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Poor customer service for Canjet Select clients

We recently used and Paid for this service for our Trip planned for our Daughter’s wedding in Mexico. I purchased this option for three of us as well for my parents. On the way down we experienced a major delay of almost 7 hours. When then boarded a rundown plan. Seats assigned put us with Tray's that were duct taped shut and or broken so you couldn't use then in the bulk head seats. As well in the Bulk head seats that my parents sat in you couldn't recline. Service was unbelievably poor and slow. It tooks hours to serve cold! food and then you sit with your garbage for an hour after. Upon arrival in Cancun our luggage was not priority we received it in the middle of the unload. Now for the return trip. First of all we were not priority boarded in actual fact we loaded about half way into the group and my mother who needed help up the stairs was the last one put on. Again an added delay as we had to stop in Corpis Christi for gas. this added to our travel, not only being almost 2 hours late landing we now needed hotels and taxi's to get us there as the shuttle service was done @***.45am and we were now 1:30am. As for on board service the crew got food out quicker but with no special service we got one drink when we asked for our wine and beer with meal we were told not time as we had to prepare to land! My mother who is handicapped with MS needed the washroom bad. As she was getting up which is difficult for her the seat belt sign was lit up. She was asked to sit she told the flight attendant she really needed the washroom and his response was "whatever!". I am appalled by this response as it was know of her condition & disability. As for arrival and retrieval of our luggage all that should have been priority was the very last pieces off the plane! I am requesting a full refund on all 5 of our Canjet Select purchases as we didn't receive the treatment outlined in the privileges & priorities list. We had 58 guests and 41 of them flew with your company and 4 other friends of mine paid for this service as well I am the mother of the Bride and they didn't receive the promises as well.Flights were January 20th Vancouver to Cancun flight #816 & return was February 3rd flight #817
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Vancouver, British Columbia
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Refusee detre abord de l avion

refusee d etre abord de l avion pour notre voyage a cuba mardi le 3 avril nous etion en retard de 5 mins.pour notre baggage jai conduit toute la nuit et manquee la sortie de la areoport. manquer lautobus qui par du stationment.c etait mon premier voyage et je ne comprend pasje vait i pensee avent d aller avec vous pour le prochain voyage et je vais faire toute les allee dans une areoport.mais je sais ses quoi travailler avec le plublic car ses dans mon domaine et de me faire servire en sarcatique et avec un gros non parce que jetait en retard de 5 mins et quil avait un gros sourire d un oreille a l autre et pas a me expliquee comme d allure avec polotest et me faire courir a l autre bout de lareoport pour de laide je suis retourner a les madames pour parler au gerant et il etait pas de bonhumeur il voulait pas nous aider et tout le temp l avion etait pas partie il restait quand meme 1 heure avant de partir mon ami a dit si il fallait qui se met enaent de l avion comme si ses possible il etait juste frustree le gerant voulait apeller la sucuritee comme ont ait pas des ors de loi.mais quest qui est de la situation j ai perdue mon voyage et l argent que j ai travailler fort a me payee pour un repot bien meriter tout javais pas besoin me faire rire en plain visage j etait tres insultee et je sait qu il sait que jai perdue mon voyage.le poisson d avril est le 1 avril et non le 3 avril.pour le prochain voyage je vais i pensee avent d aller avec je vais faire sur que ses pas le mois d avril.....
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THIS IS NOT MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE SPEAK ENGLISH HERE!!!!!!! :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x

