Callaway Woodworks failed to ship pre paid merchandise

We purchased two commercial sized barrell saunas with heaters and many accessories last spring from Callaway Woodworks. After long delays and nearly constant complaining we recieved our sauna kits with out any heaters or several optional items we ordered. Jim callaway has never kept his word to us and never answers phone calls or e mails. We are out nearly $ 14,000.00 . I highly reccomend that no one purchase anything from Callaway Woodworks or Jim Callaway. He is a liar all the way and seems quite happy to rip people off. His staff even tried to blame the heater factory saying it was their fault that the heaters were not shipped. The sauna Kits we purchased are exellent quality however are completley useless without the heaters and opperating compontents we ordered. It is sad that Mr Callaway who had such a fine product has chosen to rip people off for a living as he seems to be doing. Had Mr Callaway returned our phone calls I would not be writing this, if he were to explain anything I feel I would have worked with him but this guy is just a fraud.....stay clear
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Callaway is a cheat who preys on people's good nature. I have a problem with his hot tub which he never took care of.


Unfortunately, I have recently experienced purchasing an item from Jim Callaway, of Callaway Woodworks, and have yet to receive or have a refund issued to my credit card. I have attempted many times, and have the phone logs to prove, and have never received a returned phone call. I purchased a Haywood natural gas heater for $625.


What has happened to Callaway Woodworks. I have tried to reach them but their phones ring busy or don't take messages, and their website is down.

Are they out of business? Was there some emergency?

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Callaway Woodworks took $3044

I had ordered a hot tub 8/09. They were supposed to charge my credit card for half the cost. Instead they charged the entire $3044. As I became concerned about lack of contact or information regarding my order, I read another similar complaint here. Obviously, I have no hot tub and am out the money. My credit card company tells me that Callaway is out of business and has taken my money. I had numerous conversations with the owner, Jim Callaway, prior to placing my order in August. JIm Callaway, owner of Callaway Woodworks, has stolen my money and lied.
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Don't feel bad, they got me for 5 grand. That old Jim, he was a fine fella, wasn't he?


SOrry to hear that. I suggest that you do a charge back from your credit card company.

In 2008 I got a hot tub from Callaway wood works and they did fine.

I am pleased with my hot tub. The service was not spot on with a couple of mistakes, but nothing major and they made good with the order.


Thanks Andrew,

I have purchased test supplies from Roberts since so I am familiar with your company. Did the recession catch up with Callaway?

I know they had expanded their operation. Thanks again for the notice.


limulus, parts ARE available! I'm one of the principals of Roberts Hot Tubs ( and we carry a full line of replacement parts for the now defunct Callaway Woodworks hot tubs.

Andrew Harris V.P.

Roberts Hot Tubs

(800) 735-****


Wow that is bad news. I bought a Callaway tub last Sept and the service was great.

The tub is also quite nice.

I guess I'll not be able to get parts if I ever need them. Have you resolved this with your credit card company?


Jjpatter,Please call 713-755-**** and ask to speak with Mr. Buss.


I'm one of the principals of Roberts Hot Tubs ( I talked to Jim Callaway about possibly purchasing all or part of his business last week, including the possibility of fulfilling outstanding orders.

I've since been unable to get a hold of him.

I had what was supposed to be his personal cell phone number, but now it seems to be turned off. Does anyone have any other contact information for him?Thank youAndrew Harris V.P.Roberts Hot Tubs(800) 735-****

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Hot tub with propane heater

Call Us Toll Free In USA: 877-518-**** International: 713-937-**** JS CALLAWAY, Inc. Callaway Woodworks 12111 Taylor Rd Houston, TX 77041 I am writing a review about the company above. I placed an order of a hot tub with a propane heater. I planned on installing these in the Santa Cruz mountain which is out of the electric grid. Its important that I get what I order (propane heater). The Callaway Woodworks Co. offered via internet site a combination Hot tub with the propane tank. I ordered the set but only received the hot tub with the promise that the propane tank will soon follow. Well we waited for at least 3 months and finally called the company. The reply we get was that the heater is on the way. Again we waited. We decided to write a letter to complain and asking for a refund of our money. They offer us with a replacement electric heater because they no longer have the propane heater. I told them will not work for my situation but they continue to offer this heater for sale in their website. Its been six months now and the company has not done anything to fill my order. Consumer be aware...
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Callaway Woodworks sucks! I bought an absolute lemon from them a few years back - put tons of time and money in to it and was only able to use it a few times.

Always leaked, never worked. I finally took it out and am trying to sell the pump to recover what little money I can. Do NOT buy from these people.

