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I had surgery on my knee and foot a couple months ago and yes it was nice they let me freeze my membership for $5 a month (it shouldn't have cost to freeze). I have personal & medical reason I need to cancel my membership now and have tried but I have been told I need a doctors not and fill out the cancellation form. I filled out he form and put my personal financial reasons but I had not got my doctors note. They still insist I have a doctors... Read more

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This is not for the work outs which I enjoyed, but for the slightly off putting phone support they have in the office. I had signed up for 6 months of boot camp and did not realize I was still being charge three months post last contracted month...but I am. AND still have to fax or send a letter in order to cancel. Office staff....rude....Remember - the customer is always right even if they are not happy with stated 'policy'. The workout... Read more

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Be warned. They are very unprofessional in addition to being dangerous. The instructors they currently have looks like inexperienced college kids who just happen to be in shape. The workout I was a victim of was dangerous and lots of potential for serious injury. I have been a personal trainer myself for almost a decade and even have a degree in Kinesiology. I was honestly very disappointed in their lack of concern for their participants’... Read more

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I have to admit the workouts are good, but the company is horrible. Do not sign up for the auto-payments, it is near impossible to get out of their very strict contract. It reminds me of a slimy gym contract. I notified them that I wanted to cancel and the only reason that they stopped debiting my credit card is that I notified my credit card to not take auto-payments from them. Also if you get injured during their contract they are a pain with... Read more

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I was with CG on and off for about 2 years, so I'm not a new customer. I LOVED the boot camp, but the one star is given for their shady customer service department. Pay attention to the minor details when signing up for the 6 months auto draft deal. I was given wrong information from the customer service department about when my 6 months was up. I did as instructed and sent a note via fax(oh yes, you have to send a fax to their fax number... Read more

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If I were trying to get fit, I wouldn't do it at Camp Gladiator. Lee Park in Dallas has animal waste stations every 25 yards, while not officially a dog park, it is pet friendly and a place for people to have puppy play dates. This Camp Gladiator location hosts a trainer named Whitney Golston, quite a terrifying sight of a woman, even more so when you see this "Gladiator" mace a tiny 4 month old golden retriever. I don't believe there is any... Read more

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Whitney Golston - a trainer for Camp Gladiator - maced a 4 month old golden retriever puppy with no behavioral issues whatsoever during a training session at Lee Park in Dallas on June 5th. The puppy's eyes swelled shut, and Ms. Golston showed no remorse whatsoever. She had announced previously to the company that she would mace a dog if it came near her, and she carried mace to every training session. I and around 15 other owners take our dogs... Read more

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Camp Gladiator is standing by their employment of someone who maced a four month old Golden Retriever puppy and his owner because the trainer felt "threatened." What kind of alleged gladiator feels threatened by a puppy? Contrary to what their weak PR campaign is trying to convey, the owner was NOT given a warning, the dog WAS leashed, and the lady who did this is clearly a psychopath. If you have an actual phobia of dogs, maybe it's not the... Read more

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Camp Gladiator is actually great in regards to their trainers as well as on their programs, but from an administrator stand point they do make it almost impossible for you to cancel your account. Try to be wary and always make sure that you do take all the necessary steps in order to cancel your account. You have to fax them your cancellation form, you cannot do it over the phone, on the website, or via email. Even when you get them on the... Read more

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Camp Gladiator tells the community and its members that it operates as a Christian company. But the way that they happily take your money in return for no service is not the Christian way to do business. I strongly recommend that you take your business elsewhere, unless you have nothing better to do than throw away perfectly good money. The billing methods of this company are no better than Bally's Total Fitness, Gold's Gym or 24-Hour Fitness.... Read more

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