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Now nobody including Caliber knows where the check is and NOBODY at Caliber can tell me anything useful. They spin me every time I call. DO NOT DEAL WITH CALIBER THEY WILL CHEAT YOU. BUNCH OF CROOKS. What kind of company sends a large check through the mail without a tracking number.... o wait Caliber Home Loans does. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE. Now I know why you can't post on their Facebook page because everybody would be bashing them. I HATE...
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Please avoid Caliber at all cost!They are very hard head! They are willingly to admit and to say 'I am sorry' at customer's expense!A reps from the escalated department by the name Debra, as a manager confirmed that my late fees for insufficient has been waived and I still don't a credit yet!
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Spitfire Wonderful...I'm being sarcastic. I have been trying to pay my January mortgage since December 28th and it keeps getting kicked back by their site. Customer service was ext...

All at one time literally the same day I received Mail from both Wells Fargo and Caliber.Saying that wells Fargo sold my mortage to Caliber, of course I'm confused because documents from Allegheny County that our mortgage was satisfied. We were in bankruptcy at the completion of the bankruptcy the house would be paid for. I immediately contacted them which started four months of trying to get the documents to the proper staff I was spun and...
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This company is horrible was cit group,then verichrest financial, now caliber home loans i believe all same co just different name, lost paper work, contract,money not seen that was paid,force insurance,we are five years from paying off house and only 35 dollars going toward princibal sometime nothing paying way before due no help many times nothing but lies and deceit just too get me off phone still n a12.5 interest rest manufactured home...
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