Jim is a not a good guy! :cry


He was always an honest man. I have had one of his tubs for 3 years with little issue. Too bad if he is gone, I discovered this site when looking for his phone number.


George, if you'd like to give us a call we should be able to help.

Andrew Harris V.P.

Roberts Hot Tubs

(800) 735-****



I also have issues with Jim and his hot tub company Callaway. I bought a custom 5 feet high and 7 feet round hot tub about two years ago. It took six months to stop the leaks, and about 20 large tubes of silicon. They also sent me the wrong parts, and the wong electric motor, which I finally got corrected.

When I turned it on, and set the heat to low (94 degress) my monthly elec bill when up by $450. So I only used it for about 6 months for the first year.

Jim provided me with name and phone number of a person in southern Calif, that provided him with the electronics that controled the heating and filtering of the hot tub. I no long have the contact.

Does anyone know how to get a hold of this person? (My heater no longer works.)

Thanks you, George (g.barby@***.net)

Now the heater stopped.


Clarification: I left off a phrase in my post in the sentence "One of the reasons we never tried to fix the tub was that our business took a huge hit and we're hemorrhaging money, trying to stay afloat." It should have read "never trying to fix the tub in the spring" after the weather broke. We spent countless hours trying to get the tub and then get all the right pieces and then get them together, and we spend as many hours trying to stop the leaking. I doubt we have a case because we let so much time go by (April thru October) but feel free to contact us a character witness if it helps anyone else.


Brian Kearsey



We have a beautiful $5,000 tub on our deck that we have never been used in the year since we received it. It's been a steady stream of stories and misfortunes, some of which are true.

(Jim was smack in the middle of the hurricane that hit Houston last Sept.) But even after he got rolling again he was extremely lax about returning calls and following through on repeated empty promises and assurances. My guess is that he was as nice and well intentioned as he sounded on the phone, but got swamped in this economy. I know we did. One of the reasons we never tried to fix the tub was that our business took a huge hit and we're hemorrhaging money, trying to stay afloat.The tub leaked like a siv because by the time it arrived 3 months late and we got all his mix-ups straightened out, it was December and the weather was cold and dry her in mid NY.

Many of the staves chipped off under the tub where they meet the bottom of the floor, creating lots of leaks. He said it would stop. The ice kept building up and was encasing the equipment. I couldn't keep chipping it away so I had to cut the boards of the deck under it.

That helped but the ice still built up and we had to drain the tub. By the time spring sprung so had the economy. We lost 8 of our 30 students in our tiny private school and never had the time to contact him until tonight. The emails bounced back.

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Hello fellow victims,Does anyone have any information on any bankruptcy filing by Callaway Woodworks?? As stated in my prior blog, Jim Callaway advised me that his company was filing for benkruptcy on September 21.

However, I called the federal bankruptcy court in Houston today (10/27), and they were unable to find any filing for "Callaway Woodworks". Not surprised, at all!!! If there is a filing, my goal is to file a petition with the Court, as a creditor, so I can get in line with the hope of seeing a return of all or some of the money which Callawy took from me, giving nothing but grief in return...

My email is mvfishing1@***.com. Thanks


Well, I am another victim of the Callaway Woodworks. On July 14, 2009, I purchased an 8' wooden hot tub.

Per the receipt that was emailed to me by Jim Callaway, we should have expected delivery with 14-18 days of the receipt. I received the shipment on August 26th, only because I continued to call and leave messages. The staff at Callaway does not return any phone calls, and when someone would actually answer the phone, all I received was excuses. The received should have included a Haywood natural gas heater, which I paid $625.

It was not in the delivery. I have attempted to contact Jim Callaway many times for my refund. To this day, I have not received a refund or a returned phone call. I have contacted my credit card company and the Houston Better Business Bureau.

DEFINITELY...BUYER BEWARE OF JIM CALLAWAY OR ANY AFFILIATE HE IS ASSOCIATED WITH! I will be happy to discuss my situation with anyone.


I purchase tub from Jim a couple years ago. It was immediately evident I had a problem when after the sale/install he would NEVER return a phone call for service/warranty issues.

The only way to talk to him was to go to his place of business. My controller broke a couple weeks ago. Now I'm stuck not know the exact specs to be able to find a replacement. It is sadly comical because I remember several conversations with Jim where he talked about doing the right thing and karma.

Now the *** wont even return a call to tell me were to go to buy parts.

In all seriousness, I've got a 6' tub, pump, blower, ionizer, but an iffy control panel. Anyone interested in buying it?


Murray, if you'd like to give us a call, this shouldn't be that difficult to fix.

Andrew Harris V.P.

Roberts Hot Tubs

(800) 735-****

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