollar loan USD

I was ask to give a collateral payment of 484.00 and the interest of a fixed rate for a10.0%.And the loan would take 4-6 hours to account. I had to send a money gram of 520.00 with the price of the gram. I had to wait 2 hour then call them so they could tell about the money that they was going to put in the account in stead I was to 700.00 more money for insurance be I became a hign risk and they needed the money to cover me if i can not make the payment. Oh my payments of 161.34 for 3years. I Said no give me my money. they said I will get the back at the in of the month. I have not got my money and I am told check the number and call back.
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You should NEVER pay someone to loan you money like that. If they need "collateral," tell them to take it out of the loan they're giving you. Otherwise, it's just a scam.

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Today almost two years to the date I receive a bill from Capital Management Services, LP

I just today received a bill in the amount of $12,600.17 addressed to my deceased mother, who too date has been deceased two years. I don't know where this company acquired my address, or why they are sending a bill to my deceased mother, to the best of my knowledge my mother has no out-standing bills at death, and was in fact unable to take care of herself for nine years prior to her death. Why do I now recieve this bill? It hurts bad enough missing my mother, but then to open my mailbox and find this enormous bill addressed to my mother is a bit much, I don't know who might have acquired this bill, or even if it is real but I do not appreciate receiving any delinquent bills addressed to my mother because she owed no person prior to her death and definitely could not create a bill from Heaven. So what is up with this company? It states Previous Creditor: Mdtris Companies Inc., & Current Creditor: Paragon Way, Inc. are they having a problem trying to determine what the company might be calling itself from one day to the next? They will definitely receive my input via telephone tomorrow, count on it!
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alienenigma M
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Capital Management Services L.P.

I received a letter in the mail from Capital Mangement Services L.P. I called and asked them what it was about because I wasn't familiar with the amount they were asking for. I sincerely have/had no clue what they were talking about. I dial the number and the woman says "Hello?" as if she's not working from an office. She asks for my social security number. I say you should have it already and I'm not comfortable giving that to you. She then says, "Give me the account number." I began to read a number on the paper. She stopped me, "No, that's not it. Give me the account number." I tell her that's all I see on there. She says, "How many times do I have to tell you to give me your account number?!" I tell her, "There's no need to be smart about it, " or something to the effect. She then goes off on me. I don't tolerate it, I tell her she sent me a letter and I have no clue who she is. I ask for her name. She says she can't tell me that. I ask for the company's name. She can't tell me that either. I then tell her I think she's a scammer because she was acting like one. She eventually calls me a "*** douche" and hangs up on me. That's a real nice way to try to collect on a debt they claim I owe. They can crawl back under their rocks as far as I'm concerned.
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If someone spoke to a customer like that at capital management services they would be fired. All of the calls are recorded and listened to. You really should t lie


I've had a similar situation with this collection agency. However, I told them of my legal representation and thought the matter was over.

Not two days later, I received another call from the same agency. This time, I verbally ceased them from calling me. Now, because they continue to disregard my request, I have no other choice but to file a FDCPA lawsuit against this company. Since they won't listen to me, perhaps they'll answer to my attorney.

Hope you like being on the other end of a lawsuit.


They keep sending me a bill for $45,000 but will settle for $20,000. Lucky me...let me jump at that chance.


I NEVER owed anybody that kind of money.

I won't take the time to contact these *** but instead will keep my hard earned money and throw there letter in the garbage where it belongs. :grin

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gpldplan G
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Capital Management Services, LP

I received a letter today from this collection agency wanting to collect a debt for Calvery Portfolio Services for the former creditor Conseco Classic. They say the balance owed is $2885.71 The orignal balance was $1,583.00 and they have added $1,302.71 interest. They will settle for the amount of $1,154.28 if paid in 45 days. Calvery Portfolio Services had this account for over 4 years and they never did send me a collection letter. So I am going to see if this debt is beyond the statue of limitations. I even had CCCS of Atlanta contact them in 2005 to set up a debt repayment plan. They did not.
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I've had several calls from this agency, even after verbally ceasing them. As they have decided to pursue me for this debt, they are now on the other end of an FDCPA lawsuit.

Since they won't listen to me, perhaps they will listen to my lawyer.


I had a cell account with sbc and reported fraud on it they forgave over 500-600 in charges, come to find out they have been after me since 2001-****! now its almost a thousand due?


These people are completely full of ***! They are a classic "fishing" collections company.

If you receive anything from them, be very, very sure that the debt is even yours. My son and I share the same name (I'm a Jr., he's a 3rd). A year ago, I got a letter trying to collect a debt. I foolishly called them to say they had the wrong person, and wound up in a gret argument with their representative.

He swore he had spoken to me before, said he recognized my voice and said he would know the difference between the voice of a 50+ year-old and a guy in his twenties. He would not give me any info to document their claim, not even the last four of the social attached to the debt. I told him that my wfe and I had never had a charge at the stoe in question. He said they'd take me to court.

I told him I'd see him there. I later spojke with my son, who acknowledged that the debt was his, and that he had spoken to this guy before. They just go after anyone they can; if you throw a handful of darts blindfolded, one or two will probably hit the bullseye. I sent a complaint to the PA State Attorney General's office and anyplace else I could think of.

I write this now because I just got another letter from them. It's in the trash. I don't know if it's my son's or not; I don't care; it's not mine!! These folks did not do the "due dillegence" that should be required of a collection agency.

I can't believe this company is allowed to stay in business! I will post this aywhere I can.

These people should be sued for harassment, illegal business practices, and shut down for good! Do I sound pissed?


This company let me tell you first of all im an ex employee from there, these people are something else. One day when we come in to work like at 1p.m they did and employee meeting on the Call center area and they said unfortunately our company dediced to close the office so we are gonna let u guys go. (WOW)and that was a lye the kept about 20 employees and did not close down the office about 100 employees were fired that day ...No notice nothing not even a Thank you for nothing

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