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Ottawa, Ontario


I am one passenger of 189 that CanJet held against their will in the Cayo Coco, Cuba airport for 11 hours on March 14, 2012. Below are copies of the letter of complaint submitted to CanJet on behalf of approximately 185 passengers of flight C6-895 and the unsatisfactory response received from CanJet. CanJet's statement that space was not available at local hotels is highly contentious. We spent the previous week at a 4* hotel within 15 minutes drive of the airport that was at least half vacant. ***********************************WITHOUT PREJUDICE March 23, 2012 SUBJECT: CANJET FLIGHT 6895 "" CAYO COCO TO MONTREAL "" MARCH 14th, 2012 To Whom It May Concern: I am writing this letter of complaint on behalf of approximately 185 of 189 CanJet flight 6895 passengers, including approximately 50 children. We were scheduled to depart Cayo Coco, Cuba on March 14th, 2012 at 12:45 and to arrive in Montreal at 17:25. Due to mechanical difficulties this was understandably not possible. To be clear, we do not dispute CanJet's right to ground a flight due to mechanical difficulties or to delay departure until repaired or replaced. We do, however, contend that our human rights were violated when we were detained against our will and that whilst detained we were treated with careless disregard. We were held for 11 hours against our will in a departures lounge in the Cayo Coco airport while we awaited a replacement flight. A CanJet employee advised that it was CanJet in Canada that decided the passengers would not be allowed to leave the departures lounge. If we had any doubt as to our ability to leave the area, our captivity was reinforced by the presence of armed guards at the exits to the lounge and airport. The passengers of flight 6895 were detained on the second floor at the rear of the two-storey airport building overlooking the check-in and Immigration counters on the first floor. The departures lounge consists of 5 Duty Free Shops, a small bar, a canteen, a smoking room, 4 washrooms, a dozen or so vendors with stands, a Currency Exchange booth, a tourist information desk and seating for approximately 500. There are no airline or airport representatives situated on the second floor. Nor are there any courtesy phones or numbers posted should a passenger need to reach an airline or airport employee. Further, once you are checked in for a flight you are required to remain on the second floor and do not have access to airline or airport employees situated on the first. Although all passengers were checked-in and present in the departure lounge by 11:00, the first verbal announcement pertaining to flight 6895 came at approximately 15:00 from an airport representative via intercom; a full 4 hours since check-in and 2.25 hours after scheduled departure. The announcement indicated that due to mechanical problems with the aircraft, another CanJet aircraft and crew would be brought from Canada to pick us up with departure at 21:45 that evening. Note that although the passengers were 99% French speaking and the flight was to Montreal, any announcements were in Spanish and English or English only. With the exception of a few announcements by this same disembodied voice over the intercom in the ensuing 7 hours, the passengers of 6895 were for all intents and purposes held hostage, abandoned and left fending for ourselves. We did not hear directly from or see a CanJet representative for the entire duration of our 11 hour ordeal. By 18:00, the Cayo Coco airport building was occupied solely by flight 6895 passengers, a handful of Duty Free cashiers, two bartenders, a grill lady, 2 or 3 cleaners and a half-dozen or so security guards. Stranded in the second floor departure lounge, we watched while the rest of the building had emptied of airport and airline employees. We learned later that the CanJet pilot, co-pilot and cabin crew that had arrived on the now disabled aircraft had also left the airport to go to a resort for the rest of the day and night. There was no attempt on their part to communicate with the stranded passengers or to intervene on our behalf. With the exception of the second floor, all interior lights throughout the airport were turned off, while outside the tarmac and disabled CanJet aircraft sat in complete darkness. To further exacerbate the whole situation, the internal airport phone system only allowed calls to numbers within the airport and most passenger cell phones did not work. Many passengers had to buy calling cards to make collect calls to Canada from 4 pay phones. It was extremely difficult and costly for some passengers to notify loved ones waiting at home, babysitters caring for children, workplaces and schools expecting attendance the following day, etc. Although apparently "temperature controlled", the temperature in the departures lounge was 27⁰C throughout the first 8 hours of our incarceration until the sun set and it decreased slightly. In addition, there was no bottled water to purchase after 15:00, food was limited to ham and cheese sandwiches, ice cream, cookies, and there were only pop, juice, beer and rum to drink. Those travelling with children and infants were loath to find milk, diapers or anything healthy to eat. Further, there was no place for them to lie down and rest. The first complimentary food provided did not arrive until 18:00. It was a snack consisting of a dry ham and cheese sandwich and a warm can of pop. At 20:00, a free dinner was provided consisting of slices of ham with old room temperature french fries, a bottle of water, a box juice and an ice cream for each passenger. Other than that, we paid for what we ate and drank from the limited airport provisions. CanJet's decision to detain the passengers of flight 6895 against their will for 11 hours and their subsequent lack of any communication resulted in passenger confusion, anxiety, offence, indignation, anger and illness. In fact, there was one very serious health incident involving a passenger having a seizure and another less so involving a child vomiting. Gratefully a doctor immediately attended the scene of the former and the passenger recovered sufficiently to travel; however, requests for one of the bottles of water that had been delivered for "dinner" to ease the discomfort of the ill child were refused. It was some time before the announcement that dinner was being served and a bottle of water was relinquished for the child. As a result of our unlawful detention and poor treatment by CanJet, we, the passengers of CanJet flight 6895, expect an immediate apology from CanJet and requisite compensation. We expect that CanJet