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Cindy Allen is the Best Known Breeder Ever!

I am writing to let all Dog Breeders know that I am a customer of Cindy Allen's CAMS Club and I have bought two loving dogs from her over two years ago and she is a very truthful and honest person. Cindy only sells the best she has quality in all her dogs.Cindy is AKC registered and she has been for many of years.I would not buy from anyone else! If I have a question and I need a answer I only call Cindy Allen. I don't even call the vet first Cindy Allen knows her dog's please if you are in the market for a special dog please give Cindy Allen a call trust me with my experience with her you will not regret it. I haven't and I am thinking of buying my 7 year old girl her first dog around Christmas and Cindy Allen is the only person I have trust in. Please visit her website and you will see what I am enjoying in life she has precious dogs and she is a talented nice person to consider buying your next dog from.
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Just another name she goes by

Tammy C Fak


DONT BUY CHIHUAHUAS FROM CAMS CHIHUAHUAS OWNED BY CINDY ALLEN. SHE DOES NOT STAND BEHIND HER DOGS. I purchased what she called a "show prospect" and he has an undershot ***. She will not refund my money I paid $900 for a pet?!? She wont even write me back when I email her to ask her if she will try to work something out with me. Just ask, I have the emails as proof. So BE WARE DONT BUY FROM HER UNLESS YOU WANT TO SPEND ALLOT OF MONEY ON A DOG THATS NOT GUARENTEED! AND SHE IS "SUPPOSED TO BE AN UPSTANDING MEMBER OF THE TEXAS CHIHUAHUA CLUB"
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CW is right. $900 is a pet price.

I bought a show prospect *** for $2000 with a verbal promise to make things right if she should not hold together. She went undershot, then WRY. I got nothing. So don't feel so bad.

At least you paid a pet price for your pet. If she didn't give you a guarantee, then it is not fair to trash her online, especially if she sold the dog to you at such a fair price.


the most important question is "what does your contract say" as I'm sure you have one. Show breeders do not normally "refund" the price of a show pup, but instead will replace the pup but only if you return it.

Think about it if they don't require you return it how do they know you won't sell the pup to make more $. Normally a show quality pup HAS NOT already been shown and have points. Why would they sell it if its winning for them and it would be a young dog not a pup if its been shown.

As to suggesting you get an adult...did you ask her for advise on getting started in showing? Or were you shopping for a puppy?


Also, I forgot to mention in my earlier response. I did offer to pay Cindy more money toward another show prospect pup, still never heard anything back.

I am a new person starting out in showing and to have been done this way really upset me. I really liked her dogs and thought wow "if Im going to start out showing" I want a nice dog from her. I want you to know that I did contact her in the very beginning on the progress of my pup and kept close contact with her on the progress of the pups undershot ***. I asked my vet about the pups *** and he was concern early on, so I kept emailing Cindy to ask her advice, and she told me to wait and that it may come back.

I told her in the beginning that I wanted one for show. I feel that I should have been told to wait for an older pup \"especially as a beginner\" But I wasnt.


Dear CW,

If Cindy Allen was a "Respectable breeder" she would have offered to make things right when I first emailed her, I specifically told her that I wanted one for show. Also, dont "Respectable breeders" offer to take their pups back if a person is not happy with the pup?


Yes indeed $900.00 is a pet price! If you had purchased one on a show guarantee, the pup would have been over 6 months old, would have probably already been in the ring and possibly gotten points towards it's championship. You would have paid a minimum of $1500.00.

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Tammy C Fak


BUYERS BE AWARE OF CINDY ALLEN OF CAMS CHIHUAHUAS LOCATED IN TEXAS. I emailed Cindy Allen requesting a show quality pup she emailed me details of a pup she had. I purchased the pup and the pup ended up having an undershot ***. I took the pup to the vet and had all the appropriate teeth work done. The pups *** still didnt correct, I emailed Cindy and told her what was going on and she keeps telling me that the pups *** will correct. I kept waiting and talking to my vet asking his opinion about my pups ***, he did not think it would correct. I emaild Cindy and told her that I expected a "Show pup" I gave $900.00 for the pup, the only response I get is "Cant you sell him there for a pet?" I wrote her to ask if she would take the pup and some more money for another pup back and still get told the same thing. And she is the secretary for the Chihuahua club of Texas! She does not stand behind her dogs if she is doing things like this. I have copies of the emails she wrote to me if anyone would like to see them just ask.
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$900 is not a show dog price. You would have also been asked to sign a SHOW CONTRACT.

My last pet girl came from an excellent bloodline but I did not want to show her, not my thing.

I didn't have to sign a show contract but did pay $1600.00 for her.

I'm guessing the consumer lodging this complaint misunderstood the entire transaction.


Cindy sold us the best Chihuahua we've ever owned. Even if your dog is perfect it doesn't mean it will finish in the ring.

If you got good bloodlines, which I imagine you did, that's what you paid for.

You can learn to judge a puppy, but as they grow they sometimes change and the show pup you had does not a show dog make. Don't give up.


