Cillian Yiw
map-marker San Antonio, Texas


: Service Department Problem: I dropped off my 2010 Harley Davidson Fat Bob today (08/27/16) for them to perform a state inspection. An hour later they call me to say the brake handle is sticking causing the brake light to remain on but they would fix it for $250.00. The bike did not have this issue before and the service person did a walk around inspection before I dropped it off with them and confirmed it didn't have this issue. The Service Technician that worked on my bike flat out refused to come out front and discuss it. The service manager was rude and refused to take ownership of causing the issue. He refused to give me the name of the manager of the store or operations manager and told me to get off his property. They broke my bike and then tried to scam me out of $250.00. I got home and called the Operations Manager to tell her the service department is crooked. She said she'd look into it. Sure you will. I don't want anything from them because I wouldn't let this department touch my Harley again for any reason. I put in a BBB complaint and I warn everyone.. don't take your bike to this service department. They are crooked.
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Service Department is crooked.
map-marker Webster, Texas

Caliente Harley - Bike Review from Webster, Texas

I took my bike under warranty because the battery went bad.I gave the service writer a 100 dollar bill to rush my bike he said no problem I will take care of u, I picked up my bike he said he replaced the battery,2 weeks later I take it in for a 498.00 dollar tire to put on, I go to pick it up and my bike wont start.the other service guy tells me that the battery needs to be charged I tell him *** they just replaced it.he pulls up computer screen and tells me sorry brother it was never replaced just the original guy lied to my face .good thing I wasnt on a 100 mile bike ride.I will not do business ever there again, and when I buy a new bike it wont be from them thsnks to there lieing *** service guy.
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Phillippe Box
map-marker Overland Park, Kansas

Caliente Harley in San Antonio sux

Sure, they will kiss your *** to buy a new bike but don't wreck it and take it there for repairs, they will take forever to give you an estimate which is always higher than the insurance quote but once you think you're done....SURPRISE! You owe more. Sure, that is to be expected but when it takes 2 months to get an answer and you are ready to move on it's no fun to hear you owe more. Why should it take so long and why can't they give you the courtesy of a call or even talk to the insurance company. The bike will just sit there and all the while, you're still paying insurance and the note on something you aren't even using. "We gotta protect the company" attitude sucks for future purchases. POOR communication, an ''I don't give a *** attitude," is all you'll get. And guess what, they won't even touch the bike until they have ALL the money.
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