will treat this and any other complaints that may have been submitted regarding this incident equitably and justly. To facilitate communication I am acting as the involved passengers' representative for this complaint. Please ensure, therefore, that all written communications are sent through me via email at annebeauchamp@***.ca. I may also be reached at 613-686-****. As my first language is English, this letter was composed in English. However, since the majority of passengers involved in this complaint are French speaking, we request that all future correspondence be provided in French or French and English. Given the seriousness of the allegations and the number of persons affected and to avoid any negative publicity or further action, we anticipate that an appropriate response will be expeditiously provided. Thank you. Sincerely, Anne Beauchamp ****************************************** CANJET'S RESPONSE: Without Prejudice March 28, 2012 Dear Ms. Beauchamp, Thank you for your email message and for sharing your concerns with us in connection with your recent travel experience. First and foremost, please accept our most sincere apologies for our delay in the departure of flight C6-895, March 14th, 2012, due to maintenance requirements resulting in the dispatch of a replacement aircraft. We were concerned to learn of your experience at the airport while awaiting the rescheduled departure of flight C6-895. As suitable hotel accomodations were unavailable, passengers remained in the departure section of the airport as this area would provide more comfort and security during this delay. We apologize if anyone was left with the impression that they were at all "stranded" or "detained against their will". With respect to representation, our contracted handlers confirmed that a representative was present; however, we have requested an internal review as we realize the importance of timely and accurate communication especially when it involves a delay. As for the announcements, as many of the agents are English and Spanish speaking, we are unable to confirm that announcements will be made in French in every situation. Ms. Beauchamp, your constructive feedback has been well received and is both appreciated and valued. As we are intent on correcting shortcomings that are brought to our attention, we have taken the liberty of forwarding a copy of your email along to the applicable departments within CanJet Airlines for internal review and future consideration. Although compensation is not being offered in this instance, we would encourage all passengers who incurred unanticipated expenses, i.e. meals, long distance calls, extra parking, … to forward all receipts along to our attention for review and consideration. Ms. Beauchamp as you indicated in your correspondence that you were writing and acting on behalf of 185 passengers, we would encourage you to share our response with them. Your patronage is truly valued. We hope to have a future opportunity to welcome you back onboard and to replace your negative impression with a more positive one. Sincerely, Lisa RossCoordinator "" Guest RelationsCanJet AirlinesP.O. Box 980Enfield, NS B2T 1R6 Sous toutes réserves Le 28 mars 2012 Madame, Nous vous remercions de votre courriel et de nous avoir fait part de vos préoccupations par rapport à votre récente expérience de voyage. Tout d'abord, nous vous prions d'accepter nos plus sincères excuses pour le retard du vol C6-895 le 14 mars 2012. Ce retard était attribuable à des exigences de maintenance qui ont donné lieu à l'affectation d'un appareil de remplacement. Nous regrettons l'expérience que vous avez vécue à l'aéroport alors que vous attendiez le départ du vol C6-895, lequel avait été retardé. Étant donné qu'aucune chambre d'hÃ'tel convenable n'était alors disponible, les passagers sont demeurés dans l'aire des départs de l'aéroport : cette section offrait en effet plus de confort et de sécurité aux voyageurs au cours de la période d'attente. Si quiconque s'est senti « coincé » ou « détenu contre son gré » pendant ce temps, nous nous en excusons. En ce qui a trait à la présence d'un représentant, nos manutentionnaires contractuels ont confirmé qu'un représentant se trouvait sur place. Nous avons toutefois réclamé un examen interne à cet effet : nous sommes conscients de l'importance que nos passagers reçoivent une information exacte et communiquée en temps utile, particulièrement lorsqu'un retard survient. Pour ce qui est des annonces, nous ne sommes pas en mesure de confirmer qu'elles seront systématiquement faites en français, étant donné qu'un grand nombre de nos agents sont anglophones et hispanophones. Madame, c'est avec plaisir que nous accusons réception de vos précieux et constructifs commentaires. Comme nous avons à cÅ"ur de corriger les lacunes qui sont portées à notre attention, nous avons pris la liberté de transférer une copie de votre courriel aux services appropriés à CanJet à des fins d'examen interne et pour que nous tenions compte de son contenu dans le cadre de nos activités futures. Aucune indemnité ne sera allouée dans le cas présent. Cependant, nous encourageons tous les passagers ayant engagé des dépenses imprévues "" repas, appels interurbains ou frais de stationnement supplémentaires, par exemple "" à nous transmettre leurs reçus pour que nous en prenions connaissance. Madame, comme vous avez indiqué dans votre courriel que vous vous exprimiez et agissiez au nom de 185 passagers, nous vous encourageons à leur faire part de notre réponse. Nous sommes très heureux de vous compter parmi nos clients. Nous espérons avoir le privilège de vous accueillir de nouveau à bord de l'un de nos appareils et d'avoir ainsi la chance de regagner votre confiance. Cordialement, Lisa RossCoordonnatrice "" Service à la clientèleCanJetC. P. 980Enfield (Nouvelle-Écosse) B2T 1R6
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common problem with this penny pinching airline. They sometime depart with half full fuel tanks and divert to buy fuel in Mexico where it is cheaper and add 2 or more hours to the flight and then lie that headwinds were the reason. BS


respectfully ken your statement is bs. it doesnt even make sense what you are saying do you have any idea the expense of landing an ac??

and then taking off again?? not to mention airport fee taxes etc any fuel savings if any would be overwelmed by the actual costs of landing the ac and taking it off again.

use your head next time before you open you mouth. easy to say that here on the internet.


that sucks :cry

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Woodbridge, Ontario

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