Dr Perez or whatever you are, $900 for a SHOW dog is WAY cheap! That is pet price.

Especially for a toy breed. Please do not show your ignorance!

You probably are an animal rights stooge anyway. :(


Here I am again I happened to be looking on this site. $900 is too much for a show dog in this economy.

I bought 2 finished champions for $1000 each and they are not old. Today is Dec 5, 2011 so have a reference point. Showing is for people who have dogs as a hobby. A pet owner or a pet breeder should not have to pay for a show persons show expenses.

When I was a kid, I read a book written for dog breeders and it said that to determine the price of a puppy you should divide up the expenses of the parents with the number of puppies you have. So if you bought parents for $2000 and you get 3 puppies they should be about $650 a piece. But IN THIS ECONOMY dogs are not selling so well....I think ethically that breeders should not breed dogs that they do not intent or cannot afford to keep themselves. That is why I just buy the dogs that I want and am done with it.

There are champion spayed grown dogs for $200 on line-They are already beautifull, have been handled a lot-PEOPLE OUT THERE_LOOK! Give a grown dog a home and BREEDERS need to stop breeding dogs-there are already too many of them outthere that are homeless and not cared for. When you breed a dog and say "I just breed for something to show" then what are you going to do with the other 9 puppies in the litter when you get your one show dog?

Sell them for pets? There are pets at the dog pound for $50 with shots and spayed and a regular consumer wont know the difference between your show look and a Taco Bell chihuahua!


I have a dog from Ms. Cindy.

He is the most intelligent chihuahua that I've ever had. He is so loving. I wish I did not fixed him not to have babies. He is now 12 years old and he has been healthy for all of those years.

He still looks beautiful. Every one loves him. He is very social. I am sad that Ms.

Cindy doesn't sell chihuahuas anymore.

I am considering cloning him. Cindy Allen is a reputable breader.


Hi I see a lot of what some people have said and I disagree with many of them. One thing is that many of the dogs are overpriced in the first place.

You should not pay that much for a chihuahua routinely. And if you want a show dog you must get one that is at least 1 year old. 6 months is the minimum age to show, but even at six months the *** can change. When AKC started that limited registration ***-it opened up a can of worms.

I look on sites for dogs and people have 2 prices-one for limited and one for show. There should be one price. A pet is the garbage that the show breeder does not want. He wants you to support his hobby by paying for the dogs that are defective or not up to his standards.

These are the people that flood the market with dogs some of which end up in pounds and for sale or given away because the people bought them on a whim. Buy what you want in the first place then you do not have to worry about re-homing a poor dog that did not turn out to be what you wanted. Puppies are really cute and nearly irresistable but a grown dog will love you and be just what you wanted in the first place. DONT pay $900 for a pet.

You can go to a dog pound and get one for a few dollars that is already spayed and has shots and all of that! Dont let dog breeders trick you!


I agree with the comments above. $900 is the cost of a "pet puppy" - not a show dog.

No breeder can guarantee that a dog will be fit for the show ring. You took a risk, your risk didn't pan out. Leave the breeder alone. Posting this comment online is a form of cyber bullier.

I don't blame the breeder for not wanting to sell you another dog.

I wouldn't want to do business with you either. You took a loss, now suck it up and stop blaming it on others.


I just noticed how old your posting is! You probably sold him.


grow up. :cry


I did not buy directly from Cindy, but I have a stud dog that came from her. I got an awesome price on him as the home he came from was a breed/show home with dozens of dogs and he got too big. I didn't care, I was starting out and I loved his look. He has now sired 14 puppies in 4 litters from three different ***. All but one of the puppies grew to between 5 and 6 pounds. The one that did not, got to be big, like dad who is about 8 pounds. So you see, even if he does not express the perfect dog because of his size, his genetics are still there for wonderful pups and he sires almost 100% standard size pups, not bad for an 8 pound stud.

This last litter I even had a 'tea cup' (I know no such thing, but leave it alone, as everyone knows what the term means.)I lost that one, unfortunately as she was only 1.5 ounces at birth. There was another recently born at just 2 ounces and she made it and has made up for her low birth weight. My male also has a slight underbite, but his pups have had perfect bites.

And if you can't love your dog because he is not perfect, you should not keep him. What do you want for him?

One more thing, He has sired 14 pups, and only 1 has been a male! Thats 95% females. He has more then earned his cost and he is a woderful, sweet and loving dog to boot.


at 900 dollars... there is definitely no guarantee.

If you want a show dog buy one that is already grown, show trained and has BEEN in the ring. Otherwise you take the chance. Only time a breeder will GUARANTEE a pup to be show is if the price is VERY high. Just because a pup is sold as show potential does not mean it is guaranteed.

ALSO ...pups bites can go on and off as they grow, if you want to give him a chance grow him out and see if the *** corrects.

Cindy is RIGHT in saying that many times they do go off and then correct. Get a vet who knows what he's talking about.

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